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Stair style

Stairs are taking on a whole new look. Whether you prefer soft carpet to hardwood or bold color over muted elegance, the design appeal of stairs have come a long way.

Check out some of the options available. Hopefully you will see a style that will really let your stairs shine.


Colorful Paint



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Just imagine- Colorful staircases designs...

Sometimes taken for granted, it is one of the most important elements of any building. Staircases link two or more floors and can be built and finished of different kinds of materials. From modern and simple to grand and elaborate, architects and designers are drawing up unique ways to bridge vertical distances. But what about their look? You can actually decorate the staircase in your home and let it be a showcase of your personality!

Usually unnoticed, when interior decorating your home, this area of the house plays an important role in the day-to-day lifestyle. Do you sit on the stairs to talk or to put your shoes on in the morning? Are the stairs used as a holding area for clothes to be put away or items to remember to bring with the next morning? The staircase may welcome guests or be part of the last part of your day. Here are unique designs to show you how to decorate a staircase to bring personality, décor, and pizzazz up and down.

Staircase with an orange runner

Happy and  Beautiful looking this staircase with orange runner! Look very grandiose...

Comfortable staircases look in one of my clients home- Marie Burgos Design

Multicolor staircases

Multicolor and fun these house staircases!

Staicase with Light blue runner

Soft beach house feel with this Staircases with Light blue runner.

Staircases with Light grey runner

This painted runner give a very chic look to these staircases. The orange accent is a beautiful addition.

Staircases with runner and rope

These very long Staircases showcase a beautiful runner with shades of  beige, tan and chocolate, still showing the rich shiny wooden  steps. The  creative rope option chosen as a handrail  adds functionality and chic to the decor.

Staircases with multicolor runner

Multicolor runner on these traditional staircases- Very unexpected, fun and beautiful!

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Which one is your favorite? Please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Beautiful Staircases Designs!

picture-319Sandrini Scale

It may not lead to heaven but if you design your staircase with some creative thought it can look the part!

A custom built staircase is only limited by the designer’s imagination, and can make use of a wide variety of materials to produce what are often strikingly original forms.

Most of us probably take our staircase for granted and think of it as a simple way to ascend or descend between floors. Stairs usually take center stage at the entrance to our home, so we walk you through the wide range of staircase styles and trends to optimize their performance.

Here are images of fabulous staircases...

Spacesaver Staircase Library

This staircase from London-based Levitate Architects comes even more fascinating than what we’ve seen earlier. So you want something that will help you get organized similar to the Storage In Stairs, but you find yourself too squashed by your massive book collection to move around your house. The Space saver Staircase Library merges the two issues, creating one solution.

DNA staircase designed by Ross Lovegrove

This beautiful staircase is the DNA staircase designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2003 and manufactured by Chistophe Moinat Design. The staircase is made out of bladder-moulded glass fiber and carbon fiber.


I stumbled upon this beauty of  a staircase and started wondering what the codes are for designing a floating staircase.  Most of the pressure is, obviously, in the engineering of the thing, but check out the IRC codes for staircases.


This is a staircase in a Berkeley home, designed by local architect Craig Steely.


A stunning installation of a bespoke staircase and clamped structural glass balustrade in this prestigious fitness centre close to the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre in central London.

Staircase Design - Kelly Hoppen

Light wood staircases Design by Kelly Hoppen


London-based designer thomas heatherwick created this amazing 55 ton steel staircase for the opening of the new longchamps store in new york last year and has since recieved praise from all angles. The construction of the staircase was apparently a logistical nightmare, each of the 17 seperate units having to be installed precisely, stretching up to the ceiling.


Salazar Design majestic staircase

Alexander Gorlin Architects

The public gesture of an open stair leading to the living area above the shop recalls the open loggias of italian houses on piazzas as well as the traditional brownstone stoop, a place for public interaction.


Beautiful sliding staircase in Alex Michaelis ' stylish home

Some staircase designs are so good you must see them twice to appreciate ;-). This design is that good, it cannot be any better. Found in luxury house by Jouin Manku architects.

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Great Renovation tips for your Home


Creating Magic with Accent Lighting...

Accent lighting design can give your space a new life and ensure that your original design intension get carry out properly throughout your space.

When people start a renovation project, usually they are looking at all the exciting elements in the space such as the space function, the finishes, furniture, decorative items and general lighting, but often forget about how Accent Lighting can carry out a magical atmosphere. 

There are so many things you should be aware of when choosing your lighting fixtures. The first question you should ask yourself is:  Where you would like people to look at in a space?  Is it the painting on the wall? Is it the sculpture at the corner of the room? Or the texture of your wall? 

In this project, we have installed accent lighting all along the stairs to dress them up. Those are low voltage wall recessed lighting. They not only provide you enough light for safety but also create an interesting ambience in the stairs hall. 


Accent lighting is a great way to illuminate your stairs without using a traditional ceiling light source which usually will cast a shadow while you walk up and down the stair!!

But most of all, it creates Drama and  Magic for the space! 

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