A Modern Collectors' Home in Hoboken, N.J.


Smart technology, modern lines and a love of art define this apartment on the top floor of a classic circa 1900 brownstone in the heart of Hoboken, N.J.We transformed it into a modern setting that reflects the distinctive contemporary lifestyles of a young, energetic couple who collect art on their world-wide travels. Their collection includes paintings, sculpted objects, and memorabilia.

Throughout the apartment streamlined custom furniture and cabinetry was created, along with additional lighting, to give the narrow rooms a much-needed sense of spaciousness. While the rooms are narrow we took advantage of their relative height to display as much of the owners' art collection as possible.

Throughout, care was also taken to preserve the original crown moldings, and reproduce new pocket doors for the living room since the originals could not be salvaged. To soften the modern look of the apartment we combined furniture with curved lines with pieces with straight lines and balanced Carrara marble with warm mahogany flooring and walnut furniture.

While respecting the period style of the building, the owners also opted to equip their home with optimum hi-tech gadgetry -- an HVAC Alarm, a front door keypad and other elements -- all controllable from their cell phones. 
The use of smart technology extends to the bathrooms with music speakers, iPads, heated floors, LED lighting, and time-regulated shower temperatures.