Stone is a natural material that is commonly used in the design field to help bring warmth and character into a space. Each piece of stone has its own personality and charm, based on its color and texture. Decorating the space with stone is also a good way to bring in a sense of nature connecting the outdoors with the interior. In an interior space, stone could be used many different ways - it could be used as a beautiful counter top in the kitchen or it could be used a gorgeous flooring in the living room. There is no limit to what stone could be used for in any interior. Here is collage of different mood images that relate to stone and how it can be used to decorate any space.

Merging Your Style

You and your partner have made the big decision to move in together - whether starting fresh with a new marriage and a new home, or just simply finding ways to live as one successfully, every couple goes through the same when trying to merge their individual styles and create a cohesive look that feels like a warm and inviting home. Neither couple wants their taste, or even their "things" to feel displaced, so it is important to work as a team to find the combined look and feel that reflects each person's unique style, while incorporating those personal items that matter most. Here are some helpful tips to finding your new couple design: 

Young couple  taking selfies in their new home

Pinterest Together

Talk together about the looks that you both are drawn to, and then search Pinterest for designs and styles that can help to shape your end result. Seeing it come together by someone else is sometimes all it takes to bring that inspiration to reality in your own home.

Pick a Designer or Designers to Follow

Find your favorite designer whether online, on Instagram, on HGTV, and explore their work. See how they bring their rooms to life and then do the very same! 

Choose a Color Palette

We talk often about the importance of color and many times that can instantly spark the creativity for the rest of the room to follow. Visit your local home improvement store and grab every color swatch that you both are drawn to. Most of the paint companies offer an online room decorating tool to see the colors more closely, and then once you have narrowed down your top favorites, truly paint them on the wall to see exactly what you are in for before you commit fully. 


Don't forget the details! Whether it's his favorite Star Wars collectible, or your favorite vintage throw pillow, find the place for the details but do it tastefully. As with everything, less in more, but your room should have your very own personality and a voice that speaks to those who lovingly call it home. 









There are three types of people in this world: people who go to restaurants for the food, people who go to restaurants for the atmosphere, and people who go to restaurants for both the food and the atmosphere!

For the experience to be truly memorable, all of the senses need to be engaged: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

That’s not to say that a hole-in-the-wall burrito stand won’t have the most authentic burritos you’ve ever tasted, but for some people a well-designed restaurant space is the finishing touch to the perfect dining experience.

The patron’s experience in the restaurant is impacted by the flavors of the food, the restaurant’s aesthetic, the variety of textures at the table, the aroma seeping from the plates of food, and the ambient music that muffles neighboring conversations.

Living in New York City for the summer has given me a taste of the divine food selection and engaging atmospheres that NYC offers. Out of the dozens of restaurants I dined in, there are two that were extraordinary.  

 Aunt Jake’s

Make your way to Little Italy, and you will find a hidden gem, Aunt Jake’s. Don’t let the restaurant name fool you, it is most definitely an Italian restaurant. On top of a beautiful, herringbone wood countertop you’ll see fresh pasta prepared in a variety of shapes. Out through the sliding barn doors is the atrium dining area where natural sunlight pours in and illuminates the entire restaurant. 




If you are a fan of street art, then you are going to love the ambience of Vandal. Located on Bowery in Nolita, the restaurant has installations that use different mediums and techniques that explore the possibilities of street art. Stop in for a full dinner or order a variety of tapas to engage your palate. 

Restaurant photos: , Food: me


So, what are you waiting for? Book your reservations and head down to lower Manhattan to fill your senses with delicious, local tastes and the beautiful dining ambience of New York City.

Written by Kayla Robilio 




No doubt wallpapers, like a painting, can communicate profound emotions! Because when it comes to wall coverings, the possibilities are endless!

We were mesmerized by the creativity of this Italian company called Glamora .  

Below you will see how those graphic and visual wallpapers can completely transform spaces bringing texture and volume! 

Glamora's Wallcovering collection are a perfect example of how wallpapers can provide architecture with an extra dimension: Storytelling.

