Granite Countertop by

Granite Countertop by

Granite is one of the finest natural stone materials that can be used in the home. It offers luxurious shine and richness of colour, as well as the practical benefits of outstanding durability. From countertops to floors and fireplaces, granite presents a unique beauty wherever it is used.

Bringing grounding energy and balance to your home

Granite Floor by 

Granite Floor by 


But not only does granite give aesthetic pleasure; it can enhance the feng shui in your home by acting as an earth element. In a kitchen, the earth element helps to ground the fire from the cooktop and metal from the tableware, and in a bathroom it helps to bring tranquility and peace to an area dominated by water. This diverse material can create balance and relaxation in any room.

Preserve the beauty

Credit by the Review Guru

Credit by the Review Guru

To preserve the natural beauty of granite and its positive energy, it’s important to follow a few simple care rules.


  • Seal your surfaces

As with all natural stone, granite is porous and will be susceptible to stains unless it is sealed. Sealing is a simple and inexpensive process which should be repeated regularly. Ensure you choose a recommended sealant that will penetrate the surface deeply. The best sealants will keep out moisture, so preventing the buildup of mold and bacteria, and resist the penetration of oil, the number one stain culprit of stone countertops.

  • Use gentle cleaners

When the surface is sealed, you shouldn’t need to use anything more than soap and water for day-to-day granite cleaning. If you require something a little stronger, ensure the product contains no bleach or other strong chemicals that could dull the highly polished surface. And don’t forget to always use a soft cloth and wipe dry with a chamois leather to keep the shine.

  • Mop up spills immediately

Whilst sealed granite is difficult to stain, an abrasive substance can leave a dull mark if it is left in contact with the surface for a prolonged period of time. Watch out for foods left on kitchen countertops such as citrus fruits, vinegar and cooking oils.


  • Use mats

Protect your granite surface, using coasters for red wine, chopping boards for preparing food, and heat pads for hot pans. Whilst granite is heat resistant, there is a small risk of hairline cracks forming from temperature differences when a hot pan is placed on the cold stone. Using mats will give added protection.


Treat with respect!

A little care and attention as outlined above will ensure your granite will be a long-lasting presence in your home, offering majestic beauty and style, as well as a natural balancing element that helps create peace and relaxation.


Written by Jenny Holt