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The JumpSeat

The JumpSeat


Innovation is defined as the application of a new solution and Ziba, a design and innovative consultancy firm, has done just that. They have created a very interesting and attractive solution to the traditional auditorium seating, which poses space issues as the seats are 12 inches thick when retracted making it difficult to pass easily through the row. After intense research and forward thinking, they found that combining elements of structural engineering and the functionality of the human spine (pretty brilliant) that they were able to create a seat that supports an adult's body weight and disappears when not in use.

The new design is named the JumpSeat, in reference to the fold-down seats traditionally used by crew members on airplanes and trains. Sometimes the most clever designs come from the most unusual places.

Watch the video explanation about how it all works here.

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Wood Casting

Wood Casting


The most amazing thing about design is mixing elements, colors and textures to create something new. It opens up a world of options, which ultimately allows your personality to shine through. For example, Israel-based designer Hilla Shamia has created an incredibly unique and beautiful line of furniture by mixing wood and aluminum; it's called wood casting. The pieces have a modern look with a touch of traditional flare and are certainly a statement piece. What really stands out is the way the aluminum seeps into the cracks and imperfections of the wood, highlighting the natural beauty of these trees.

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Images: Cube Ottomans Sit Squarely in Style

Cube Ottomans Sit Squarely in Style

by Shoshana Gosselin

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An accent table, extra seating, additional storage ... a cube ottoman is one of those furniture pieces you can't go wrong with. They work well in tight spaces, can easily be moved around, make great extra seating and can incorporate storage. Some clever cubes have tops that can flip over into a tray too.

When it comes to style, there's no end to the fun you can have with these pieces. Because they're so small, it's easy to get away with bold prints and interesting materials.

Scroll down to take a peek at some great cube ottomans and the best ways to use them.

These cubes have a punchy clover graphic that I've been seeing a lot of this year. They can bring beautiful color to any room that feels too bland.
I love the idea of using cubes at the end of an office desk. Not only is this great seating for visitors, but you can pull them under the desk and put your feet up. Use a bold pattern for a cheerful office pick-me-up.
Tuck one or more cubes under a foyer table for an easy entryway solution. Nestle one under a bathroom vanity and just pull it out to sit and apply your make-up.
Natural materials are still all the rage in home decor. This cube has a natural feel that's perfect for any relaxing space. And it's affordable enough to buy several and group them together as extra seating or in front of a bed.
If you have a bold rug in your living room, try placing a cube ottoman in a natural finish on top. A neutral tone won't upstage the rug or confuse the eye with more color.
Skip the upholstery and bring in a more natural vibe to a bedroom. Bunch up two or three cubes in a natural material at the foot of your bed to add interesting architectural detail.
Small room? Choose cubes that have storage, and then have them serve double duty as a coffee table. You will have a tabletop that can move around easily and a hidden place to store your essentials.
Cube ottomans are great in front of a fireplace for cozy winter nights. Instead of adding color, choose one with fun texture. I dig the funky material on these.
This cube is unique, fabulous and comfortable. It would be perfect for any kid's space.
Try pairing two cubes in the family room. Place a tray on one and keep the other one free for resting feet on. Try using two different patterned pieces that coordinate through color.
If you have a nice, large space in the center of your room, fill it in by grouping four cube ottomans together. You can break them apart for seating.
These days you can find coffee tables that come with matching cubed ottomans to fit underneath the table. The tops of these cubes look like they flip over to become tray tables, making them even more versatile.
This is one of those memorable pieces that has it all — it's modern, with nail heads and a bold black and white chevron pattern. Look for eye-catching cubes like this one to pump up the volume in a living room.
Use cubes around a 30-inch table like this one to create a little game table. Look for ones with storage to hide your games in, and try putting the cubes on castors to wheel them around to other rooms when they're not being used as seating.

Spotlight on Sectionals

For years the sectional sofa has mostly been treated as a functional piece due to its ample and comfortable seating. Lately, though, I have noticed a budding trend of fashionable fabrics, vibrant hues and exceptional embellishments, letting the sectional be the star of the show.

In the right space these sofas can provide function while accentuating the overall design style. In fact, a living room from one of my favorite design projects popped up on recently in an article titled “Living Room with White Sectional,” which inspired this post.

The Tribeca penthouse (pictured above) was a dream to design. With its stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, warm wood floors and loads of natural sunlight, it was simple to incorporate the fundamental Feng Shui principles to create the perfect energy flow. I filled the space with clean lines, straight and curvy shapes, vibrant colors, modern art and a mix of metal and glass. The sectional is certainly a highlight with the colorful blue, white, silver and lavender  silk and velvet pillows.

Here are a few more sectionals that pack a punch.

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Artistic Bookcases

Most of us have experienced that dreaded corner of clutter with books stacked high and a collection of random accessories that seem to need a home. Well, a bookcase can be a simple yet eye-catching solution to this common problem. And, after a little searching, I stumbled across some rather inspiring examples.

