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Kitchen Feng Shui Design Dos & Donts

picture-111 In most cultures, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

The kitchen brings the family together. This is where the family gather to catch up on the news of the day, where kids do their homework on kitchen table, where a close neighbor will drop by for a chat. Also cooking can be a space for real celebration for holiday preparations with the family and friends.

The kitchen represents the health and wellness of a family. Food prepared in the The kitchen nourishes us, and the kitchen also provides a place for nurturing family connections

The kitchens also represent a family’s prosperity. The Chinese relate the nourishing power of the stove to the ability of family members to earn money.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house.

The kitchen is dominated by the elements of Fire and Water. Those elements are incompatible so it is important to take care of positioning of your appliances, color of your walls and backsplash as well as keeping any clutter under control.

Here are some great Feng Shui tips to help you design the best kitchen for great health and abundance.


1- Cook in the “Command Position”. This means from a place where you can see the front door and be in the control of your kitchen space. Ideally when standing at your stove you should see people coming in the kitchen. If you don’t, install a reflective surface such as a shiny backsplash above your stove.

2- Have your kitchen design based on a traditional triangle model, with the sink, refrigerator and range making up each point of the triangle. There should be a 6- to 8- foot distance between each appliance. This allows for maximum convenience and a minimum of repeated moves.

3- Take good care of your stove by keeping it clean and in perfect working condition. It represents wealth.  And using all the burners helps attract money from multiple sources.

4- Keep the refrigerator and freezer full of healthy food to demonstrate the prosperity of your home. And place a bowl of fresh fruits on the kitchen table is a symbol of good health and vitality.

5- Consider incorporating the color green or some greenery into your kitchen scheme. Fresh flowers and plants bring the message of vitality and life to a kitchen, which is not only esthetically pleasing but symbolically beneficial as well.


1- Paint your kitchen with red, pink or purple. These are "fire" colors, and can portend arguments, so if you and your spouse tend to fight in the kitchen, see if the wall or floor color might have something to do with this.

2- Keep too many utensils on your kitchen countertops so that the Chi can flow freely and nourish your home.

3- Keep out of date cans, package goods, preserves in your cabinets and food from your refrigerator that has been there too long. It reduces the energy level of your home and affects health.

4- Clutter your kitchen with utensils and small appliances. Keep those out of sight. Having all outside on your countertops disrupt the chi flow making it slower and lethargic.

5- Keep broken appliances even if it means living without a toaster at all for a while, it's better to have no toaster than one that doesn't work very well.

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Advantages of Applying Feng Shui in Your Life


Many people are fascinated with Feng Shui and with many good reasons. While others generally believe that it is just some oriental superstitious set of paradigms on interior design (but that is just part of the extensive definition for Feng Shui), the Feng Shui that we know now is actually comprised of various schools of learning and incorporates the different cultures under which it is housed. The good thing about the different options pertaining to Feng Shui is that even the layman can actually be able to understand and apply it immediately in their homes without having to spend too much. And apart from that, there are other advantages that only Feng Shui can bring if you can actually open up your mind to try it.

Advantage Number 1: It brings balance to one’s life. 

Have you ever found yourself completely overburdened with clutter and unnecessarily stressed out of your wits? Chances are, you are suffering from a visual imbalance of some sort in your surroundings. Now, the best way to introduce some sense of balance is by incorporating elements that provide you with a sense of control in the outer balance of things. If you are able to get some semblance of balance even in things as menial as your furniture, you are bound to find balance in other aspects equally manageable. 

Advantage Number 2: It helps you become more mindful of the little things

Mindfulness in the little things can actually be a good thing. Some of us tend to be heavily focused on the big things of life that even the minor details like home arrangement and office ergonomics no longer come to play. When these “minor” aspects of life continue to take a backseat, they tend to accumulate and produce a very stressful environment which can add up to other problems and worries of life.

Advantage Number 3: It opens up possibilities of meeting new people

Meeting new people is another bonus of being a Feng Shui enthusiast. When you are applying Feng Shui, chances are, you will be able to find another person within your social network who likes the same stuff and can even help you expand your knowledge on Feng Shui, no matter how limited it is to begin with. 

Advantage Number 4: It gives a fresh perspective on things

At any given time, a fresh perspective is always welcome. This positive perspective can invite changes for the better. A new way of looking at home arrangement, for example, may actually serve to benefit you in the long run. The fresh perspective brought about by Feng Shui can actually bring about an enrichment of one’s mind.

Advantage Number 5: It invites prosperity and success

The main objective of Feng Shui is to invite all the good things to one’s life. Prosperity and success can be more easily within reach and a positive disposition may be expected if Feng Shui is practiced well. 

Advantage Number 6: It has aesthetic appeal

On top of all the enumerated benefits of Feng Shui, the best would probably be its beauty. The physical appeal of a well-decorated home, interspersed with good Feng Shui techniques, is actually something that you can call a personal heritage that can transcend generations and promote beauty in all aspects, including design of the home and the office.


