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Colors that pop

Using bright colors in interiors can be intimidating and overwhelming, but if used in moderation pops of color can bring an eclectic flash of excitement. Take a peek at these extraordinary uses of bold paint colors.

Using old-fashioned doors as decoration is a great way to add interest to any room, but paint it an electric blue and you have a double dose of genius.

The muted birch tree wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for the jaw-dropping vibrant orange headboard.

These ornate dining room chairs are adorned with lime green paint. Amazing combination of traditional and modern.

Fiery red paint engulfs this room of all white furniture and accessories.

A strong robin’s-egg-blue kitchen table grounds the room as the airy light fixtures and lightly dusted blue walls construct a soft atmosphere.

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Staircase to Heaven

Usually, a stair case is practical and only partially designed with wrought iron or even a wood banister.  But these staircase examples have stepped it up in the design department to fuse functionality with an artistic statement piece.

This DNA-like design requires a second glance to determine if its coming or going.

This rooms minimalistic style is topped off with an extreme metal staircase.

These wooden beauties seem a bit like an optical illusion.

A few brilliant examples of mixing practicality with style.

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Cork: the super material

Most often cork is identified with the stopper for a wine bottle but this incredible material has so much more to offer.  Cork is comprised of a waxy substance called suberin which is a bit like a super material.

A few benefits include:

  • Comfort & Softness: Air becomes trapped in the cork providing a natural shock absorption. In the instance of flooring, cork can relieve stress on the feet and joints.
  • Noise Reduction: The same science that provides the softness and comfort also reduces noise and vibration. Utilizing cork as a wall covering will absorb unnecessary noise.
  • Healthy & Safe: Cork has natural properties that are anti-allergenic and resistant to insects. Suberin repels insects, mites and mold and protects cork from rotting when it is exposed to water for a long time.

Needless the say the benefits are impressive but the best part is the style.  Take a look at a few examples of how cork can be used through the home.

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Modern Moroccan

Patterns, colors, metallics, curves, astral, geometric and floral designs are the visual appeal of Moroccan style. It all stems from the knowledgeable and ingenious combinations of colors, patterns, shapes and textures. These same techniques have recently mixed with modern and contemporary designs establishing a striking and distinctive look.

Through the use of multiple colors and patterns, the textiles of a modern Moroccan style establish a warm and exotic feel with a sultry pizzazz.

Placing a customary metal lantern on a coffee table makes an alluring centerpiece.  Typically handmade, these lanterns radiate with an exotic glow when lit.

This traditional print was stylishly applied in a stunning suede brown to the walls.

The intense mix of native Moroccan culture and modern flare generated a phenomenal style that is sure to stick around.  This imaginative combination is exactly what design is all about.

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Green innovation

The ultimate form of creativity may just be transforming everyday items, even what others may label garbage, into innovative objects. Look around: something you may not even notice could be just the right material for constructing some incredible designs.

Industrial strength cardboard molded into a pint sized chair. No need to worry when the inevitable spills and rips occur as the chair was built and named with this intention.  Labeled the ‘Rip + Tatter’ this tot chair is non-toxic and ready to be recycled after its worn out its welcome.

This diy project certainly generates food for thought.  The lamp was created out of printed soup cans.  A genius way to recycle.

The most inspiring of the bunch is this illuminated art piece created from recycled car headlights. Certainly gets the creative juices flowing.

Wooden apple crates turned bookcase. Unrefined work of beauty.

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HGTV 2011 Dream House

Nestled away in Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort stands the HGTV 2011 Dream House.  HGTV never seems to disappoint and this year is no exception.  This 3,000- square-foot home includes 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a gourmet kitchen any chef would adore.

Inspired by the location, the home’s curb appeal is strikingly rustic but upon closer inspection modern marvels abound.  The architects considered every tiny detail to ensure this home feels warm and cozy in the snowy mountains.

The kitchen features a stunning combination of birch wood, stainless steel and an open floor plan.  A dramatic statement with crisp sleekness makes this kitchen the perfect spot for a gathering.

