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How to use Gold in your Interior Design.


Kelly Weastler Design

Elemental colors like gold are popular in decorating for many reasons.

Gold is timeless!

Gold is rich!

Gold is adventurous!

Gold is priceless!

If you're decorating with gold in mind, then you're also in very good company. Many celebrities and members of royalty have used this precious metal in their decorating schemes.

From ancient greek statues, to todays Holiday decor, gold has always paved our history.

Here some great ways to add a little gold, a little blink and a lot of sunshine!

Gold statuary is a popular way to decorate with gold. If you can afford it, place a solid gold statue on a fireplace mantel, a coffee table or a visible side table.

picture-72Kelly Weastler Design

Large Asian vases, like those from the Ming Dynasty, are also made with gold.


Use gold spray paint to create the look of gold or even luxurious gold leaf tiles for a richer look.


Classy gold accessories such as this black and gold floor lamp


Very chic wall treatment created by these multi sizes gold frames.


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Have you used gold color items or furniture in your home? Do you think that you are likely to use gold accents in your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

New year Feng Shui Tips for Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness!

picture-9 Image of total luxury! Bring in health, wealth, success and happiness with these 9 tips:

1- Now is the perfect time to define your objectives and goals for the New Year. A great way to do that is by using a VISION BOARD. On it, you can list the things you want to attract to your life with images, photos and words, plus reset your goals and involve the universe.

2- De- clutter and reorganize your home and office. You will feel better and that will help your focus. By emptying your closets and cabinets you will enable fresh new energy and opportunities to flow to you.

Donate and give away to thrift shops, charities and neighborhood organizations. Or sell your old things on Ebay or Craigslist and donate the money.

3- Get your health checked. It is a great time to go visit your family doctor to start the year healthy and full of energy. Toss out old medicines and renew prescriptions.

4- Shop with abandon. Ensure your refrigerator, pantry, canisters, shakers are all full for this New Year. This represents abundance for the year ahead.

5- Review your contact list and ensure it is updated for professional and personal matters, with current phone numbers and addresses. Reach out to people you love to wish them a good New Year.

6- Respect the money in your wallet... and your wallet. Make sure it is not worn out or tattered. By keeping it full, It symbolizes having enough money all year long.

7- Get a new green plant or blooming flowers. They represent rebirth and growth for the New Year. They also symbolize health  for you and your family.

8- Make time to dream big. Prepare where you want to go this year, your travels, your vacations, your career changes, even new classes you want to take.

Live Well, Be Well, Work Well.

Marie Burgos

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Feng Shui Tips For Your Kitchen

picture-4 Today I will be discussing easy tips you can use to create a wonderfully vibrant kitchen space. This important room contains the fire and water elements which represent nourishment and prosperity and wealth. Use these tips to create a kitchen that enhances the water element to bring good health to your family and brightens the fire element to bring wealth into the household.

• Yellows are good colors in the kitchen because they promote digestion. Red, brown and white are also good choices because they enhance the fire element. Try to avoid blue or black, as these colors are associated with water and tend to put down the fire element representing wealth and prosperity.

• Try to avoid placing the kitchen where you can see it when you enter the front door and try to locate the kitchen toward the back of the home. A kitchen at your entryway can mean that guests will come over to eat and then leave. This placement can also encourage inhabitants to eat all the time. Because you can’t always choose the location of your kitchen, you can remedy this location by placing a beaded curtain or a door between the front door and the kitchen door. Or, place a piece of eye-catching décor near the kitchen entrance to divert attention away from the busy on-goings of the kitchen.

• Try to keep the fire element appliances (such as the stove and the microwave) away from the water element appliances (such as the sink, dishwasher and the refrigerator). The typical western interior design triangle fits with this Feng Shui theory. To keep water and fire elements from interfering with each other, appliances should be separated by something made of wood or something representative of wood, like a plant or a picture of a plant.

• Fix leaky faucets. This means that your wealth is draining away.

• The stove, a fire element, represents wealth and prosperity. To best enhance this area of your life, make sure all burners function well and use all burners on the stove equally, as this represents getting money from multiple sources.

• Try to place your stove in a location where you can easily see the entrance to your kitchen. This puts the chef at the “command” station and a happy chef will make more nourishing health meals. If this placement is not possible place a small mirror behind the stove so you can see who is entering your space.

• Try not to place a window above a stove, because the heat represents prosperity and you don’t want your wealth to fly out the window.

• Declutter your kitchen. You wouldn’t put extra items that aren’t purposeful in the soup you eat. Don’t have them in the space where you prepare your soup either. De-cluttering the spaces you see as well as the hidden ones will help promote the flow of good chi energy.