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Feng Shui Basics: The history




For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui masters have studied environments and their impact on people.  Knowing the elements of nature and the stresses of modern life, they have learned to create harmonious environments which, by their design, foster the best possible health, wealth and relationships.


The purpose of Feng Shui is to create an environment that supports you in getting what you want in life.  When you are in harmony with your environment, things happen easily. On the other hand, when we are out of balance, we often have the feeling that we can't seem to get ahead.  As a result of Feng Shui, people report that income increases, health, sleep and romantic life improve.  Generally, they feel a sense of heightened well-being and enthusiasm for life.


Feng Shui is about balancing the natural energy, called Ch'I, in your space.  When nature is balanced, life flourishes.  Therefore, Feng Shui uses the five Chinese traditional natural elements––Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood––in varying combinations to create a balanced and healthy environment.

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Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: Accessorize with flair!

No design is complete without beautiful accessories.


Using a few bold looking accents in shape and texture will give a feel of grandeur and character to your room. It is also better to use a nice big statement  and give a clean elegant look using one accessory than several little pieces that actually create clutter. 


Using the whole height of the room is important to give a wider visual. Your window treatments should start at the ceiling, your closet should use all height, your accessories help by being long tall ones rather than just wide.

Pay attention to pictures and objects in your surrounding. All your artwork has to be supportive of your goals or of your ideal life or inspirational to you.  If you are looking to attract a relationship for example, avoid having photos and pictures of  a single man or woman. Display couples or art that represents romance or unity to you instead  And only have what you absolutely love around you so you make sure your view is always pleasing to you and that there is no bad feelings holding you back. 



Finally, always introduce moving and leaving things like plants, water fountains, mobiles. They always make great accents and add life and personality to your space. 

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Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: Use lighting creatively!

Lighting is a major factor for creating a spacious look. Well lit rooms will always look bigger that darker ones. 







Natural Light:  

The best lighting is natural light. So if your home has large windows and lots of light, you want to make sure you preserve this natural life. Choose sheer curtains and light window treatment for more natural light. 





Artificial Light: 

 Artificial light is also good. You can use a combination of ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and tasks lamps. Those are really great for creating an ambiance.

Proper lighting helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

Now days, we have dimmers, soft lighting, full spectrum light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs. 


In this example, a simple pendant is used several times to create a very architectural look.




An up lighting like this flood light located on the floor also creates drama and character to a space by grazing the brick wall at the back of the sofa.  






So lots of options are possible with lighting. It is a way of creating great energy and a sort of magic because it enhances colors.


Light Enhancers:  

Mirrors are also great light enhancers as they reflect every bit of light you get. The light bounces on them to create more space. They are esthetically appealing, they make rooms and especially corridors look wider and they support your life. According to Feng Shui, they bring great energy. In fact, a mirror represents the water element in Feng Shui. It supports your journey and your career. Imagine a beautiful river that brings in new opportunities such as a new job, new connections or relationship in your life...

Also use Crystals for displays by your windows or even chandeliers. They diffuse beautiful rays of light when hit by light and sun. 


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Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: Set up the mood with color!

Color not only brings personality to a space but color also improve your home energy. 

The most important thing there is to know is: only use colors you love! 

They can be applied to your walls, your soft furnishing, and your furniture in various shades. 

They can be vivid or subtle, applied on whole surfaces or as accents in little object. If you are not sure which colors to apply, choose a favorite object, or go in your closet and see what color you wear that make you happy and use it as a guide.

For your home design, you can adopt different color options to create different feels.


Choosing light and pastel cool colors will make a space feel bigger. The space will feel more open and free from dark corners. The light colors are blues, greens and whites. 

You can choose to create a simple theme using monochromatic colors to help make the space feel bigger. Using the same color or shades for your walls and furniture will give a feel of continuity and wont make a break that will accentuate the proportions of the room. 




With Feng Shui, you will discover that certain colors are more beneficial to certain areas of your home and life.

Red, White, Pink, peach are marriage and romance colors.  

Green, Purple, Red and Gold are the colors of prosperity and abundance

Black and blue are for career and knowledge


Yellow, white and orange are for creativity and children.


Green and brown support family relations


Health is supported by green and blue


Every color has a meaning so they really need to be used accordingly. For more information on Interior Design and Feng Shui and to book a consultation, email or call 917-353-9149  

Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: Indulging in comfort!

Comfort can be find in shapes, in textures and throughout the space lay out.

Designing your space in Feng Shui style means to promote the feeling of calm and relaxation.

A fundamental part of practicing Feng Shui is balancing the opposing forces yin and yang. 

Yin is female, dark and passive, while yang is seen as everything male, bright, and positive.  The Tai Chi symbol shows the unity of yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other.






In the home, yin and yang must be balanced for perfect harmony. In your living area, for example, you need to balance hard yang items such as hardwood tables, mirrors, and glass vases with soft yin pillows, curtains, throws, and rugs. If you have too many yin or yang accessories, there will be an energy imbalance. 



