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Decorative Screens add miles of style to your interior!

Asian screen The folding Screen has been a classic piece in interior design for centuries for several good reasons. First and foremost, they’re beautiful and they are part of an elegant yet unpretentious approach to the design of comfortable living spaces. And if Asian, they add an exotic Eastern flavor to any room.

The look is dramatic, and can serve as a focal point, setting the tone of the room. Screen can be made in several materials such as wood, metal or mirror. Serving as both furniture and art, a Chinoiserie screen works beautifully in a traditional or contemporary setting.

The practical side of the folding screen is not to be overlooked. Interior designers and home owners have used them to define and divide spaces, and to hide an array of necessary evils, from an unfortunately placed powder room door, to a messy pile of toys, to an undesirable view. All while adding miles of style, pattern and color!

Mirrored screen- Design by Kelly Weastler

Beautiful composition with a mirrored screen bouncing the light all around the room.

Cut leaves screen design

Very interesting metallic screen with cut leaves design

Blue lacquered screen- Design Kelly Weastler

Beautiful blue lacquered screen with gold frame ornaments. Just so elegant!

Ring Screen- kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen signature screen. Black wood ring screen- very contemporary looking!

Fabric screen- Veranda magazine

I find the fabric and the tacks used to create the design on the fabric to be a great look . I adore what looks like piano hinges because they look like a design element in themselves.

Wall screen- David Hicks design

Beautiful wall screen treatment by David Hicks

Traditional Asian screen- David Hicks Design

Fabric screen in Toile de Jouy

Asian screen

Wooden ornate screen

If you like decorative screens which one is your favorite? Let me know by leaving me a comment on the Blog! Thank you.

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