Inspired by the fall foliage, the gathering room’s color palate bursts with earthy tones providing a comfortable spot to gaze upon the outdoor landscape.

The goal of the master bedroom was to highlight the incredible views just outside the large window.  The magnificent colors of the sunset flood the room making it even more spectacular.

The master bathroom oozes a relaxing spa feel. Carefully planned so the incredible view is front and center whether soaking in the claw-foot tub or steaming in the open glass shower.

HGTV’s team certainly knows how to pull off an amazing home.  With a stunning location, astounding design and practicality, this home has it all.

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Serve dinner in style!

Say goodbye to formal chairs and awkwardly placed table legs. Dining rooms have been granted a major remodeling.

Over the years, the choices of dining room set styles, combinations and finishes has expanded drastically allowing homeowners to build the perfect nook for their munching needs. Whether serving the families favorite meal or mingling with guests at a dinner party, the dining room is the hub of the house.

This pine trestle table is modernized by the surrounding furniture and the luminous yellow wall color. Benches give the room an open feel while providing expandable seating without the need of a lengthy transformation.

The cozy look of a round table can often be diminished by the limited seating of four to six chairs. Expand the seating of a round table by stashing a love seat on one side.

The wood shaker table is offset with modern metal low back chairs and a high wingback sofa. Together the different lines and heights combine to bring about a beautiful dining area.

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Lofty aspirations

This Madrid loft designed by AKA Estudio is the definition of a bold aesthetic. The inspiration, pulled from the travels and passions of its owner, is clear in every inch of this space. Home to a fashion designer and photographer, this loft clearly is their muse.

This space features incredible architecture. Painted white, the walls, ceiling and floor have become the canvas for this artistic space.

Sunlight beams through the sky lights illuminating every corner.

One of the stand-out features is the clustered use of photography and artwork. Each piece is a conversation starter with a fun, creative undertone.

The dining room is full of contrast most apparent in the use of natural leather on the metal chair frames and the side-lit image framed in black.

The space will make you love the open, airy feel of a loft that much more.

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Making a mismatched statement

Deciding on a design style is eerily similar to taking a personality quiz.  Our individual personalities subliminally drive our likes and dislikes in fashion, transportation, advertising and even interior design.

Choose the mood that best describes you: romantic, diverse, adventurous or relaxed.  If diverse tops the list then you tend to enjoy a mismatched eclectic combination of travel artifacts, furniture with history and splashes of color. This design style fuses a medley of different styles into a cohesive design.

To achieve the mismatched look, infuse the space with different finishes.  Notice the marble top coffee table’s base is an antique metal while the sofa and chair are supported by different toned wood finishes.

Stick to one or two main colors in each room. Choosing a neutral paint palate for the walls and the largest furniture pieces allow the accessories and unusual items to tell the story.

Vary styles and scale. The vertical stripe wallpaper and faux, four-post drapery establish linear movement in the room.  And the oval mirrors, the silver lamp bases and curved legs of the coffee table complete the look.

The best thing about an eclectic design is there is no limit to what can be deemed an accessory.  All of your favorites things can be combined to make a truly unique space.

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Enhancing a small space

Often a small space can pose the biggest design challenge. Never fear, a few techniques can expand your world.

The interior decorating trend of using wallpaper is making a come back. Walls everywhere are getting a much needed facelift, thanks to the updated modern designs and new wall decor products available. When you want to add height to a room, try using wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Instantly, your room will appear taller.

Lighting sets the stage in any room but in a small room it can become the lead.  A small but cozy space is illuminated with the flick of the switch. Use an interesting pendant that casts shadows on the walls to establish an intriguing atmosphere.

The use of magic also tricks the eye and mind to perceive the room as spacious.  The magic of an optical illusions that is. A full length mirror or collection of smaller mirrors bounce the natural light of a room around like a kaleidoscope.

Floating shelves are a modern way to display different items in a clean and crisp way. By eliminating the visual cue of supports the shelves lift up the room appearing open and organized.

When all else fails, camouflage! Hallways are lined with doorways and interesting corners with little wall space to improve the aesthetic. Painting the wall, trim and doors elongates and simplifies the space.

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