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Nature inspired rooms designs

Nature inspired room

Many modern interior design trends are taking something for themselves from the history. Everything is changing but some things are staying the same - in fashion and in home design, in all trends. One of those elements is using colors and ornaments that are inspired by nature.

I have selected for you very pretty rooms all infused with nature…

soft blue flower wallpaper

This delicate wallpaper and light blue flowery bed cover makes  soft statement by

Bedroom with bird wallpaper

Turquoise tables and lamps along with blue curtains give this bedroom added personality and flair. Love that bird wallpaper! -Domino

Light pink bedroom with nature inspired wallpaper

Light pink bedroom with nature inspired wallpaper

Vibrant dining room with a green and nature theme

Vibrant dining room with a green bamboo theme

Asian theme bedroom

Very pretty Cherry blossom bedroom theme

Anne French bedroom design

Anne French bedroom design via House of Turquoise


Hotel Selenza in Madrid via LaDolceVita

Turquoise and green design

Nature look in Turquoise and green

Dining room nature mural

Dining room nature mural

Bedroom design by Amanda Nisbet

Bedroom design by Amanda Nisbet

Nature wallpaper- Design by Erin Valencia

Design by Erin valencia

Nature inspired Wallpaper

Nature inspired Wallpaper- Just beautiful!

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Don't you love this nature inspired rooms? Which one is your favorite?

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5 Feng Shui Elements

picture-15 See how the five feng shui elements can bring balance to your space and life.

Feng shui divides the world into five elements (not four, the way the Western world does). The elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you have a room that doesn't feel quite right, balancing the elements can make it more comfortable. Each element has its own qualities (including color and texture), and the theory of balancing elements can be used in a yard, home or office.

Incorporate all five elements into every room design, enhancing specific elements according to your unique goals. Each element invokes a different mood, creating a customized space that's beneficial for your personality and goals.

Using the five elements in design can be confusing, so let's get started with the basics.

Wood Wood harnesses the power of creativity and expansion, while representing traits such as growth, birth, strength, flexibility and intuition. Too much wood can make you feel overwhelmed, rigid, stubborn and inflexible, whereas too little can show up as a lack of creativity or depression, ambivalence and stagnancy.

When adding the wood element to a room, look for the following types of objects

fresh and silk flowers

plants and trees

cotton or natural fabrics

wood furniture

When designing with the wood element, use shapes that mimic the vertical, column-like shape of tree trunks and the softness of leaves and flowers. Like the leaves and sky, wood's colors are green and blue.

Use the fire element to inspire bold design and creativity.

Fire Increase enthusiasm and leadership skills by maximizing the fire element. Use this element in design to encourage expressiveness, inspiration and boldness. When there is an overabundance of fire, it can show itself as anger, aggression, irritability and impulsive behavior, whereas too little can show up as emotional coldness, lack of vision, inexpressiveness and a lack of self-esteem.

To increase the fire element in your space, add:

candles, incandescent lights and sunlight

any shade of red, pink or purple

electronic equipment

animal prints

To help you remember fire's qualities, think of the red-hot, fiery sun, as well as the fiery energy of people and animals.

Balance your space with the earth element.

Earth Earth affects physical strength and order, while generating an overall feeling of grounding, balance and stability. When there is an overabundance of earth in a space, people will often notice a heavy sensation and experience more boredom, sluggishness and seriousness. When there is too little earth, people may feel disorganized, chaotic and unfocused.

To bring in the element, look for:

anything in earth tones (brown, green or sand)

square and rectangular shapes

low, flat surfaces

images of landscapes

Think of all the warm colors of the earth, the square or rectangular shapes of earthen tiles and the long, flat horizontal lines of an earthy landscape.

The metal element creates a logical, focused atmosphere.

Metal Metal affects mental clarity and logic. The presence of metal within a room or home can be felt in emotional characteristics like organization, focus, righteousness and analytical abilities. When surrounded with too much metal, you can be seen as chatty, overly critical and speaking without thinking. When there is too little metal, you may notice a feeling of cautiousness, quietness and lack of focus.

When enhancing a space with metal, look for:

round or oval shapes

anything made of metal, like steel, iron, aluminum, gold or silver

rocks and stones

white, grey, silver or light pastel colors

Remember the rounded shape of a wedding band and the light tones of metal.

Create a spiritual and inspiring space with water elements.

Water Water's domain includes spirituality and the emotions. A balance of water brings about inspiration, wisdom and insightfulness. Too much water can create the feeling of unbalanced transition and the sense that you are drowning, emotionally. It can make you feel overwhelmed and overly social. When there is too little water, you may experience a lack of sympathy, loneliness, isolation, stress and pettiness.

