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Gilded Furniture

Hi! I'm Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a source for brilliant lighting fixtures. I love my work. I spend each day searching the web for the most inspiring decorating ideas and images to share with blog readers like you. Today, my topic is gilded furniture, which I absolutely love! I secretly think I should have been born in France during the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV. Hope you enjoy.Thank you Marie for letting me share this post with your readers!

Gilded Furniture

How lovely is this pink gilded chair? Its ornate frame might not work with every style, but it really looks beautiful in this living room with pink and blue hues.

Gilded Furniture

I'll take one of each! These petit round-backed chairs, covered with a sheet music script, would be charming in a colorful dining room or pulled up to a mirrored vanity.

Gilded Furniture

An elegant vignette boasts a gilded console topped with ornate planters and cobalt globes. Twin gilded light fixtures might be pretty in place of the planters.

Gilded Furniture

This golden chair would look lovely in a dressing room or in a pair in a grand entry. I love its back design.

Gilded Furniture

This linen-covered beauty with its exposed upholstery nails would be the perfect addition to a greige living room.

Gilded Furniture

An over-the-top gilded dressing room is dripping in gold. It features a built-in vanity and ornate wrought iron upholstered chair. Gorgeous!

Two curvy beauties prove it doesnít take but a touch of gold to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

Gilded Furniture

Gold gilded tables flank a settee while holding pretty pink lamps in this grand entry. The mirror creates a fabulous focal point with its view of a lovely outdoor scene. What do you think of Gilded inspired decor? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a brilliant wall sconce or pendant light to brighten your home!

Lacy inspiration

Lace-making is an ancient craft dating back to the early 15th and 16th centuries. Over the years lace has been characterized as romantic, elegant, classic and dainty. So how do you exhibit lace in your home without over doing it? Easy. Make a gorgeous impact through a few lace inspired accessories similar to the looks below.

This stunning entertainment piece was constructed to resemble enlarged single lace panels.  The designer utilized a laser cutting machine to create the brocade lace detail on the wood.

A shade darker than the wall, this lace fabric panel hung floor-to-ceiling generates an enormous impact with a sprinkle of texture.

Set the mood by applying a lace molded wallpaper directly to the focal wall. Select a subtle neutral color to best highlight the room.

A pendant light simply draped in a dainty lace design is grace personified.

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Hooked on crochet

In late December 2010 the iconic Wall Street Bull was covered, without permission, from horns to tail in a raging camouflage crochet. Behind the wild design was an artist named Olek; she explained her creation as a gift to NYC representing a wish for a prosperous year in 2011. The design was removed shortly after installation, but not before several photographs of the statue were taken and eventually circulated around the world.

This begs the question: Does crochet have a place in today’s interior design world? My answer: Absolutely! The examples below prove that all design trends work on a cycle appearing with a new spin each time. Incredibly intriguing and inspiring.

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Enhancing a small space

Often a small space can pose the biggest design challenge. Never fear, a few techniques can expand your world.

The interior decorating trend of using wallpaper is making a come back. Walls everywhere are getting a much needed facelift, thanks to the updated modern designs and new wall decor products available. When you want to add height to a room, try using wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Instantly, your room will appear taller.

Lighting sets the stage in any room but in a small room it can become the lead.  A small but cozy space is illuminated with the flick of the switch. Use an interesting pendant that casts shadows on the walls to establish an intriguing atmosphere.

The use of magic also tricks the eye and mind to perceive the room as spacious.  The magic of an optical illusions that is. A full length mirror or collection of smaller mirrors bounce the natural light of a room around like a kaleidoscope.

Floating shelves are a modern way to display different items in a clean and crisp way. By eliminating the visual cue of supports the shelves lift up the room appearing open and organized.

When all else fails, camouflage! Hallways are lined with doorways and interesting corners with little wall space to improve the aesthetic. Painting the wall, trim and doors elongates and simplifies the space.

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Magical light show

Lighting is a form of artwork through illumination. It is one of the most important items on any designer’s checklist.  A room can come alive to scream happy birthday or whisper rest and relaxation all with the right glow.

The options are a endless. Take your pick from spotlights that shine bright on a dramatic A-frame ceiling to intimate reading corners rich with a round floor lamp or a hanging pendant allowing a shimmery wallpaper to dance in a small bathroom.

Proper lighting defines a space, adds depth and influences the mood of a room.

  • Ambient Lighting: Light that comes from all directions can be supplied by recessed lights, chandeliers, floor lamps or other ceiling fixtures.
  • Accent Lighting: Provides interest or drama to a room through up lights or spotlights.
  • Task Lighting: Practical lighting for areas used for daily activities such as reading, cooking and sewing. Achieved through under cabinet lights for a kitchen or table lamps.
  • Aesthetic Lighting: Purely decorative.
  • Natural Light: A room can be arranged to optimize the position of the sun throughout the day.

Any room can be upgraded to spectacular by incorporating the right light.

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French designer unleashed

Modern French design comes to life through these rooms created by HAND Lyon Interior Design firm. Each room is created through a mix of modern and traditional furniture, textures, lighting and interesting artwork. All the elements collide bringing a sense of warmth to the space.

The majority of the space is cream, yet, different textures are scattered throughout. There’s the marble column and the berber rug. And even more definition in the form of wood paneling and crown molding. Modern sofas with clean tailored lines offset the rounded backs of the dinning room chairs with circular cutouts. Color is lightly introduced by the dramatic artwork, which creates an interesting focal point.