Brick wall covering - Credit Glamora 

Brick wall covering - Credit Glamora 

An enlarged piece of leaf gives people the opportunity to look into a magnifying lens to observe nature in a different way. Bringing a piece of calm and live at the same time.

Four Season By Glamora. 

A room in the room. This full scale three-dimensional image not only increases the existing space visually, but also creates a unique atmosphere and leads you to travel back in time.

Mundus by Glamora

Mundus by Glamora

Written by Yujie Ji 

The Best Room in the House

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should consistently be your safe place to rest, to recharge, to create memories that are only yours, and to share your most special moments with those you love the most. And in every home, there always seems to be one room that stands out among the rest that family and friends gather in often, or naturally gravitate towards in the same way that you do.

We believe that every room should eventually reach this level of interest, but we challenge you to look at your home and to identify which room you spend the most time in currently. What about that room makes you feel comfortable, safe, happy?  

Is it the color, the smell, the furniture, the location or positioning of the room within your home? Whatever it is that draws you to it the most, take that and amplify its best qualities, and improve those that may need a boost.

Taking a look at this example of a room re-imagined by Marie Burgos Design, you are instantly taken with the larger, comfortable furniture, the rich, calming coastal blue tones, the happiness of the yellow accent colors and floral touches, and the warm, natural lighting. Even tiny elements such as the water bowl on the coffee table, accent pillows and special personal touches each create a feeling that makes you want to be in and stay within this room environment, and instantly lifts your mood.

Find those elements that speak the most to you, research your favorite colors and how they can affect how you feel, purchase items that you are instantly drawn to and keep rooms free of clutter to allow you to truly disconnect from our stressful world, relax and enjoy.

Your home is your best reflection of you – make it everything you dream it to be! If you need more information about Marie Burgos Design, please contact us at: We would love to help you!


Each year, the North American platform for International design, ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) takes over the Jacob K. Javits Centre in New York from May 20th to the 23rd, to present an array of exclusive custom international furniture, unique materials, and high-end designs!

We want to share with you some of the beautiful designs that caught our eye! 

Arturo Alvarez Artwork :

ARTWORK is a brand new expression zone designed for creative artist Arturo Álvarez who, twenty years into his career, has entered a much deeper exploration phase of human beings, their relationships with others and their surroundings, and where light acts as a backdrop. It is a much more private and personal design that brings us into deeper thought, way beyond aesthetics, and into life’s most transcendental elements.

Student Furniture Designs from SCAD School 

Student work that goes beyond the classroom! 

Peanut by student Mark Leveno

Peanut by student Mark Leveno

FIG CHAIRS by Student Laeticia Mabilais Esteves This chair is a constant physical representation of relationships. The connector piece moves, making it easy to separate or to join the two chairs, depending on the relationship between two people on any given day. Regardless of how far apart the chairs are, they are always connected.

This chair is a constant physical representation of relationships. The connector piece moves, making it easy to separate or to join the two chairs, depending on the relationship between two people on any given day. Regardless of how far apart the chairs are, they are always connected. 

Garden on the Wall

Created from all natural preserved plants, this custom garden installation is long lasting and maintenance free!! It requires no water, misting or irrigation, no sunlight and no soil, but retains a vibrant, fresh-cut look for up to 10 years!

Created from all natural preserved plants, this custom garden installation is long lasting and maintenance free!!

It requires no water, misting or irrigation, no sunlight and no soil, but retains a vibrant, fresh-cut look for up to 10 years!

Standard & Custom 

They are a custom design-fabrication firm that  focuses on digital fabrication methods. They fabricate architectural products and furniture that articulates functionality and aesthetics based on the process of making.


“Kumiko” in short, is a delicate technique of assembling wooden pieces without nails.
Thinly slit wooden pieces are grooved, punched and mortised, and then are assembled and joined one-by-one with plane, saw, chisel and other tools while fine adjustments are made. The “Kumiko” woodwork technique was developed in Japan in the Asuka Era (600-700 AD) and has since been refined and passed down through generations of craftsmen.

Molo Design

Amazing paper design by! 