Look for or add these types of objects when learning about the water element:

the color black or any deep, dark tones

reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or gazing balls

wavy, free-form or asymmetrical shapes

water or water features, such as aquariums or fountains

To help you remember, think of the deep, dark, glistening ocean and the movement and shape of the waves hitting the shore.

Pulling It Together

Lesson #1: Many Elements Within One Object

Now that you understand the basic characteristics of each element, keep in mind one more thing: The objects in your home very often have several elements reflected within each of them. For example, a red flowerpot full of white tulips would represent four of the five elements. The red pot represents fire, the clay pot itself is earth, the flowers represent wood and the white of the tulips are metal.

Lesson #2: Arranging Elements

A fun way to begin playing with the arrangement of elements is to start small on an entry table or a dresser in your bedroom. Add your red flowerpot of tulips, plus a few other items, like a mirror for water and an arrangement of polished stones for metal. There are limitless combinations that you can use, but notice how wonderful these arrangements feel when all the elements are present in the design.

If you want to tackle an entire room, start by noticing and labeling all the objects within a space. If you find yourself using a specific room less than others or avoiding it altogether, the elemental balance may need some adjusting. Especially be on the lookout for rooms that are made up of only one or two elements, but are missing the rest. By adding in objects that represent those missing elements, you’ll be well on your way to creating a balanced and inviting room.

Play and adjust until you've created an arrangement that feels amazing. This delicate dance is a fascinating tool you can use or the rest of your life to help create beautiful and inviting spaces wherever you go!

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The power of plants and flowers in your home 


1. Plants are auspicious from the point of feng shui. It is always good to grow plants in the house, especially wooded plants. 

2. Plants in the office also bring about increased luck in your career. Place plants in the east, south or south-east corners (Family area, Wealth area and Fame area of the Bagua energy map)of your office for maximum luck. 

3. If you are a married couple and want children, avoid putting flowers in the bedroom. Instead, place a basket of fruits in your bedroom. Fruits, especially pomegranates, are a symbol of fertility. 

4. Don't place thorny plants inside your home. Thorny plants do form a protective shield, and could be placed outside the home. Don't place them too near the front door. They could be placed a little further away from the door, or in the balcony. 

5. Don't place bonsai plant inside or outside the home. They represent stunted growth. 

6. Trim your plants regularly. Overgrown plants promote bad energy. Similarly, trim trees in your garden regularly. Don't let them overwhelm your house. 

7. Fresh flowers bring luck and fortune in your home. Place fresh flowers in your living room on a regular basis. However, once they die, throw them out. Don't leave dying flowers in your home. 

8. Avoid placing dried flowers in your house. They are believed to bring misfortune. Artificial flowers are a far preferable option and are believed to bring luck. 

9. Do not place any flowers or any other auspicious feng shui symbol in the bathroom. The good luck will backfire and turn into bad luck. 

10. Ever noticed lemons hanging on the entrances of shops in Hindu artwork? They are believed to ward off the evil eye, according to Hindu superstitious beliefs. Similarly, oranges and lemons are believed to be powerful symbols of fortune, and bring prosperity to the home. They should be placed at the entrance. 


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Want more “Wow “ factor in Your Interior Design? Use a Wall Fountain!


If you are looking for a way to include the “wow” factor in your complete home design, nothing says “Wow” like an indoor wall fountain. Obviously, anyone visiting your home will immediately be drawn to the fountain. It will be the sound of soft, trickling water that will lead them to the fountain.

There may be no better way to relieve stress than to sit and listen to the sounds of water rushing over your wall fountain. The convenience of having a wall fountain will be a genuine consideration since you may enjoy it anytime that you want. With wall fountains, there is no problem with floor space or table space since the wall fountain, by definition, will be mounted on a wall.

A wall fountain can be put just about anywhere including the living room or foyer. Since there are many types of indoor wall fountains on the market, you can rest assured that there is a model that will fit your tastes or style. By far the simplest fountains to install are resin wall fountains since they are very lightweight. Resin is also a very durable material that can be used both inside was well as outside since it can withstand most weather conditions. Resin and fiberglass wall fountains are the best choices when you are dealing with walls that may not be strong enough to carry the load of heavier materials.

It is important to remember that an indoor wall fountain should be installed in close proximity to an electrical outlet. Ideally, you would have an outlet positioned directly behind the wall fountain so that the wiring remains hidden from view. You will use electricity to power the pump so water will flow down the wall fountain; it may also be used to power extra lighting for nighttime illumination. Naturally, a wall fountain should compliment the decor of whatever room it is being installed. If you have a modern theme, you might choose metal-framed wall fountain and glass material. Now if you opt for resin wall fountains, you can get a design that mimics metal but without giving up the lightweight design. A resin-type wall fountain can also be fabricated to look like stone or concrete if you’re working with a style of room that requires this look for your wall fountain. Wall fountains made from resin are less expensive that those made from other materials.

