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Beautiful look of Coral in design...

Coral design accessories What is a coral?

A coral is a rocklike deposit consisting of the calcareous skeletons secreted by various anthozoans. Coral deposits often accumulate to form reefs or islands in warm seas.

They can come in red-orange, pinkish, or white colors with a variety of  shades and are used a lot to make jewelry and ornaments.

Adopting the coral look at home is bringing a beautiful natural element from the sea into your interior.

Many designers have used corals in their designs wether natural or man made. They all bring a special architectural or peaceful touch depending of heir size, color  and shapes to the room.

Coral chandelier from Moth Design- Interior Design GHISLAINE VIÑAS

Sculptural lamp in coral shape- Design Amanda Nisbet

Coral Ginger jar- WSHome

Natural shells and corals display

Coral bedding set- WSHome

Coral art work- Design Amanda Nisbet

White Coral chandelier- interior design Hernan Arriaga

Coral accents- Interior design Tobi Fairley

Loving the Coral look? Let me know if you have corals at home or planning to  integrate some in your decor?

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Country Interior Design Style


"Country interior design style is very welcoming and comfortable."

Country interior design is all about lived-in comfort. The emphasis is on natural materials, handcrafted features and time-worn charm. I find it very cozy.

Your color palette can vary widely, but country decorating gets inspiration from the surrounding landscape. That's why you often will see color schemes centered on greens, reds, blues, beige and white to name a few.

The materials and textures you use are key to anchoring this style. Tactile surfaces of wood, wicker weaving, wrought iron, stone, pottery, tin and other natural or earthy materials work well and provide great visual texture as well.

Floral or checked fabric made of simple materials, like cotton and linen, compliment a casual, country style. You can go with more sophisticated silk and damask if you are creating a more refined, "cottage" variation of this style.

While there is a sense of history and age with country decorating, it doesn’t have to always be overly rough-hewn and woodsy. The country style can also be presented in a softly sophisticated way as is the case with French Country style. Speaking of French Country...Toile De Jouy is great fabric to incorporate into this look because it has a decidedly rural, European feel.

Consider soft, fresh colors for your country inspired home. The overall look should bring to mind the long traditions of living in the countryside. Whatever variation of country interior design you choose to create, always remember the end result should look soft and built up over time.


Style Tips:

- Mix floral patterns with checks and stripes for upholstery and fabrics. Don't try to make everything match precisely.

- Use curtains to enhance and soften the windows.

- Incorporate antique furniture or hand-crafted decorative accessories throughout the scheme.

- Natural floors (like wood) work best. Area rugs can be used, but leave some parts of the floor exposed. Wall to wall carpet is not ideal because it doesn’t have that built up, layered look.

- Bead board can be used to create a strong country feel in a space. Consider using it on the walls, ceiling or perhaps just the wall area below a chair rail.

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Have you decorated your home in Country style? Do you think that you are likely to use Country style for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Square, round, oval, free shaped Ottomans!

Interior with square cream leather ottoman by Marie Burgos Design

Ottomans can be used as foot stools to accompany a comfortable armchair, for extra seating, a bedroom bench, or even as a coffee table.

Ottomans come in various sizes, shapes and textures. Some of them are oversized,  but they all most of the time both functional and practical.

Here are some great examples of ottomans.

Which one is your favorite?


In this beautiful interior designed by  Patricia Gray,  an oversized ottoman has been showcased in a beautiful charcoal cashmere fabric. Don't you love the serenity of this design!


A mix of contemporary art, French 40s and 50s furniture with a restrained pallet where the inspirations in creating this interior created by Michael Rosenberg. He used the fabulous Kelly Round Ottoman.


Small square ottoman looks comfortable and very practical at this small study. From Donghia


A master bedroom - the client wanted to use existing furnishings, wanted it chic but not shabby. A dash of old hollywood glamour.. voila! by  Michelle Workman- Very pretty skirt!


Contemporary and geometric, the Skyline Chaise and ottoman are fully upholstered with vogue polished stainless steel sled legs, fixed backs with a loose seat cushion and three lumbar cushions. by Diane Paparo. This is a very contemporary sleek look.


Elegant leather tufted ottoman by Hayes de Fer.