Anne Kyyrö Quinn

The contemporary creations produced by the Anne Kyyrö Quinn Studio are not textiles as you once knew them! Cut, sewn and finished by hand, our unique choice of luxury natural fabrics are crafted into interior textiles designed to harmonize timelessly with any setting.   Written by Anaïs Gibaud  

The contemporary creations produced by the Anne Kyyrö Quinn Studio are not textiles as you once knew them! Cut, sewn and finished by hand, our unique choice of luxury natural fabrics are crafted into interior textiles designed to harmonize timelessly with any setting.


Written by Anaïs Gibaud









What discerns the French Parisian style from other designs is its sophisticated and romantically, careless look. 

Even if you don’t live in a Haussmann apartment with elaborate ceiling moldings, original restored herringbone and hardwood floors, you can always mimic this glamorous look by applying these few tips. 


Tip 1

Paint the room with neutral colors 

A monochrome scheme featuring layers of grey or warm linen hues are perfect! 

PS : You can find all those colors at Benjamin Moore

Tip 2

Create subtle texture with luxurious drapery and bedsheets

Drapery: Silk and linen curtains add subtle sophistication to windows that can dramatically change the look of any decor.

Credit Ballard Design

Bedsheets: A luxurious and cozy bedspread is a pre-requisite for any French style bedroom! You should only select from the best textiles: heavenly billowing drapes, rustic linen, fresh crisp white cotton, decadent silk and velvet are all a good investment for your bedroom! Then, just select a color to coordinate with your room scheme. 


Credit The Paper Mulberry 


Tip 3 

Go for at least one antique furniture from this list! 

It could be any of these below - they don’t have to be originals! 
  • Crystal chandelier

  • Imported Chinoiserie

  • A gold antique mirror 

  • A gold frame

  • Any Louis XVI, Louis XV, and Louis XIV chair

  • A Louis XVI commode

  • A vintage desk

  • Crystal chandelier

  • Crystals accessories (vase)


Tip 4 

Go to flea markets   

New York and Paris are famous for their flea markets! Go as much as you can to find visual, interesting items like sculptures, decor, furniture, bric-a-brac, painting, candle holders, vases etc., that have an antique look, and display them. 

Try these as listed on foursquare:

Tip 5 

Add a fun accent with art

It could be a large abstract painting, black-and-white photography, some sketches, or even children’s illustrations.



Tip 6

Create a balance between old world elegance and contemporary design! 

Mixing modernist pieces and juxtaposing them with age and historic pieces is an art! 

This is one of the most important tips! Example: Mix an abstract painting or pillow with a Louis XVI chair. 

A very modern light pendant with an old fashion bed

A modern desk with an antique sculpture….Try it! 


 Credit: Stereofieldforever

Finally! Add an elegant finish with fresh flowers. Again, it does not have to be over the top, the most simple neutral arrangement would do! 


Good luck with your design!! 









A well-designed, beautifully decorated playroom is a thing of wonder for both parents and children. Despite being visually pleasing, a major factor in playroom design is function. This room offers a place outside of the living room or the child's bedroom to play as well as learn. If you're designing your first playroom or have decided your current playroom needs a fresh look, here are 5 ideas to consider.

●      Install Cabinets for Organization

The first major design flaw of many playrooms is a lack of organization - more specifically a lack of simple yet effective organization. Visit any home decor/supply store and you'll see various types of organization systems, from classic cubbie towers to elaborate color-coded drawers. These types of tools can work great for organization, but an even better idea is to consider installing cabinets.

There are two benefits to installing cabinets in a playroom. Firstly, an enclosed cabinet looks cleaner than a tower of translucent tubs or shelves loaded with toys. This is much more pleasing to the eye and makes for quickly straightening up the playroom a faster task.

The other benefit is that cabinets are relatively simple to install or have built. If you're on a budget you can easily buy high-grade plywood for cabinets that will still look fantastic and last. They will also handle the abuse of children better than cheap particle board. If you're not into the wood look, no worries. You can easily paint over cabinet-grade plywood.

If you have very young kids, keep in mind that having cabinets at their level will help them participate in cleanup and overall feel more independent.

