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The color of your interior wall plays a vital role to keep your peace and happy. The choice of color for your home should not be random as it has a huge impact on human psychology. Choosing a trendy color may give your home fancy look but it is very important to think about the right color that impacts your psychology. 

Orange and yellow color promotes optimism and Purple color develops creativity and problem-solving skill. Likewise, blue color stimulates productivity and provides the sense of security. There are various colors that have their different impact on human psychology. To know more about it, check out our below infographic from the Farthing

Thank you for The Farthing for their great article! 

Feng Shui Wedding: “ The Tradition”

Looking to have a Feng Shui wedding and still following "The Tradition". Feng Shui is this fabulous Asian philosophy that adapts itself to our western traditions and really let us have the best of both worlds.So for your wedding, you can have: 

Something new: Your Bridal Bouquet can affect energy surrounding you in different ways. The colour, the scent and even the shape of the flowers all can have different meanings.



Something old:Be careful with vintage gowns! Feng Shui enthusiasts are aware that previously owned items carry the previous owners energy - that may be fine if you know them but if not ensure your starting with a clean slate by clearing old chi away. Hang the gown up overnight by a bowl of sea salt, walk around the gown several times and ring bells around it, or burn sage close by! 






Something borrowed:"If you borrow something, borrow something blue from someone with a happy marriage and a happy family." The idea is that the energy of that person's happy life will give good energy to you on your wedding day. And by combining the age-old traditions of "something borrowed" with "something blue" (blue is the feng shui color of peace and serenity), you'll promote wedding day feng shui. 






Something blue: Do you always think of Red when you think of Feng Shui? Actually Blue is a fabulous colour for your wedding. Blue offers peace and serenity, so that Blue Garter is probably a really good idea! Every bride could use that extra boost! 



Your family will be happy, even with a  Feng Shui wedding, the traditions that your mothers and grand mothers and generations before have been using for good luck and happiness are still up to date today and we can make them work with Feng Shui.


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