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Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

Wallpaper is often considered a neat and interesting alternative to paints, often adding a touch of life to an otherwise monotonous expanse of colour. Wise choice of wallpapers can accentuate the intended ambience of the room. Rooms can be made to look spacious or cozy, warm, cool, funky or just plain depending on the inhabitant’s preference. Choosing the perfect {wallpaper} could be quite a challenging task for some individuals, given the wide choice of patterns, colours and textures to consider. Existing home décor, furniture, and functional usage of the space will have to be kept in mind, before making the choice. Here are few points to consider while shopping for that perfect wallpaper: Colours and Patterns

The colour and pattern of the wallpaper should depend on where it is actually going to be used. Living rooms are usually decorated with muted or light shades and fine patterns enhancing the space, brightness and airiness of the room. Background and pattern colours can either contrast or complement each other. Complimentary shades blend into each other creating a serene look, while contrasting colours serve to draw the attention of the onlooker. A similar effect can be achieved using elegant fine print and bold patterns respectively. colours and patterns also depend on existing interior décor and furniture that vie with the background for attention. Simple stripes and geometric prints go well with a minimalist interior setting, while themed image(s) in fabulouscolours tend to add a special effect to the space.


Deciding where exactly the wallpaper will be put up often determines the final outcome of the exercise and it is quite important to plan the placement well in advance. The placement should be decided based on the dimensions of the room and the flow of light. Accordingly, one may choose to cover all the walls, opposite walls, top or bottom half or a select portion of the wall, or even just the borders to achieve the required effect.


Wallpapers can bear the brunt of time and rough use when the right texture that best suits the setting is being chosen. There are several types of wallpapers based on expanded vinyl, burlap, and fabric that can be placed even in a kid’s room. Fragile papers are more apt in a calm setting with minimum traffic. Vinyl papers are sturdy and washable, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as well. There are several other stain-resistant and washable products that can be explored. Textures can often bring warmth to the interiors while also serving to camouflage any structural inconsistencies effectively.

The perfect wallpaper is just a matter of personal preference. A value-for-money investment that meets both creative and functional aspects is probably the best choice.

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