The simple furniture with square lines and classic colors balances the floor-to-ceiling textures.  Exposed wood beams, cobblestone walls and cool grey Flagstone tiles work together to create the right amount of dimension. The chunk of untreated wood, used as an extension of the glass coffee tables, is the final touch. The result: the perfect balance of natural materials and manufactured elements.

The exceptional outdoor view is framed like artwork by a glass wall with functional double doors.  The overall style of the kitchen is clean, simple and modern allowing the spotlight to rest simply in the view.

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Eco-friendly living has never looked so good.

Country Living’s 2010 House of the Year, Home Green Home, is the result of a dynamic collaboration between New World Home and interior designer Katie Ridder.  This prefab cottage packs a punch of country charm into only 1,607 square feet.  And every inch is delicately designed from floor to ceiling.

A warm organic wallpaper in the foyer grabs attention upon entering the home. Next you might notice chicken wire has been added to the seemingly simple white cabinets for texture and dimension. And the soft light in the room is spilling out of the recycled-aluminum light fixture.

The kitchen has a bright country charm with antique white beadboard cabinets and a white apron-front sink.  The focal point of the room is awarded to the stunning barn-wood island, rugged with a cool hue.

Multiple prints were framed from Art Forms in Nature to create an intriguing climb to the second floor.

The beadboard in the master bedroom was installed horizontally to make the room appear wider.

This closet is to die for!  The built-ins, crafted from 100 percent post-consumer wood fiber, provide practical yet stylish organization. Overall the space radiates a vintage feel through the wall paper and accessories.

The master bathroom is full of quaint charm.  The mirrors are framed with old-fashioned bourbon barrels and the vanity is a refinished dresser.

Lilac paint camouflages the storage built-ins in the guest room giving the illusion of more space. Tucked in the corner, the adorable chair was revived with new upholstery.

The sunshine streams in the screened wraparound porch making it the perfect place to put your feet up and relax.

Vintage wallpaper, a white pedestal sink and old fashion fixtures make this powder room captivating.

The home is eco-friendly and oh so charming!

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Modern and Manly!

Kelly Reynolds Interiors knocked this bachelor pad out of the park.  A stunning mix of practical style and one-of-a-kind features this loft in Vancouver, Canada, is the perfect location for entertaining.  Beyond the immediate beauty of the exposed brick wall and the 9-foot windows is the extraordinary detail, such as the built-in beer trough and a bio fuel fireplace. Sleek materials provide a contemporary space while the natural fiber upholstery infuse a certain coziness. This space is certainly a conversation starter!

Entertainment inspired beer trough. Genius!

A rugged block of wood serves as the perfect macho coffee table.

Comfy seating area snuggles up to the bio fuel fireplace.

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Shabby chic at the beach: This home exudes relaxation and sophistication.

Chances are the weather has you shivering in your boots, perhaps you’re daydreaming of a cozy beach bungalow.

When picturing the quintessential beach home, Malibu might come to mind. This beach home located in Seasalter, UK, however, is the polar opposite in the most comforting way.  The shabby chic style with calming turquoise paint and rustic finishings surround you with elegance at every turn. With a wide-open layout, statement pieces of furniture are the star of the show accented with smaller details full of character. I can almost picture the home owner sauntering toward the beach with flip-flops in tow.

Two main things to adore about this room: the solid wood table that draws your eye to the center of the room and the Robin blue barn doors on the right wall.

Skip the refrigerator and put your child’s painting on a pillow. It’s a brilliant way to add personal details to any space.

Shabby chic is the perfect platform to use both an old-fashioned clock and a modern stainless steel light fixture. What a gorgeous combination.

The mood of the home perfectly reflects the calm ocean and the warm breeze.

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The power of Crystals in design

Rock crystal nugget chandelier - StudioWorkshops ByTherien

Crystals are used in feng shui in a variety of ways, all with one single goal - to create good feng shui energy in your Home.

The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning frozen light. Crystals have been used over the centuries for a myriad of purposes - from healing to protection to decoration.

In Feng Shui, crystals are widely used for the specific energy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or office. For example, the rose quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart. The rose quartz crystal emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing.

Rose quartz cluster

The clear quartz crystal which is one of the most common minerals is also one of the most powerful, multi purpose healing stone. Perfect for raising self esteem, healing wounds and increasing your emotional positive energy. It amplifies, focuses, restores, transforms, empowers and energies you.

Here are some great ways to integrate these natural crystals in your interiors:

An impressive Living room design with crystal chandelier and lots of clear quartz displayed on the dining table. Crystals come in various shapes... clusters, domes and spheres. This is really a lot of vibrant energy! It brings a sparkling lift to this very neutral colored space.

Lots of sparkles in this modern colorful bathroom design by Canadian interior decorator Holly Dyment. I say colorful because despite white walls and white cabinetry, this bathroom looks vibrant with its raspberry shower wall, turquoise and green floor mosaics and flowery shade. Just love it!

Never too many crystals can be used!! First, crystals are great energy. They also add light in a room and  as you can see in the famous London restaurant  Rhodes W1 Restaurant Designed by World renowned British designer Kelly Hoppen, the more crystals the more majestic, luxurious and glamourous!

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