Very pretty ottoman in zebra skin from Phases Africa


Kelly Hoppen signature ottoman in crocodile leather skin.


At 66" Long this long oval ottoman from MGBW is great for fronting a long sofa and adding curves to the space!


Black patent leather upholstery with polished nickel nailhead trim and white finish by Jonathan Adler

Which ones of these ottomans is your favorite ? Do you think that you are likely to buy an ottoman for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment on the Blog!

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Beautiful Libraries and bookshelves designs!


Bookshelves and Libraries are a wonderful place to display everything from collectibles and photographs to books and boxes.

If you happen to be a book lover or a voracious reader, it is likely that you have built up quite a collection of books over the years. Home libraries help you organize your book collection, make it easier to find books and make reading fun and relaxing within the comforts of your home. Here are a few tips to design your home library.

While building a home library the three basic elements required are: space, shelves and books. You can either custom build a new room or choose an existing spacious room to house your books.

Types of Bookshelves: Recessed or built-in bookshelves can provide floor-to-ceiling storage and space savings. You can also mount hanging bookshelves onto the wall or buy glass cases, which might be preferable if your collection includes antique books that you want to preserve. As your bookshelves creep up the wall, you may need a library ladder to reach them.

Library furniture: When considering library furniture, you may want desks if you are writing and taking notes on your reading. Bookstands are also helpful for reading those big volumes that are too heavy to hold up comfortably. You can include overstuffed couches and chairs which will beckon guests to spend a few hours reading.

Library Lighting: When selecting lighting, look for a lamp that will help you see the smallest text you read. The lamp should be positioned over your shoulder, so that the light is not directly in your eyes. This way it will also help to minimize glare. Your lamp should be brighter than the rest of the room. However, all light will eventually damage books, so use it at a minimum.

Library Organization: Finally, a good system of organization will help you find the book you want quickly. You can also decorate bookshelves with personal items, such as photographs and souvenirs which can break up the rows of books visually, and it would also give you room to expand as your collection grows.

Here are some Beautiful Library Design options:


There is a great trend towards diagonal bookshelves. Kelly Wearstler designed this built-in beauty in Viceroy in Santa Monica. Simple lines on a diagonal pattern create visual movement and a bold dark color puncuates this book case.


Chicago photographer Sandro's library in his live/work space


Beautiful Library in a classic Interior Design - House Beautiful


With the Elegance of a Traditional Library comes the  exciting furniture home accents of Stark white chairs and a table.  Eclectic design is at its best when a designer can have the ability to intertwine two contrasting styles and have a result that is refreshing, smart and fun!


A feminine and soft library for the Lady  who has easy access to her favorite books, flowers and family photos!


An urban outlook for this very stylish library!


Oprah's Home Library!!!!!!


Secret' staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights. Limited by space,  English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books. With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome.


Bookshelves divider in Offices - Domino


Bookshelves with Library Ladders - Ikea


Library with mezzanine and spiral staircases. Grandiose!

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Which one of these library is your favorite? Please let me know about it by leaving a comment on the Blog!


Designing with CHOCOLATE color!


Design your home by dipping it into chocolate, warm browns with toasty overtones that delight the senses and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Interior decorating trends are warming up to chocolate. Rich mochas, dusty cocoas, and deep coffee shades are cropping up in homes, bringing a depth to pallets that had previously been rather cool or just beige...

Banish any idea that dark walls make for a dark, dull room. Darker walls create a more sophisticated atmosphere. And don't be afraid to use a strong color in a small area.


Interior by david Hicks

To balance dark chocolate walls, bring in neutral upholstery, lamps, and accessories. This approach keeps the space from feeling too closed in. Crisp cream colors are a welcome contrast against the chocolate brown.

Here crisp white and a fun mustard color are paired with the chocolate walls in Amanda Nisbet Design

When you decide to bring darker colors into your home its important to counter this with some contrasting colors. Imagine how beautiful a living room or bedroom of rich chocolate browns could be with white accessories and accents. A few simple additions in dove grey or a lighter bisque color can really make a dramatic statement.


Sulky Chocolate Brown walls envelop this beautiful bed in a softness and warmth. It is just so inviting!

In this dining area all the dark brown walls that provide such coziness are Bittersweet Chocolate by Ben Moore, in case you were wondering!