●      Get Creative with Soundproofing

It goes without saying that a playroom is one room that is probably the loudest, especially when your child has friends over. While it's nice to be able to hear your children, the stomping around and enthusiastic yells can get tiring. For older children it is a good idea to consider adding some soundproofing to the playroom.

Credit MIO

Credit MIO

For safety purposes you shouldn't completely try to soundproof a playroom for children as you should be able to hear if an emergency occurs, but there are still ways to dampen sound while maintaining a level of safety.

If you have thin walls you'll want to consider buffering these. There are many beautiful and unique options for decorative acoustic panels that can be placed on walls or even on the ceiling. You can find these in various prints, and from basic wave patterns to visually-striking geometric shapes.

You should also address the floor, especially if the playroom is on the 2nd floor. Carpet is a great natural sound buffer and certainly helps reducing the sound of energetic feet. If you allow snacks or drinks in the playroom then perhaps wood or another hard floor is preferred. In this case thick, comfortable floor mats or area rugs can still really help in the "high traffic" areas of the room.

Credit: Little Nomad Play Mats

Credit: Little Nomad Play Mats

●      Make a Chalkboard Wall



Nothing is quite as disheartening as finding that your kids have designed to help redesign your perfectly painted walls with markers. Parents with artistically-inclined children can help curb the potential for this accident while encouraging their kids to have fun but covering a wall in chalkboard.

This sounds time-consuming but it really is simple considering how much use you and your kids will get from it. If you are a homeowner you can designate an entire wall in the playroom to chalkboard. Simply choose a paintable chalkboard product and paint the wall just as a would any other paint. This offers more than enough space for kids to really have fun and the upper portion of the wall can be your own space for a calendar, playroom rules, chore reminders and more.

If you want a less permanent design you could always use a very smooth sheet of plywood painted with the same chalkboard paint and hung on the wall. For a more attractive look you can visit the local thrift store and see if you can score a large picture frame or mirror frame to give the board a more decorative touch.

Have a closet or cabinet in your playroom with decently large doors? Cover those with chalkboard paint instead!

●      Create Your Own Reading Nook



The playroom isn't always all about play, but can also double as a place for children to get away for some quiet time. Encouraging reading is very important for children of all ages, and one way to help build this habit is to provide a welcoming space for kids to calm down and pick up a book. A makeshift reading nook is a great idea for two reasons. One, it can be created anywhere, even without an existing nook. Two, the nook look almost makes this reading area as a separate space from the "play zone", helping kids to disengage their mind from play and turn it towards reading.

There are a few ways to create a reading nook. If you have a smaller wall in the playroom you can build or buy a bench to fit in this space, taking up the wall length. A bonus is that you can use space under the bench for storage. Another idea is to place a comfortable bench between two sturdy bookshelves. This is so easy to do but really give the reading space that cozy, closed-in feeling.

●      Pick a Modern Color/Decor Theme

If you know anything about design and decor you'll know that the color of the room and interior decorating is crucial. Sadly many people automatically resort to primary colors akin to those found in schools as a theme. While there isn't anything wrong with going bright and bold, consider a more modern approach and color palette.

Rather than focusing on a bunch of brights you may want to choose a color theme with only two complementing bolds and have majority of the room a neutral. Think about following the 60-30-10 rule of interior decorating. Consider a neutral shade for 60% of the room, 30% of the room be a complementing shade, and the final 10% be something bold that helps tie the other two shades together.

Keep in mind that playrooms tend to have a lot of toys which brings more "color clutter" into the picture. This might mean you err more on the side of caution when thinking about painting the walls something bright.

Going with a more modern color theme is nice for adults and, when done right, will still feel like a sanctuary for kids. Make sure you don't get too caught up in what you want - if your children are older you can ask them what colors they like and together come up with a color palette.

The playroom can be just as much of a family room as a kid's room. Rather than haphazardly designating a room as a glorified toy pit, taking the time to come up with a plan with some of these design ideas in mind will help ensure this special room is as inviting for family time as it is enticing for children.

By Zach Williams