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Color 8 High-Impact Places for Accent Colors 8 High-Impact Places for Accent Colors


by Shane Inman houzz interior design ideas

Accent colors make all the difference in a home's palette, adding dimension and visual interest. Your favorite accent colors can take center stage, while others fade into the background, but both are important.

Use accent colors to emphasize certain elements, create focal pieces and draw the eye around a room. Not sure where to start? Here are eight excellent places for splashes of color.

Contemporary Kitchen by New York Media and Bloggers Vendome Press

Accessories and paint. Sometimes an accent color just doesn't feel right on the walls. This designer painted the window frame over the sink to create an instant focal point, and found accessories in the same hue to show off behind the glass cabinet doors.
Cabinet finishes. If you have upper and lower cabinets, paint some of them. A natural wood finish is the predominant hue in this kitchen's palette, but the sage-green upper cabinets draw the eye above the sink. Note how the butcher block island is painted in the same hue for a harmonious design.
Upholstery. A monochromatic design can be beautiful, but playing with unconventional colors will give your room a lively look. Choosing playful colors on select pieces of upholstery is a great way to do this. I love how the bright fuchsia on the dining chairs and living room chair ties the two adjacent spaces together here.
Artwork. With the right accent color, dark wood floors and black leather furniture feel less like they belong in a bachelor pad. Use artwork to accent more neutral rooms, like this, since it can be switched out easily for another color or a neutral later on.
Tile. White tile looks clean in bathrooms, but it can feel slightly boring. Find an accent tile in one of your favorite colors and install a decorative strip of it. This colored tile was installed in a vertical band from floor to ceiling for a small but powerful design element.

Lighting. Good lighting can make all the difference in how a room looks. Why not take it a step further and use your fixtures to emphasize an accent color?

The chic red pendant and matching sconces in this room match a subtle pencil-line detail around the center table, pulling the interior design together.

Pillows. A few colorful, well-placed throw pillows could be all the color you need. This is an easy way to add color without a major investment of time or money. Scatter throw pillows on the floor, sofas or chairs, using colors that connect with the other textiles in the room.
Rugs. Use a colorful area rug to anchor your space and define your accent color. This large pastel area rug stands out against the solid sofa but coordinates with the throw pillows, for a balanced
and harmonious space.
Source: Color Feast: When to Use Orange in the Dining Room

houzz interior design ideasby Jennifer Ott

Orange is a high-energy, fun and friendly color, so it's perfect for the room where we break bread with family and friends. Orange oozes confidence. But for those who lack the confidence to test this outgoing hue in their own spaces, I've gathered together 10 tasty orange dining rooms to inspire you, along with tips on how to successfully incorporate this fun-loving color.

Orange can quickly turn pastel if you opt for a lighter shade. To get a more sophisticated-looking (and dining room–worthy) light orange, pick a hue that has some brown in it, such as the first and third paint colors shown here.


Orange paint picks for dining rooms (clockwise from top left): 1. Sea of Sand KM3540-1, Kelly-Moore Paints 2. Mandarin 121-6, Pittsburgh Paints 3. Peach Sorbet 2015-40, Benjamin Moore 4. Ripe Pomegranate 2009-3, Valspar 5. Shanghai AO410, Glidden 6. Orange Nasturtium 103-6, Mythic Paint 7. Summer Citrus S-G-270, Behr 8. Laughing Orange SW6895, Sherwin-Williams

Contemporary Dining Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Mark Newman Design

The easiest way to bring bold orange into your dining room is to pick a hue you like and paint a wall or two. Having trouble selecting the right orange? Pull a shade out of a favorite painting or upholstery fabric. It's likely a color you are drawn to, and it will coordinate well with the decorative item that inspired it.

Modern Dining Room by Dallas General Contractors Scudder Construction LLC.

A red-orange like this one is not for the timid. Make it work by keeping the other colors in the room light and neutral. I'd also recommend limiting the number of attention-getting accessories; otherwise the space can become overwhelming.

Eclectic Kitchen by Jersey City Design-Build Firms Brunelleschi Construction

Can't decide on or afford artwork you like? Create your own work of art via painted stripes or other geometric shapes using a bold color palette. The shades of orange and gray used here are a superb choice, as they pick up on the orange and gray hues used elsewhere in the room.

Contemporary Dining Room by Honolulu Interior Designers & Decorators Philpotts Interiors

This intense red-orange wall color works well here because it's adjacent to the window wall. All that bright natural light streaming in balances out the deep, bold hue. Keep in mind that a large window can become a dark abyss at night, depending on the view beyond the glass. A white or other light-colored window shade can help lighten up the room at night.


Contemporary Dining Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Marie Burgos Design

Bold, bright red-orange looks modern and elegant paired with crisp white and dark brown. This room exemplifies my favorite color advice: selecting neutral hues for items you want to keep for a long time, but going for bold color on things that are easy and relatively cheap to change, such as an accent wall color.

Contemporary Dining Room by Denver Architects & Designers Ejay Interiors

Perhaps because it reminds me of Thanksgiving feasts, there's just something so delectable about pumpkin-colored walls in the dining room. Think about your favorite orange food — ice-cold cantaloupe, rich butternut squash soup or a glass of refreshing freshly squeezed orange juice — for color palette inspiration. For fans of bold, yummy color, it's an easy way to find a sweet hue.

Contemporary Dining Room by Grand Rapids General Contractors Falcon Custom Homes\

Of course, not everyone wants to be cocooned in a bold-colored room. But you can certainly mix in some fun, bright color and still have a light and airy space. I love the small bits of happy orange these hip chairs add to the backdrop of cool gray.

Contemporary Dining Room by Telluride Architects & Designers Tommy Hein Architects

More cool orange dining chairs, this time in a dining room washed in warm neutrals. The warmth of the palette makes this a cozy and inviting space for a dinner party on even the coldest of Denver evenings.

