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Dramatic painted floor designs!

Painted floors are an interesting and artistic  way to spruce up an old room.  Forget re-finishing your floors. Use  stripes, solids, geometric, and organic designs. They look fabulous painted on wooden floors.  You can do everything from a shabby, organic look to a crisp, geometric paint job.   A traditional stripe or diamond looks great, but you can also branch out to do a fun design for a kids’ room or kitchen.  Below are some beautiful examples of rooms designed with painted floors. Look at this breathtaking floor! Dean Barger painted this floor for Eric Cohler. This striking room is "living" proof that a painted floor can be an elegant alternative for transforming a space.

 Dean Barger painted this floor for Eric Cohler design

Mary McDonald made this soft blue and white bathroom a little bit jazzier with a zig zag blue and white pattern. I adore this bathroom.

zig zag blue and white pattern floor by Mary McDonald

Nancy Bozhardt, genius that she is, used different stains to pattern this gorgeous floor.

Painted Floor by Nancy Bozhardt

Beautiful and fun! This Kitchen blue painted floor from Coastal Living

Kitchen blue painted floor

Nautical style painted floor from Coastal Living

Nautical style painted floor

A turquoise high gloss painted wood floor is the highlight of the beach kitchen and eat in dining area or breakfast nook. Two surfboards serve as decoration in the dining area featuring an striped yellow and white upholstered banquet and a round table.

Turquoise high gloss floor

Very pretty drawing room with checker board floor painted in pastel colors.

Turquoise high gloss floor

Interior design with painted floors by Joel Woodard

Painted floor - Interior design Joel Woodard

The gallery features a bench byJohn Rosselli Antiques and Decorations and a leather-covered door trimmed with silver nailheads; the floor is painted in a faux-marble pattern, and the walls are lacquered Yves Klein-blue.

Marble style Painted floor -Elle Decor

The shop's interior (featured in this excellent Color Therapy post at Apartment Therapy) is alone worth the visit. The custom-painted chevron floor is a show stopper.

 custom-painted chevron floor

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Which one of these painted floor is your favorite? Do you think that you are likely to use this style for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!