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Retail Feng Shui Tips - Use Feng Shui To Improve Retail Sales

picture-11 When it comes to retail, the right application of Feng Shui can bring quick and immediate results. A better feng shui energy in a retail space will attract more customers, more sales and a better mood for the people who work in the store.

Shopping is all about an emotional experience - we buy things to make us and our loved ones feel better, in other words, we are shopping for an experience, not just a particular item. By applying retail feng shui basics the vibrant energy in your store will take care of that special experience customers are looking for!

By now you know that good feng shui does not mean decorating with oriental looking items. Good feng shui means creating energy that feels good, looks good and works for the purpose of a given space. It does not matter if your retail customers know about feng shui or not; on a subconscious level we are all attuned to the feng shui energy movement and react to it accordingly.

When it comes to retail, the energy of your store is felt even before customers decide to enter, so you should start applying feng shui by first stepping outside your store and taking a good, fresh look at your main entrance and your immediate surroundings.

Let me give you some basic feng shui retail tips:

Step outside your store and take a feng shui look at your main entrance, your store name, your window displays and your neighbors. Do you stand out or do you blend in? If you were to see your store for the first time, would you come in? If no, why? Feng Shui-wise, you want to create a strong and clear flow of energy to your main door. A strong flow of feng shui energy is created by a strong and clear presence, which includes a clean, crisp store name, well-lit and fresh window displays, as well as by using Feng Shui appropriate colors for the direction of your main door.

Come inside the store and notice where your attention goes. This well help you understand where the energy flows. Is your attention pulled to the right or to the left? Or maybe you are not drawn to come in at all, even though the store has many beautiful things? The important thing to understand is that you need to create pathways for the Feng Shui energy to flow, you need to direct the energy to create a pleasant experience and draw the customers in, then help them explore by themselves what you have to offer. Imagine Chi, or feng shui energy as water, and see where would the water flow, as well as see where would it get blocked.

Avoid common bad feng shui retail mistakes. This includes

a big mirror directly facing the entrance

back door aligned with the main door

fluorescent ceiling lighting

stale air or strange smells

If you have a wide lense camera, take several photos of the entrance (inside and outside) and then look at the images; this should help you get a fresh look at your own space and notice bad Feng Shui items that you might be already used to, such as an open trash can in plain view, exposed electrical cords, boxes, etc.

Create a primary focal point, as well as several secondary points/areas for exploration. This has to be very clear from the moment the customer steps into the store. You want to avoid the overwhelmed feeling of "too much staff" with no breathing room. On a feng shui energy level, this can create a feeling of a very loud, uninterrupted noise; nobody is attracted to that. Music is created by the silence in between the sound.

Locate your desk/cash register in a powerful feng shui spot, which is usually diagonally from the entrance.

Have the name of your store in a high and well lit place. If you want to be build a loyal customer base, they need to know your name. Being inside a store and not knowing where you are (hmmm, who on earth am I buying from?) is a bad feng shui retail experience.

Create good energy in your store and keep it fresh. People buy based on emotion, and the feng shui definition of emotion is the energy in motion. Be mindful of the:

quality of air

have several levels of lighting

good music

vibrant scents

slightly rearrange or change your displays regularly.

Create an exploration feel for customers. When it comes to successful retail, the best ones offer customers a little adventure, or a discovery of their own. This means designing several different pathways in your store, not just one straight line from beginning to end, creating several independent areas with different energies (colors, lights, smells, heights, etc)

Respect your customers sense of independence and curiosity. Best retail stores I have experienced are the ones that let me explore things in a variety of ways - touch, smell, try, see the price, etc without asking for help; as well as the ones that combine their items in unusual, fresh ways.

Spread out the beautiful items, or pair them in unexpected ways. In other words, jazz up the store!

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Applying Feng Shui in Retail Environments

picture-31 If you are serious about your retail business succeeding, I strongly recommend hiring a qualified Feng Shui Consultant. The tips I offer here are helpful, but each situation has unique factors that someone with a trained eye and knowledge can help you find the right solution for. But here are some things you can try now:

Become Your Customer

The best exercise to perform when evaluating your retail space from a feng shui perspective is to pretend that you are a customer. Walk out of your establishment, get a cup of coffee, or have a brisk walk away from your business. Clear your head. On your return, look at your space from the point of view of never having seen it before. Have a pen and a piece of paper handy. Jot down your answers to these questions:

How does it feel when you approach your establishment?

How does it feel when you enter?

Is it inviting?

What was your first impression?

The main thing you are looking to find to apply feng shui in retail are obvious issues such as clutter, bad placement of signs, or poor display of your products. Maybe you notice where you need some paint touch up or small repairs.

That is a good place to start. Do this when you feel business is slipping. That is a sign something is "stuck" in your store.


The other thing to keep in mind is lighting. You want people to see your products clearly, and you want the light to cast a favorable glow. Having good light will increase the energy of your store. It will also require you to keep your merchandise clean; the light will show off flaws as well as benefits!

The exception to this recommendation is regarding certain restaurants that wish to create an atmosphere with dim, romantic lighting.

One other recommendation is to apply scent and music to improve the environment. Be sure the music is appropriate for the clientele and don't overdo it on the scents. Subtle but pleasant is the right approach.

Once you've got all the customer's senses working for you, applying feng shui in retail environments is a snap. Just make certain the space is beautiful, nothing jars, there's room to move about, and your products are displayed attractively.

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