Good lighting and good ventilation in your kitchen are keys to good health.

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Feng Shui Your Way to Wealth

picture-26 Good Feng Shui, affirm the Masters, does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for it, but it gives you the necessary support to seek fame and fortune. It helps you create an environment, both at home and in the business, that will strengthen you and attract the energies to manifest your wealth.  Did you know that many Asian millionaires do not sell the places where they lived or worked (if owning the business) while becoming wealthy? Knowing the power of the space, they keep them for luck. ——– Feng Shui Wealth Tips

Do you know where your financial “power spots” are? The contemporary methods of feng shui associate prosperity issues with the back left corner of any space. Stand at your front door facing into the house; your wealth area is at the back of the house on the left-hand side. There’s also a wealth area within each room: facing in from the doorway, it’s the corner area in the back of the room on the left-hand side. Where are the wealth areas within your office, living room, kitchen, and bedroom? Now that you’ve identified your money power spots, here are some quick and easy ways to apply feng shui to these spaces:

1. Clear out any clutter from these important areas. Clutter is a sign of stagnant energy, and clutter in your money power spots can clog up your cash flow. Getting rid of clutter is one of the most powerful ways to shift the energy of your power spots into high gear.

2. Fix things that are broken. Anything that doesn’t work as it should is a sign of something wrong in the area of your life that corresponds to that part of your space. Examine each of your money power spots to look for anything that needs repair. It’s time to do something about that loose doorknob, non-working light switch, stuck file drawer, or clock that doesn’t keep correct time, to name just a few possible examples. Remove items like these from your power spots or fix them so they work properly.

3. Enhance your power spots with symbols of prosperity, such as a bowl of coins (add your loose change to it every day), a “lucky bamboo” plant, or anything that symbolizes success and prosperity to you. There are lots of Chinese luck symbols available, but you don’t have to use them unless you want to. A picture of your dream house, or a model of that luxury car you long for, is an effective money symbol because it has personal meaning for you.

4. Accent your money areas with the colors green and purple. Green symbolizes vitality and growth, and purple is the color of wealth. Place a bowl of green and purple grapes (real or artificial) in the wealth area of your kitchen, to symbolize abundance filling your home. If you use real grapes, it’s okay to eat them, just add more from time to time so the grapes remain fresh and the bowl is always more than half full.

5. Pay attention to how you handle money every day. Do you keep paper money neatly sorted in your wallet or money clip, or is it jammed in there any old way, or crumpled up at the bottom of your pocket? Clean the clutter out of your purse and wallet, and start handling your money as though you value it.

6. If you neglect your money, it will neglect you, so be sure to balance your checkbook regularly and pay your bills on time. Put your checkbook in an attractive cover (choose green, purple, red, blue, or black) and keep it in the wealth area of your desk – that’s the rear left corner again — or in the wealth area of your office.

7. Live generously. Money is a form of energy, and it needs to flow through your life, not just into it. Hoarding and scrimping work against more coming in, while giving generously within your means makes space for even greater abundance. If you don’t yet have ample money to share, give as generously as you can of your time, energy, compassion, and appreciation.

8. Take a few moments every evening to think about all the good things that happened to you today and to express your gratitude for what you have received. Small things count, too, so it’s okay if there’s little of the spectacular on your list most of the time. It’s not what happened that’s important; it’s getting in the habit of focusing on the positive side of things every day that matters. The more you notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for blessings received, no matter how small, the more good things will come your way, including money.

A true experience of prosperity is determined not by how much money you have, but by how well you notice and enjoy what is already present in your life. The formal name for the wealth area is “fortunate blessings” – as you de-clutter, repair, and accessorize your money power spots keep this broader meaning in mind. When you celebrate being rich in friends and family, or rich with laughter, or the richness of your spiritual life, or even being rich in air and sunshine if nothing else seems to be going well for you today, material blessings will come to you more readily as well.

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Feng Shui Your Finances

picture-7 When the stock market, your 401K, the value of your home all sink into an abyss, perhaps you should say, "Feng Shui it!" File this one under "it couldn't hurt" and know you're attempting what some of the rich and famous have already embraced to some degree. Madonna and Boy George for a start, but you expected that. How about Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City to name a few?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy to create harmony in your surroundings. The words literally mean wind and water and these two control "chi" which is the breath of life. Balancing chi is a good thing, not only good for your health, but also your wealth. Got your attention?

#1-Place a mirror at the entrance of your home to pull in chi for opportunity for those who live there. If you have stairs flowing straight to the front door, your money leaves very quickly. Slow this down with pictures along the wall and plants at the bottom of the steps.