 2- Also more circular, rounded and wavy shapes suggest comfort in the space. So you want to make sure you pair clean square and rectangular lines with some curves to soften and balance a look.  Circular shapes bring intimacy, softness and comfort to a space.




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Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: Creating the prefect layout!- Part 2



Creating the perfect layout in a small or a large apartment involves the same main rules. The objective is to create a practical, bright, inviting and comfortable space. 


As an Interior Designer, I follow very strict guidelines that even the most famous designers use.


One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is, "My home needs help. Nothing feels pulled together!" The reason is simple: Most people aren't aware of the importance of balance when it comes to interior design and Feng Shui. They may obsess about finding the perfect paint, the furniture style that truly represents their personality, or the fabric that will wear best on their sofas and chairs. And yet, it never occurs to them that adding pairs to their house or apartment will make the space feel less chaotic.

Every room looks better and feels more balanced if it is decorated with matching pairs.

Often, in magazines, best looking designs are the ones which are balanced with 2 lamps, 2 chairs, pillows by pair. This creates harmony. 

Balance goes toward creating a more Zen-like environment.

Also a larger piece of furniture instead of several smaller pieces create that vision of a larger space. You can for instance use a large L shape sofa in a cool color matching your walls in place of small seats displayed at different places in the room. It will give this more organized and wider  feel to the room. A bigger piece of furniture really anchor the room.

So wether it is for entertaining or for yourself,you want to make sure you are creating this perfect layout. It will really help you be comfortable in your space, finding it not only beautiful  but also practical.


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Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: Creating the prefect layout!- part 1




Here is the NY dream loft apartment! If you have lots of space, like here. You can definitely have great Feng Shui and flow of energy by having each room designed for one function. So you would emphasize each area of your life with Feng Shui.

For instance: Your bedroom can be supporting your romance and marriage area, Your kitchen can support health and prosperity, your living area can support family, your entrance will support career and opportunities.

But of course, not everyone has a huge apartment especially in NYC. Lots of people live in smaller spaces such as one bedroom apartments, studios or even a single room.




For smaller spaces, a great way to define areas and help with designing your perfect lay out is to use partitions, book shelves or consoles so you are not constricted. 

It creates a beautiful look with a view and helps the chi energy circulate around.


Also for creating a perfect layout and get the support from Feng Shui, furniture should never be pushed up against the walls.

For some reason lots of people think that they create more space when stacking their furniture against the walls. Actually, they block the Chi energy, usually add clutter in the center of the room to fill it up and the space lacks of defined areas. 

Depending on how you place your furniture, you help or block the Chi energy circulate around the room. By having your furniture in the wrong place, you might block new opportunities to come into your life. 


You want to create a conversational area, a working area, a relaxing area or this play area... you always dreamt of.

Also, creating separate areas when displaying your seating and furniture are always a great way to raise the energy level and the harmony of your space.


To be continued...


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Marie Burgos Feng Shui Design Tips: How to conquer clutter?




As a Feng Shui expert and Interior Designer, I always advise people to first define how they see their ideal life, then I help them with setting up a home that is supportive of their goals and desires. 

Wether you live in a single room or a big house, the rules for making your space bright and inviting and comfortable and reflecting your personality and type of life are the same.


Throughout all my designs, I use Feng Shui to bring space enhancements that help you embrace the place you live in. So this space corresponds to who you want to be and how you want to live.

I have put together some great designer tips to design your home with Feng Shui that you will discover in the next few days so stay tune!

Conquer Clutter

What is clutter? Clutter is this thing that creates blockages in our  NY homes and prevent the Chi energy to nourish your home and life.

Clutter in any part of the home slows down the energy flow and creates chaos that affects all the family, but when it is stored in certain areas it can have a particularly detrimental effect.

You must keep the entrance of your home clear of any clutter. It is called the mouth of Chi. It should have lots of light and be open to welcome chi.


A cluttered room is a sure sign that Chi energy is stuck so the people living in that space are certainly missing out on life opportunities. Also, clutter creates confusion, stress and  can even affect your health. Clutter also make you loose time and everyone knows that time is money.

The thing with clutter leaves no room for opportunities. So get organized!

The benefits: your space is more inviting and nice to live in. It is spacious, energetic, well organized, stream lined. The chi energy circulates much better and goes around your space to nourish all your home and create life opportunities.

A small room will always look bigger the less clutter you have displayed so ensure you get organized. 

 It is important to get rid of things you do not longer use, need  or love. And give them away or sell them. 

Once you have cleared up the space, they are lots of ways to control clutter. 

1-Organizing closets and cabinets with baskets and small boxes, only keeping the necessary are also helpful ways to get clutter free. Having sliding doors in front of armoires or open storage to put away the maximum items. 

2- Having furniture with double functions like a table with large drawers for storage.  

3- Using transparent furniture or accessories. For instance, You can choose a  glass coffee tables which gives the vision that there is more space in your room.



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