Besides home use, an indoor wall fountain can make a great addition to your office or workspace since the sound of running water is a proven stress reliever. Ample research has shown that having such fountains in the workplace help the employees perform their work more efficiently.    

All fountains, the wall fountain included, offer real health benefits due to their relationship to running water. When the water flows down the wall, it releases negative ions into the air, helping to cleanse the air of contaminants while also adding moisture to it. It can be as effective as the air conditioner during higher temperatures. By using a wall fountain you can create a natural sound barrier that softens other household sounds so you can relax. And last but not least, a fountain is also bringing the essential water element supportive of your carreer, welath and prosperity according to the principles of Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui Money Tips: Count your Blessings like Gold!





Count your Blessings like gold

Take a few moments every evening to think about all the good things that happened to you today and to express your gratitude for what you have received. Small things count, too, it doesn’t all have to be spectacular. It's not what happened that's important; it's getting in the habit of focusing on the positive side of things every day that matters.

The more you notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for blessings received, no matter how small, the more good things will come your way, including money. 

A true experience of prosperity is determined not by how much money you have, but by how well you notice and enjoy what is already present in your life. As you de-clutter, repair, and accessorize your wealth area keep in mind your final intentions and be positive about the path that you are taking to bring abundance in your life.  You will start by celebrating being rich in friends and family, rich with good moments, rich with ideas then material blessings will come to you as well. 


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Feng Shui Money Tips: How are you handling your money?



Growing wealth will involve good placement in your environment but it is also very important to address your own personal thoughts and behavior towards money. Wealth starts with attitude.

Pay attention to how you handle money every day. 

Do you keep paper money neatly sorted in your wallet or money clip, or is it jammed in there any old way, or crumpled up at the bottom of your pocket?

Clean the clutter out of your purse and wallet, and start handling your money as though you value it. 

Balance your checkbook regularly and pay your bills on time. 

Put your checkbook in an attractive cover (choose green, purple, red, blue, or black) and keep it in the wealth area of your desk - that's the rear left corner again -- or in the wealth area of your office.

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Feng Shui Money Tips: the "Money plant"!


Add a healthy plant with round leaves 

According to the Bagua, the wealth area of your home or office is associated with the wood element. Wood can be represented by a wooden piece of furniture, the green color on any surface, plants and fresh flowers.

The Chinese community has been using for decades certain specific plants to grow their wealth.

A plant symbolizes the growth of your capital.

You can use a jade plant, a money plant, any healthy and “friendly” (no cactus here!) will be good for the wealth area.


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Feng Shui Money Tips: Bring the Water element!




Use the element of Water to enhance your wealth area.  

Aquariums, images representing water and water features like fountains are a boost for the wealth area of your home or office.

A lot of Chinese restaurants showcase aquariums or fish imageries at their entrances. An Element of water at the entrance symbolizes new business, new clients coming through their doors.     

In your home or your office, a tabletop fountain with the soothing sound of flowing water is perfect. Water fountains that collect water, symbolize collecting or acquiring wealth. 

The water element is symbolic of the flow and clarity of life-force energy. Position the fountain so that the water flows toward the center of the room for maximum results. Running water helps move positive chi energy through the room, while promoting a soothing, calm environment. 

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Feng Shui Money Tips: The colors of prosperity!



Accent your money areas with the colors green, red or purple. 

Green symbolizes vitality and growth

Red brings energy and power 

Purple is the best color for wealth. 

Gold signifies luxury. Donald Trump uses a lot of gold for his properties. 

You can place a big chunk of purple amethyst in your wealth area and have décor accents in those colors. 

You can use these colors on your window treatments, your soft furnishing, your accessories.  You don't have to use all those colors. You can just choose one. It is important to make the space pleasing to you and respect your design style.

You can also place a bowl of green and purple grapes (real or artificial) in the wealth area of your kitchen, to symbolize abundance filling your home. If you use real grapes, it's okay to eat them, just add more from time to time so the grapes remain fresh and the bowl is always more than half full.


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Feng Shui Money Tips: Enhance your wealth area!





Enhance your area with symbols of prosperity:


You can place a bowl of coins (add your loose change to it every day), a "lucky bamboo" plant, or anything that symbolizes success and prosperity to you. 

There are lots of Chinese luck symbols available, but you don't have to use them unless you want to. 

A picture of your dream house, or a model of that luxury car you long for, is an effective money symbol because it has personal meaning for you.

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