The color brown and its lighter cousins in tan, taupe, beige, or cream make excellent backgrounds helping accompanying colors appear richer, brighter. Use brown to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall and winter color. It is more casual than black.

Interior by Marie Burgos Design

Here in one of my designs , I have used different shades of browns from deep chocolate brown to lighter browns, bronze and tans.

Chocolate brown kitchen cabinetry

Thanks to Brandon Barre Photography: Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen! Chocolate brown stained kitchen cabinets shelves and coffee bar, white marble countertops, nickel fixtures, black iron lantern pendant lights, French doors, black crystal chandelier, white dining table with cabriole legs, French dining chairs and soft gray walls.

Another way to bring out the richness of chocolate browns is to add natural pieces such as plants.

Once your design is done, just curl up in your favorite sofa with a nice cup of hot thick italian hot chocolate and enjoy the rich warmth of your home design.

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Have you used chocolate paint in your home? Do you think that you are likely to use chocolate color in your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

The White floor design effect!

White floor living room- Design by Marie Burgos Design by Marie Burgos

So many NYC apartments come with old and ugly parquet floors, painting them white or black is a really great option.

The rooms feel so fresh, clean, and bright. White floors are so bright and airy and cheerful. They also really help bounce the light around and give a feeling of space.

Here are some fabulous rooms with white floors.

white floor living room design



White floor kitchen design



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Do you like white floors in design? Do you think that you are likely to use style for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Designing with animal prints: The Zebra Look!

If you love animal prints or have an exotic theme to your room, an animal print rug can, piece of furniture or accent can be the finishing touch that really brings the feel of that theme to the room.

Animal print is a fun accent in a room, but it can be overpowering if you use too much. Just as you would not wear an all animal print outfit, you should not overpower your room with animal print either.



1- Animal print carpet or rugs are a popular choice for eclectic, transitional, and contemporary homes. Zebra rugs are especially popular in black and white rooms. If you have animal print carpet, you should have few, if any, other prints in the room. Do NOT do any other animal print in the room.


2- An animal print or faux fur ottoman is another sophisticated choice. Make sure you pair it with a solid colored sofa or bed cover. Here beautiful apricot drapes and wall accent make a statement.


3- Upholstering an accent chair in animal print is a fun addition to a room. Since it is sure to draw attention, make sure it is not competing for attention with other items in the room.


4- For just a touch of animal print, consider using an animal print or faux fur pillow. The pillow can go on a chair, on a bed, or on the floor for kids to lay on while watching TV.

So could a touch of zebra be used somewhere in your home?

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Do you own any zebra style piece in your home? Do you think that you are likely to get a zebra accent for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Classical Interior Design style


"Visual balance is the key to a classical interior design style."

With a nod to the architecture and imagery of the Greek and Roman empires, classical interior design is based on order, symmetry and balance.

A primary element in classical style is the use of a focal point around which visual balance is achieved. A grand, marble fireplace flanked on either side by matching, gilded light sconces and crowned with an elaborate, gold framed mirror would be good example of classical balance. Imagine if the arrangement were split down the middle, one half of the arrangement would essentially be a copy of the other half.

The color palette common to classical interior design style takes it cue from the empire periods of history where color choices were often inspired by nature. Consider various yellows, blues, greens, browns as well as softer, muted hues like terracottas, grays and pinks. Adding some ebony (black) accenting within a well-planned design scheme can enhance the classical feel.

The use of classical ornamentation can additionally serve to anchor a room in the classical style. Common classical motifs (reoccurring images) include Roman and Greek inspired columns, busts and urns. Obelisks and other Egyptian inspired design elements might also be used. An ancient motif can be injected into the design through decorative accessories or as a carefully stenciled pattern on the walls, for example. There are also wallpaper borders available with strong classical design elements.

Fabrics used in classical interior design style tend to be elegant but reserved - quiet strength in a very ordered space. Cotton, canvas and velvet are some common examples. If you want to punch it up a bit, try some less reserved options like silk or taffeta.

Natural flooring of wood, stone or marble works best in the classically styled environment. It makes sense. It's what you would have seen during the Greek and Roman periods, right?

Style tips:

- Focus on symmetry. This is key. Make each side of the room's focal point balance visually.

