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The look of Mohair in Design

Did you know Mohair was done from the long silky hair of the Angora goat?

The Angora goat is thought to originate from the mountains of Tibet, making their way to Turkey in the 16th century. Of course, Mohair is shorn from the goat without harming the animal.

Here is a good looking Angora goat! The Winner of the Diamond Award for Supreme Grand Champion for best coat!

Mohair, produced from the Angora goat coat, is a smooth, strong, durable, and resilient fiber. It enhances softness and luster in fabrics. Mohair absorbs dye evenly and brilliantly, retains color well, and permits unusual decorative effects. It is mainly used as an apparel fiber but may be used in upholstery, draperies, wigs, hairpieces, and rugs.

Look at these beautiful pieces of furniture all upholstered  with this luxurious mohair fabric!

Beautiful classic sofa in a royal blue mohair upholstery fabric. It is chic and look so comfortable and welcoming. image via Calico Corners.

Melanie Coddington small wing chair with interesting side scroll design, upholstered in blue mohair fabric by Kravet looks totally fabulous. It is a perfect chair for a living room or seating room.

This master bedroom of modern appeal designed by Moises Esquenazi is dark and cozy, with walls in Farrow & Ball Mahogany No. 36. The beautiful mohair velvet headboard is by the designer. I love the cosy, comfortable feel. It looks very intimate.

This cozy window seat alcove has silks, chenilles, and a luxurious baby blue mohair throw. Design by Kate Dickerson.

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