This clever catch-all has become a wonderful piece of life-size art over the years. From the sky high to the unusually shaped, it is time we gave the bookcase some credit.


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India Inspired

Tropical Home Design Family Room contemporary family room

Every designed space is unique and a direct representation of the homeowners. I strive to reflect their personalities, functional needs and design tastes within each element of the space.

Recently, I had the opportunity to design a home interior focused on family. The owners requested a cheerful and inviting living space to accommodate their family gatherings. After several meetings to pin down the details, I developed a tropical design with an infusion of India inspired pieces.

The wall colors and fabrics create a relaxed atmosphere with pops of lively colors. And, the handful of delicately carved furniture and wall hangings generate incredible focal points throughout the home.

While the entire home is filled with fantastic touches, the hand-carved door I choose landed in a recent article on titled Weave Designs from India Into Your Decor.

Marie Burgos Tropical design home tropical bedroom
Marie Burgos Tropical design home tropical entry
Marie Burgos Tropical design home tropical living room
Marie Burgos Tropical home Design tropical living room
Tropical Home Design Dining & Kitchen view contemporary dining room
Tropical Home Design Living Room contemporary living room
Tropical Home Design Living Room 2 contemporary living room
Tropical Home Design Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom

Photography by Francis Augustine

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Bold Pattern: Chevron

The inverted V-shaped pattern of the Chevron has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks used the geometric pattern on pottery and the military uses it to indicate rank or level of service. But over the past few years, the Chevron has recreated itself in the design and fashion industry. It has taken on a new energy with varying widths, courageous colors and fearless placement.

Lucky for us, there are both subtle and explosive ways to include this incredible pattern in your home. As seen in the examples below, those who are daring in the world of design grab a bright color, such as teal, and splash the Chevron across the tile on a kitchen wall. While others use a reversed gray and white execution to create a soft yet powerful dramatic floor. And for those looking to grab attention with the trend but don’t want a permanent design feature, simple accessories offer the power of the design without the commitment.

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Luminescent Lucite

One of best ways to incorporate a chic and almost airy look in your home is by incorporating Lucite furniture into your home décor.  Lucite, also known as acrylic glass, usually comes in a clear color, but more furniture and product designers are manufacturing it in bright colors like fuchsia and orange, as well as softer hues like smoke gray, and even black.  Still, nothing says chic and sophisticated like a clear Lucite accent chair or cocktail table.

Elle Decor (via)

In addition to a gorgeous Lucite chandelier, the dining room in this Palm Beach Home is also furnished with Phillipe Starck's Louis XIV Ghost Chairs and a glass-topped table.  The result is equal parts modernism and Hollywood Regency glam.

Manolo Home (via)

In this contemporary dining room, fuschia pink Lucite accent chairs accent a bright pink chandelier.  The pink actually provides a nice, feminine, contrast to the almost masculine lines of this room.

Fresh Quince (via)

The Lucite table here is an airy accent in this fresh dining room.  Lucite tables are great for those prone to spillage.

Blog Fossil (via)

In this nook, Starck's Louis XIV Ghost Chairs with accent pillows for comfort, and a Saarinen-inspired Tulip table create a look of coziness and warmth.  Love the arrangement of fresh flowers in little vases!

Decorating With Sheets (via)

Here's a great example of incorporating luminescent Lucite into a quirky living room.  The low-set coffee table gives the eye a chance to rest, what with the motley of prints, color,  pattern and cool wall décor.

Chloe Blossom (via)

This handsome living room is accented both by a drop-dead gorgeous sofa in royal blue and a simply-designed Lucite coffee table.  Both pieces add a bit of drama to a room that was, otherwise, simply decorated.

As you can see, the beauty and chicness of Lucite knows no bounds.  It may look like a simple material, but it's capable of adding a look of airiness, glamor and sophistication to any room.

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Old-world charm

Old-world feel charm blended with modern amenities make this home a hit.  Every room is filled with details that create a warm and cozy space.  The detailed molding makes a statement over doorways, classic shaker style furniture extends a warm welcome and original wide plank wood floors cast a feeling of history. All in all, this home is lovely example of how Old-world style is not stiff and dusty.

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Swedish style

The camera lens of Petra Bindel focused in on these incredible Swedish homes. The decor screams modern minimalism full of inspiration.

In other words, these rooms are sure to stir your creativity.

Unusual artwork crawls the wall, the sofa is cluttered with a heap of colorful throw pillows and the plum rug lines the black-stained concrete floor. Clean and crisp with a dash of hues.

The essence of a relaxing room is created by a birch wood cabinet with open shelves displaying classic white kitchenware.

Muted grays, statement blacks and white collide to create a visually stunning kitchen.  The countertop and island were created in a dull concrete bringing striking elegance to the room.

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