Eclectic Dining Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Terrat Elms Interior Design

Here's a slightly softer orange hue that still packs a nice punch, due to its richness. If you have interesting artwork or decorative accessories to display, it's a good idea to limit the color palette or pick more toned-down hues. They'll complement (rather than compete with) the accessories.

Modern Dining Room by Minneapolis Photographers Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography

A rust activator added to iron paint achieved the orange, patinated finish on this dining room accent wall. It's a brilliant, unique way to inject interesting color and texture.


 Caribbean Cozy

Caribbean Cozy


Some of us may be dreaming of a Caribbean island as we wait for spring to kick in. Well, here are a few ways you can infuse the sunshine right into your home. Bright paint colors, graphic patterns and modern wall murals make this villa on the island of Saint Barthélemy the perfect inspiration.




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Credit: Villa La Banane, Saint Barthélemy

Black & White Beauty

Black & White Beauty


It seems as if the world is moving past the rooms overrun with color. Now, a perfectly balanced white and black space is a trendy yet classic statement. This color scheme can sometimes feel cold or uninviting, but when combined properly it can create a gorgeously warm environment.

These images are from some of the top decor magazines in the world, which proves that black and white is the combination of the moment. These three spaces have something in common. The designers utilized the black to highlight the architectural elements in the room. Maybe this is why these images are so stunning. The rooms are not heavy or dripping in black but rather only lightly touched as an accent color. It creates a visual focal point and grounds the room.

harpers vera-wang-dining-room-black white interior design cococozy veranda arched hallway black and white baseboards two toned cococozy arch hall new york city apartment nyc columns colonnade

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Invest in Emerald

Invest in Emerald


Drumroll, please! Pantone 17-5641 Emerald has been named Pantone’s 2013 Color of The Year. It is lively, radiant and lush, so I am pleased it will be popping up in homes and business around the country. Emerald can be used as a splash of color in accessories or applied directly to the walls for a dramatic punch.


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 Seeing White

Seeing White


Big and bold color always seems to be in style, but white walls can add the same amount of drama as any shade of red or be just as calming as grey. Sometimes a shade of white is the answer.

These rooms are cozy and elegant with bare walls. It's the perfect canvas for colorful accessories and furniture.

Ett Skärgårdshem simple-black-and-white-bedroom-with-whitewashed-wooden-floor1 Ett Skärgårdshem

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Pretty in Plaid

Pretty in Plaid


The undoubtedly recognizable criss-crossed pattern of plaid has been woven into fashion design for centuries thanks to Scottish kilts. Now, this traditionally wool fabric has crept its way into home design, generating warm and cozy spaces. The horizontal and vertical bands are showing up on drapes, ottomans, accessories, rugs, and even the walls. Although everyone will certainly have their own opinion on the topic, it is safe to say plaid solicits the perfect atmosphere of warmth as we approach winter.


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Images:,,, Robin's Egg Blue — Oh, What a Hue!

houzz interior design ideas

As the signs of spring begin to emerge, the season's unofficial bird is beginning to make its presence known. Those fortunate enough might even discover a robin's nest filled with gemlike eggs. Robin's egg blue is one of nature's most beautiful colors and is both cool and refreshing. Here are eight rooms that use the color in inspiring ways.
Also referred to as turquoise and aqua, robin's egg blue is a tranquil color that can be breathtaking in its most saturated form.

Paint pick: Gem Turquoise, Behr

Pale tints of robin's egg blue create a subtle background. Consider this soft color as your neutral when adding accessories. That means any accent color will work, including red.

Paint pick: Swimming, Sherwin-Williams

Midtone shades of robin's egg blue are very similar to the color of the sky. Along with white fabric, this refreshing blue creates an elegant and relaxed mood in the bedroom.

Paint pick: Baby Boy Blue, Benjamin Moore

Create a focal point in your bedroom with a statement piece. In this room, just one dresser introduces a pretty shot of robin's egg blue, demonstrating that a small dose of color can make a big impact.
Create interest in your room by layering different textures and tones of robin's egg blue. In this bedroom, the designer used a soft, muted wall covering along with more vibrant blue textiles.
Deeper shades of the hue look rich and exotic when paired with luxurious finishes such as gold and vibrant accents like russet.
Try mixing robin's egg blue with warm green for a fresh look. This color scheme will give your room flair without too much contrast.
Different shades of warm blue create a very dynamic look in this space. Using floor and wall tile is an excellent way to bring a spalike feel into a bathroom.

Metallic Walls

A touch of drama in interior design is a wonderful thing and the trend of metallic walls certainly adds the tinge of flare that I love. With a hint of sparkle, the metallic paint adds a sophisticated elegance to the room, whether used in a small space like a bathroom or a larger space such as a foyer.

A deep, rich sheen of the metallic paint results in an eye-catching finished product.

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Danish artist Pernille Snedker Hansen

I’ve seen rather creative ways to transform hardwood floors, but Danish artist Pernille Snedker Hansen takes unique floor treatments to a whole new level with Marbelous Wood.

The technique of marbling, which is defined as the art of floating paints on a thickened liquid or water, patterning a design, and making a contact print, is an ancient art form. But, there is nothing ancient about Hansen’s process. Her use of vibrant colors is a spectacular twist on this traditional design approach.

Her contemporary design company, snedker°studio, has developed innovative surfaces for home design since 2009. Hansen describes her creativity as a challenge to change the way we look and experience the surfaces around us. Her main goal is to encourage people to enjoy the the details in unexpected materials.

I, for one, definitely enjoy the details of this unique flooring.

Click here to watch a video of Pernille Snedker Hansen’s process to create the Marbelous Wood.


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