#2-Keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered. If you can set up the stove so the cook can see the door. If the stove is already in place, put a mirror behind the stove. That way four burners become eight for multiplication of wealth.

#3-Repair all leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms to prevent money from going down the drain. By the same logic, and males family members take note, keep the toilet lid down to prevent money from being flushed away.

#4-Use the colors purple, red and green to support prosperity energy. Enhance this energy with the placement of a still life of a mountain and water.

#5-Pull that old lava lamp out of storage or purchase a new one. The undulating motions, or for that matter anything electronic or moving, help keep money circulating in your life.

#6-Get a fountain and/or goldfish. These represent the flowing of money to you.

#7-Display symbols of wealth around your home. Money and gold objects, even coins will do. If you can locate one, put out a gold Chinese Money Frog. This is a three-legged statue of a frog or toad with a coin in its mouth.

#8-Frame and hang up a picture of a million dollar bill. You can get a fake one online and that's okay. The symbol, even "Monopoly" game money provides visual reference for circulating prosperity.

#9-Also, cut out pictures of luxury items from magazines. Try a Porsche, an amazing country house, and a yacht. These represent the aspiration of "having it all" and are magnets for positive energy.

#10-Put a jade plant on the table. The jade plant is the Chinese version of a money tree.

Some things you may not be able to change. If you can, put your home office, in theory where you make money, in the southeast corner of your house. If that's not possible, put money or a symbol of money on the southeast corner of your desk. If possible, position your desk to see the door and a view of the outside. A desk with rounded corners is best. Make sure the chair backs up against a solid wall. You don't need Feng Shui to get that one. When it comes to money these days, watch your back.

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Applying Feng Shui in Retail Environments

picture-31 If you are serious about your retail business succeeding, I strongly recommend hiring a qualified Feng Shui Consultant. The tips I offer here are helpful, but each situation has unique factors that someone with a trained eye and knowledge can help you find the right solution for. But here are some things you can try now:

Become Your Customer

The best exercise to perform when evaluating your retail space from a feng shui perspective is to pretend that you are a customer. Walk out of your establishment, get a cup of coffee, or have a brisk walk away from your business. Clear your head. On your return, look at your space from the point of view of never having seen it before. Have a pen and a piece of paper handy. Jot down your answers to these questions:

How does it feel when you approach your establishment?

How does it feel when you enter?

Is it inviting?

What was your first impression?

The main thing you are looking to find to apply feng shui in retail are obvious issues such as clutter, bad placement of signs, or poor display of your products. Maybe you notice where you need some paint touch up or small repairs.

That is a good place to start. Do this when you feel business is slipping. That is a sign something is "stuck" in your store.


The other thing to keep in mind is lighting. You want people to see your products clearly, and you want the light to cast a favorable glow. Having good light will increase the energy of your store. It will also require you to keep your merchandise clean; the light will show off flaws as well as benefits!

The exception to this recommendation is regarding certain restaurants that wish to create an atmosphere with dim, romantic lighting.

One other recommendation is to apply scent and music to improve the environment. Be sure the music is appropriate for the clientele and don't overdo it on the scents. Subtle but pleasant is the right approach.

Once you've got all the customer's senses working for you, applying feng shui in retail environments is a snap. Just make certain the space is beautiful, nothing jars, there's room to move about, and your products are displayed attractively.

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How to Feng Shui a Dining Room



Anyone who explores the ancient Chinese art of feng shui is looking for ways to enhance life with good energy. Feng shui offers dining room tips that will inspire healthy eating and digestion. Even utilizing just a few feng shui suggestions can make your dining experience so much more pleasant. Start simple.

1- Eat in your dining room whenever you can. Instead of standing over the sink or in a crowded corner of the kitchen, enjoy the beauty and surroundings you've created in the dining room.

2- Choose comfortable chairs when purchasing a dining room set. Sit in the chairs in the store. If you have uncomfortable chairs, replace the cushions.

3- Repair any loose legs or protruding nails on the tables and chairs. Pad or cushion sharp edges on a table. When decorating, make sure the table and chairs fit together well. Think about a tablecloth to cover needed padding.

4- Define the area with screens or plants. Use the screens to cordon off your view of other rooms. Decorate the dining room separately from adjoining rooms to give it an identity of its own, one that will bring good digestion, conversation and intimacy into your life.

5- Use only the space you need when eating. Feng shui dictates that two people should not eat at opposite ends of a long table, but rather sit close at one end and decorate the rest of the table with treasures like fresh flowers, candles and other decorating items.