- The use of broad stripes works well. Consider vertical, tone-on-tone stripes on the walls or the draperies.

- Create geometric patterns within stone or marble tile flooring.

- Define a space with a large, natural fiber area rug bounded by a classically inspired pattern - like a Greek key design, for example.

- When accenting with whites, choose off-white if you want to stay in keeping with a more authentic classical color palette. Choose bright white if you want a slightly more contemporary feel instead.

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Have you decorated your home in a Classic style? Do you think that you are likely to use Classic style pieces or ideas for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Arts and crafts Interior Design style


"Arts and Crafts Style brings together clean lines and fine craftsmanship."

Arts and crafts style interior design revolves around finely crafted furniture and interior features - usually of wood.

In the United States, a variation of this style that became popular through the years is called Mission Style.

Arts and Crafts interior elements feature prominent straight lines and a lack of excessive embellishment seen in some other traditional and classic styles. The careful craftsmanship of materials often provides a hint of native culture, particularly in the Mission Style variation which gives a nod to Spanish influence.

Geometric forms of stained glass-like mica establish a strong sense of Arts and Crafts when used for lamp shades, windows or panel inserts in cabinetry.

This style is versatile enough to work within a traditional or transitional environment.


Style Tips:

-Look for wooden furniture featuring a series of square, vertical slats and simple construction.

- Consider an area rug or an accent fabric with a native, southwestern motif. It works well with this style

- Choose a brown based color palette for the more authentic look of Arts and Crafts, or opt for a more contemporary color scheme to convey a less literal look - like the bedroom shown here.

- Add Tiffany style lamps, especially those with pyramidal or rectilinear shades.

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Have you decorated your home in Art and Craft style? Do you think that you are likely to use Art & craft style accents for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Tuscan Interior Design style


"Tuscan interior design recalls the good life of a golden age."

Tuscan interior design evokes the sun-kissed fields and vineyards of Italy. It’s a warm, old world look that makes you feel instantly at home.

Maybe that’s why it’s a favorite of so many people who choose it as their dominant interior style. The good news is you can enjoy Tuscan style even if you don’t live near the Mediterranean.

Tuscan interior design style ranges from quite rustic to splendidly refined. You get to choose how to represent it.

Natural Elements

The inclusion of natural elements plays a key role in this old world interior style. A stone fireplace or accent feature can provide a perfect focal point.

Hardwood or stone tile covered floors complement the Tuscan look. Using wood beams overhead further establishes the atmosphere.

Warm Colors

What is the color palette of Tuscany? Think luscious vineyards, golden grain fields, rich olive groves and ancient stone walls. Golden crèmes, browns, olive green tones and wine hues are always good choices to evoke the sunny pastoral surroundings.

Almost as important as the paint color is the finish you choose. Aim for a look that reminds you of stucco or Venetian plaster. This can be accomplished through a variety of faux paint finishes. It will give much better visual depth to the color and make your whole Tuscan scheme feel more authentic and gracefully aged.


Metal Detailing

Wrought iron and other scrolled metals are key ingredients in a successful Tuscan interior design. Look for tables and chairs of decorative metal construction or perhaps a romantic bed frame of elaborate wrought iron. You can impart this style element by your choice of wall décor and lighting fixtures as well.

Old World Accessories

Consider rounding out your Tuscan interior design style with decorative items that reference an old world past. Displaying a decorative Roman column or bust, for example, can be a great choice.

An arched mirror or a collection of arched wall art is an excellent choice as well. The arch shape is a common feature in Tuscan architecture. Using arches within your décor is a great way to reinforce the Tuscan theme.

Classical period urns and vases are a must-have when it comes to Tuscan décor. Whether elaborate or rustic, you’ll love how these old world pieces really set the mood.


Other Tips:

- Consider displaying a woven tapestry for added Tuscan style effect in your space.

- Bring the sunny fields of Tuscany inside through the use of fresh flower and fruit displays.

- For a new twist on the style, try incorporating a group of black and white or sepia-toned photography in your wall decor. The classic appearance of the photos will connect to the rest of the space, but arranged on the wall in a quadrant or geometric pattern, the collection will have a more up-to-date and refreshing effect.

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Have you decorated your home in Tuscan style? Do you think that you are likely to use Tuscan style for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!