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Feng Shui for your Hotel Room

Make your hotel or  vacation stay wonderful with these Easy tips!

You may have heard of using FENG SHUI  to design a home, but did you know its principles can also be used to promote a positive flow of energy during your vacation or business trip?


1- Open the windows when you first walk in to let fresh air into the room. Getting the air moving is a great way to clear any stagnant “Chi” or “energy" left by the previous occupants.

2- Unpack your luggage right away and keep it out of site. This will promote a more settled feeling inside the room. And will let you start focusing on the activities you want to do and not the length of your stay.

3-  Take a hot shower to allow the hot water to flow good Chi energy onto you. Using a lavender soap can also chase away any built up stress or tension gathered during your trip.

4- Display photos of your family on the night stand. This will make you feel comfortable and keep you in connection with your loved ones.

5-Bringing your own scented candles and burning them while you are in the room can induce calmness and serenity through aromatherapy. You can also use incense. This will soothe your psyche and bring a feeling of relaxation.

6- In Feng Shui, bathrooms are associated with financial loss. Be sure to keep the bathroom door closed at all times to prevent this especially on a business trip.

7- Display some scarves or fabrics you love to brighten up your hotel room and bring a bit of your personality in. Having a red shawl or red piece of fabric with you is also a great way to bring a very auspicious outcome to your transactions if you are on a business trip. Red is the luckiest color in Feng Shui.

8- Hang a scarf over the TV, any mirror facing your bed or images that are not pleasing to you. This will help you have a restful sleep and cut down on the reflective surfaces in the room.

9- Move the phone and alarm clock away from your ears while you sleep by putting them on the floor. This will ensure you are not abruptly awakened.

10- Bring herbal tea with you. Most hotels offer a coffee pot, you can use this to heat water and settle in each night with a cup of hot tea. While curled up with your tea, take a few moments to meditate on the sights, sounds, and tastes of the day.

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The elegance of Arches in Design

There are natural arches like this one from the National Park in Utah

There are ancient and historical arches like these Oman Mosque Marble Arches

Designers and architects also use nature and history to bring or showcase the most exquisite elements to an interior. Arches represent a very architectural home attribute that brings elegance, grandeur and really  uniqueness to a space. There are many styles of arches. They are used in corridors, door entrances and even windows.

Here are some interesting styles and shapes that I trust you will enjoy as much as I do.

These window arches are beautifully dressed with a heavy silky drapes, creating a very luxurious dining room look.

Dining room arch - Design Nathan Turner

This arch opens on a very intimate little dining room. So pretty!

Love this Moroccan window arch style. It is definitely a view on an paradisiac space. A 5 star style bathroom!

A continuity of small door arches are present throughout the whole home here. This is a beautiful Spanish style home.

This master bedroom is filled with beautiful English antiques and breezy, sunny fabrics. The arched doors were added to give easy access to the outdoors. This property is the historical Maddox House in Barbados. Photo via Cote de Texas

Very beautiful moldings dresses up these room entrances giving them a very elegant classic look. Wouldn't you want the same treatment applied to your home doors?

Bathroom with Oriental style Arch - Jeffers Design Group

This all pink Bathroom Design showcases an arch making me dream about the "Tales from the Thousand and One Nights"

Beautiful arch with wraparound pilasters to accentuate the classic look of that pretty living room.

Relaxing living room setting flanked by  a whole wall of arched windows in the most victorian fashion. Just stunning!

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