6- Make the outside part of the dining room's art. If you can, locate your dining room overlooking a garden or relaxing scene you can view from the dining room window. If the view outside the dining room is bland or unattractive, cover it with drapes in relaxed, muted colors.

7- Pipe in soft music to accompany your meal.

8- Avoid displaying time reminders such as calenders and clocks as they put pressure on people having dinner in the space.

9- Display a mirror on the wall over the buffet or sideboard, reflecting the table. They  double the food on the table, symbolizing wealth and abundance for the household. Mirrors are excellent energy expanders. They enhance the healthy chi energy produced by the food.

10- Use warm rather than cool colors for your dining room décor. Shades of red, orange, burgundy, yellow, brown and cream are more conducive to the nourishing and enjoyable experience of eating than are cool shades of grey, blue and green.

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Feng Shui Your Desk For Career Success


office-fsHave you used feng shui around your desk? It's a great way to "test drive" feng shui, to see how well it works for you -- while creating a more functional and ENJOYABLE workspace.



In feng shui, we work with a 3x3 grid called a BAGUA (said "bagg-wahh"). The grid is placed over your floorplan, and can look like a tic-tac-toe board, or perhaps the face of a clock, seen from above. With this, we can organize any room, home, or office into areas, each with its own color and design themes. So, let's pretend you are floating over your office, looking down into it. And each section related to a different AREA of your life. So let's pretend that you can see the bagua grid that's overlayed onto your floor plan. Starting clockwise from your left -- about the "eight o'clock" area of the clock -- the design themes are:


family and security





helpful people and travel


At the CENTER of the clock--the middle of the bagua grid -- the theme is health.


You can apply these same design principles to your DESK, too. In fact, when you're new to feng shui, this can be a great way to begin. You'll soon have a better organized work area, and perhaps a little "feng shui magic" will boost your career as well.


Sit at your desk, and start at the left side. In feng shui, this is the KNOWLEDGE area. It's an ideal place to store your reference books, such as your dictionary, manuals, and anything else you often reach for when you're working.


If you have a counter or bookcase to the left of your desk, the top may be the perfect place for symbols of FAMILY (family photos) and Security (anything that says "old money" to you).


The back left corner of your desk is the MONEY area. Whether your monitor is there or something else, be sure to keep this corner clean, dust-free, and uncluttered. If there's space in back of your monitor for photos or posters, this is the perfect place for pictures of what you plan to do (or own) when you have an even better income.


At the back center area of your desk, or on the wall directly in front of you, take advantage of this FAME area. Display awards, diplomas, certificates, and anything that tells others about your accomplishments. Add a little red -- the best color for this area -- to draw attention to your new display.


At the right corner of your desk, and on the wall behind it, the focus is ROMANCE. This is where you'll place photos of your sweetie, or symbols of love and partnerships. If you have flowers or pens at this area of your workspace, remember: Everything in twos... no "onesies"! (Of course, if you're hoping for a date this weekend, put two fresh flowers in a vase in this area. But, be prepared: This might work even better than you'd expected.)


Closer to you on the right, it's your CREATIVITY area. Be sure to keep symbols of what you do that's original, as well as tools for creating things at work. Whether this is a stapler or a set of pens and paintbrushes, the emphasis should be on creativity. And, if you're a fan of Disney or other cartoons, those figures and pictures go in this area. (If you have children, this is the perfect place for pictures of your little darlings, too.)


At your immediate and front right, it's the helpful PEOPLE and TRAVEL area. This is where you'll put your Rolodex or Palm, or whatever you use to store names and phone numbers. This is also a good place to display vacation-related items and pictures.


And, the center of your desk is the HEALTH area. If you want a healthy career, your work area should be clean & "happy looking" at the center. With spring on the way, consider a new blotter or other desktop covering in sunny yellow; that's the best color for the Health area.


Finally, your chair represents your CAREER area. Keep your chair well-oiled (if it's on wheels or springs) and clean. Polish any chrome on it, and keep it dusted. If you're on any kind of mat that protects the floor underneath, make sure that your mat looks fresh and new. If it doesn't, a replacement may be a small expense for the potential benefits. Or, sometimes a little floor polish will renew a plastic floor mat and make it look


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Want more “Wow “ factor in Your Interior Design? Use a Wall Fountain!


If you are looking for a way to include the “wow” factor in your complete home design, nothing says “Wow” like an indoor wall fountain. Obviously, anyone visiting your home will immediately be drawn to the fountain. It will be the sound of soft, trickling water that will lead them to the fountain.

