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Beautiful Trunks and Chests!

trunk, also known as a travelling chest, is a large cuboid container for holding clothes and other personal belongings. In the past, they were most commonly used for extended periods away from home, such as for boarding school, or long trips abroad. Most trunks are now used as either furniture such as coffee-tables or decorative storage for everything from blankets and linens to memorabilia. Trunks are differentiated from chests by their more rugged construction due to their intended use as luggage, whereas chests are more intended for storage.

Here are some great examples of beautiful trunks, chest and vintage luggage transformed into fantastic pieces of furniture to infuse a home with a feel of well traveled style and unexpected extra storage!!

So glamourous and so classy these Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunks used as fabulous bed side tables. The well chosen accessories really gives this space the look of travel and casual chic.

Thanks to Scott Currie via Elle Decor & Xjavier! Lovely whimsical living space. Yellow cane chairs, seagrass rug, black & gold chest coffee table, beige comfy sofa, smoke gray glass lamp, black chest, black lantern chandelier, bamboo shade, built-in bookshelf bookshelves, rope mirror and soft blue paint color. yellow brown black gold living room colors.

In the living room, a jockey painted by local artist Patricia Powers surveys the scene. Cream slipcovers come off the chairs in the fall, revealing brown wool upholstery. In a house with few closets, a 19th-century Anglo-Indian chest provides much-needed storage. - Via Country Living

When you crack open this chest, you’ll find something better than a pirate’s treasure – something hotter! 'Malle a Feu' by Atria is a hot fireplace design that disguises the traditional fireplace within a contemporary white trunk. The horizontally opening lid lifts to reveal a pair of fire slots, with a mirrored background to maximize the look of the flames. When you’re all warm and cozy, simply shut the lid and use the top to display your collection of framed photos, candles, vases or other accessories. This portable fireplace is ideal for small spaces and condos. It’s ventless, so there’s no installation required, and when you redecorate, this mobile fireplace goes wherever you envision it. In the bedroom, the bathroom, living room or den, Malle a Feu has its place in every home. Check out more hot fireplace design ideas at Atria.

This living room by Chad Farquharson and Wayne McGill explores a potpourri of styles. A new sofa is perfectly at home with an Asian chest repurposed as a coffee table. The white chair is a reupholstered vintage store find, and the contemporary patterned chair is a gift from a friend. - Via Style at Home.

Mayfair Steemer Chests brushed steel is paired with a French style bed crafted of iron and steel makes a very chic country style bedroom - design by Restoration Hardware. Love what they do!

Bedroom design in a beautiful neutral color palette with Asian chests bedside tables on a rug called Modern Mix by Flor .

Which trunk style is your favorite? Let me know by leaving me a comment on the blog!

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Feng Shui: Do you have "Junk in your Trunk"?



What do you think of when you hear the term “junk in the trunk”? The phrase became popular with hip hoppers and rappers appreciatively referring to women with ample butts.  Our butts are behind us. Makes it somewhat hard to see what’s going on back there. What’s all this got to do with feng shui?

Just because I can’t see my butt doesn’t mean it isn’t getting bigger! It takes discipline and hard work to keep it in shape and that’s true of your feng shui, too. Practicing feng shui, we know that clutter drains us of chi (energy) and blocks us mentally from getting things done. Often we find a big “trunk” (drawer, bin, closet) and throw all the clutter and junk in there, close the lid, and forget about it. On the surface our desks and our living/ working space looks clutter-free so we get a temporary jolt of good feng shui. We’ve put the clutter problem behind us. Or have we?

Tossing all the clutter inside a storage unit of some kind does help a little bit. But eventually, we’re going to open that closet door or that drawer and see the jumbled mess contained within. That sinking feeling of “where do I begin to clear up this mess?” is a sign that your chi is being drained by the clutter. It’s much better to spend a few minutes each day putting away your stuff, organizing your desktop, and clearing the way for the next day than letting it pile up into a bigger problem to solve later on. If you’re trying to de-clutter an entire room or building, do it in smaller increments until you have the entire place under control so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task.

It takes time to get into the daily organizational habit. One spring-cleaning per year is a good start, but does not yield results unless you keep up with the maintenance. You wouldn’t expect to reshape your gluts with only one hard workout, would you?

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