There may be no better way to relieve stress than to sit and listen to the sounds of water rushing over your wall fountain. The convenience of having a wall fountain will be a genuine consideration since you may enjoy it anytime that you want. With wall fountains, there is no problem with floor space or table space since the wall fountain, by definition, will be mounted on a wall.

A wall fountain can be put just about anywhere including the living room or foyer. Since there are many types of indoor wall fountains on the market, you can rest assured that there is a model that will fit your tastes or style. By far the simplest fountains to install are resin wall fountains since they are very lightweight. Resin is also a very durable material that can be used both inside was well as outside since it can withstand most weather conditions. Resin and fiberglass wall fountains are the best choices when you are dealing with walls that may not be strong enough to carry the load of heavier materials.

It is important to remember that an indoor wall fountain should be installed in close proximity to an electrical outlet. Ideally, you would have an outlet positioned directly behind the wall fountain so that the wiring remains hidden from view. You will use electricity to power the pump so water will flow down the wall fountain; it may also be used to power extra lighting for nighttime illumination. Naturally, a wall fountain should compliment the decor of whatever room it is being installed. If you have a modern theme, you might choose metal-framed wall fountain and glass material. Now if you opt for resin wall fountains, you can get a design that mimics metal but without giving up the lightweight design. A resin-type wall fountain can also be fabricated to look like stone or concrete if you’re working with a style of room that requires this look for your wall fountain. Wall fountains made from resin are less expensive that those made from other materials.

Besides home use, an indoor wall fountain can make a great addition to your office or workspace since the sound of running water is a proven stress reliever. Ample research has shown that having such fountains in the workplace help the employees perform their work more efficiently.    

All fountains, the wall fountain included, offer real health benefits due to their relationship to running water. When the water flows down the wall, it releases negative ions into the air, helping to cleanse the air of contaminants while also adding moisture to it. It can be as effective as the air conditioner during higher temperatures. By using a wall fountain you can create a natural sound barrier that softens other household sounds so you can relax. And last but not least, a fountain is also bringing the essential water element supportive of your carreer, welath and prosperity according to the principles of Feng Shui.

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Using a Feng Shui Fish Tank to Attract Wealth and Abundance



Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony with the specific placement of certain objects in your home or office, which affects the flow of energy in your surroundings, the Chi (Qi), and this can be positive or negative. Obtaining luck, health and prosperity is usually the main focus of using Feng Shui. My own theory is that Feng Shui creates such harmony in your surroundings, that everything that you look at gives you a feeling of well being. If you look at a broken TV screen or that radio that’s been sitting there for the last 2 years, you will not feel good, right? Feng Shui cures are used whenever some area of our lives is not going as well as it should, like Romance, Family, Health, Wealth, etc.

Now, what does this have to do with your fish tank? Well, having a fish tank or aquarium can help increase positive Chi in your life. When you are thinking of using a Feng Shui Fish tank, they usually tell you that you should have 8 goldfish (since gold symbolizes wealth and luck) and 1 black fish (to absorb any bad luck), however, I believe that just having a nice, clean fish tank with a good balance of all the elements is enough… and maybe using a lucky number of fish: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11….

Aquariums are auspicious because they present a harmonious combination of wealth attracting Feng Shui factors, and a perfect balance of all 5 Feng Shui elements:

Feng Shui Water element (the water in the aquarium) Feng Shui Wood Element (the plants in the aquarium) Feng Shui Metal element (use some white and gray rocks in the fish tank, or a round aquarium) Feng Shui Earth element (the rocks and gravel at the bottom of the fish tank) Feng Shui Fire element (gold /yellow, orange and red colors of the fish, as well as the aquarium light)

The best area to place your Feng Shui aquarium is in the Southeast (the Feng Shui Wealth and Abundance area) followed by North (Career) or East (Health and Family.

Don’t place an aquarium in the bedroom or the kitchen. These are the two places where a fish tank can stimulate the Chi too much, making you eat in excess and sleep restlessly. In order to get a good flow of Chi, your tank has to be clean and well taken care off, with happy and healthy fish. A dirty tank and sick fish can emit bad chi and it will do more harm than good. You can use real plants with almost all kinds of fish; just keep them healthy and beautiful. I do not recommend them with Goldfish because they eat them, so you can use plastic plants. It’s the appearance that counts. They have to be clean and pretty.

Remember what I told you about looking at things that make you feel good? Using a Feng Shui Fish tank will always give you a good feeling.

Give it a try. Sometimes just believing that things will change, changes them. But with a Feng Shui fish tank, I can tell you from my own experience, you will be surprised and shocked by the changes you will feel almost immediately.

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