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The "reign" of the Sun Mirror!

picture-182 Mirrors have been used for centuries to accentuate decor. The shape, style and construction of a mirror (carefully chosen and placed) can be as much an art piece as any fine painting. Mirrors can be found in almost any conceivable shape, from round to square, to free-form. The materials used to construct mirror frames, including but not limited to wood, metal, glass and plastic, can lend a quality of uniqueness that can make an otherwise simple mirror seem custom-made for a particular spot on a particular wall.

Here some great examples of rooms designed with beautiful sun shaped mirrors.

picture-232Really pretty interior with double sun mirrors- Amanda Nisbet

picture-8The sun shaped concave mirror adorn beautifully this and classic bedroom making it really chic!

picture-43A small size sun shaped mirror application to this fun and colorful exterior design!

picture-104A sun mirror placed inside this luxurious canopy bed looks like a royal medallion! Very king and Queens like!

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Have you used a sun shape mirror in your home or another original shape?

Do you think that you are likely to display one  in your home in the near future?

If so please let me know about it by leaving me a comment!

How to use Gold in your Interior Design.


Kelly Weastler Design

Elemental colors like gold are popular in decorating for many reasons.

Gold is timeless!

Gold is rich!

Gold is adventurous!

Gold is priceless!

If you're decorating with gold in mind, then you're also in very good company. Many celebrities and members of royalty have used this precious metal in their decorating schemes.

From ancient greek statues, to todays Holiday decor, gold has always paved our history.

Here some great ways to add a little gold, a little blink and a lot of sunshine!

Gold statuary is a popular way to decorate with gold. If you can afford it, place a solid gold statue on a fireplace mantel, a coffee table or a visible side table.

picture-72Kelly Weastler Design

Large Asian vases, like those from the Ming Dynasty, are also made with gold.


Use gold spray paint to create the look of gold or even luxurious gold leaf tiles for a richer look.


Classy gold accessories such as this black and gold floor lamp


Very chic wall treatment created by these multi sizes gold frames.


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Have you used gold color items or furniture in your home? Do you think that you are likely to use gold accents in your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

How to use "Silver" color for your Interior Design?

picture-51 A little bit of Silver adds some sparkle and life to almost any room in your home. Dressers, light fixtures, accessories and mirrors all fit the bill; and this is not a passing fancy. Silver furnishings have been featured prominently in well-designed interiors for many years. Original antiques can can be pricy but there are many companies producing pieces that are affordable and eye-catching with this extra little glitter which is the silver color.

Here are great easy ways to add a little silver in your interior:

Re-frame a favorite piece of artwork with a silver frame. Go with polished silver for a contemporary look or antique silver for something more traditional. Here a beautiful moroccan style mirror with a dressy silver frizz!

picture-151 Change the knobs on your dresser with something sparkly. It's an easy fix with a lot of impact. Or even refinish your whole dresser in silver for a little drama in the bedroom!

picture-6 Choose a  silver drapery pole and rings which draws more attention than stained wood.

picture-7 Accent tables are a great way to ad the sparkles! Why not select one that stands out?


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Have you used silver furniture or accessories in your home? Do you think that you are likely to use silver accents in your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

5 Feng Shui Elements

picture-15 See how the five feng shui elements can bring balance to your space and life.

Feng shui divides the world into five elements (not four, the way the Western world does). The elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you have a room that doesn't feel quite right, balancing the elements can make it more comfortable. Each element has its own qualities (including color and texture), and the theory of balancing elements can be used in a yard, home or office.

Incorporate all five elements into every room design, enhancing specific elements according to your unique goals. Each element invokes a different mood, creating a customized space that's beneficial for your personality and goals.

Using the five elements in design can be confusing, so let's get started with the basics.

Wood Wood harnesses the power of creativity and expansion, while representing traits such as growth, birth, strength, flexibility and intuition. Too much wood can make you feel overwhelmed, rigid, stubborn and inflexible, whereas too little can show up as a lack of creativity or depression, ambivalence and stagnancy.

When adding the wood element to a room, look for the following types of objects

fresh and silk flowers

plants and trees

cotton or natural fabrics

wood furniture

When designing with the wood element, use shapes that mimic the vertical, column-like shape of tree trunks and the softness of leaves and flowers. Like the leaves and sky, wood's colors are green and blue.

Use the fire element to inspire bold design and creativity.

Fire Increase enthusiasm and leadership skills by maximizing the fire element. Use this element in design to encourage expressiveness, inspiration and boldness. When there is an overabundance of fire, it can show itself as anger, aggression, irritability and impulsive behavior, whereas too little can show up as emotional coldness, lack of vision, inexpressiveness and a lack of self-esteem.

To increase the fire element in your space, add:

candles, incandescent lights and sunlight

any shade of red, pink or purple

electronic equipment

animal prints

To help you remember fire's qualities, think of the red-hot, fiery sun, as well as the fiery energy of people and animals.

Balance your space with the earth element.

Earth Earth affects physical strength and order, while generating an overall feeling of grounding, balance and stability. When there is an overabundance of earth in a space, people will often notice a heavy sensation and experience more boredom, sluggishness and seriousness. When there is too little earth, people may feel disorganized, chaotic and unfocused.

To bring in the element, look for:

anything in earth tones (brown, green or sand)

square and rectangular shapes

low, flat surfaces

images of landscapes

Think of all the warm colors of the earth, the square or rectangular shapes of earthen tiles and the long, flat horizontal lines of an earthy landscape.

The metal element creates a logical, focused atmosphere.

Metal Metal affects mental clarity and logic. The presence of metal within a room or home can be felt in emotional characteristics like organization, focus, righteousness and analytical abilities. When surrounded with too much metal, you can be seen as chatty, overly critical and speaking without thinking. When there is too little metal, you may notice a feeling of cautiousness, quietness and lack of focus.

When enhancing a space with metal, look for:

round or oval shapes

anything made of metal, like steel, iron, aluminum, gold or silver

rocks and stones

white, grey, silver or light pastel colors

Remember the rounded shape of a wedding band and the light tones of metal.

Create a spiritual and inspiring space with water elements.

Water Water's domain includes spirituality and the emotions. A balance of water brings about inspiration, wisdom and insightfulness. Too much water can create the feeling of unbalanced transition and the sense that you are drowning, emotionally. It can make you feel overwhelmed and overly social. When there is too little water, you may experience a lack of sympathy, loneliness, isolation, stress and pettiness.

Look for or add these types of objects when learning about the water element:

the color black or any deep, dark tones

reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or gazing balls

wavy, free-form or asymmetrical shapes

water or water features, such as aquariums or fountains

To help you remember, think of the deep, dark, glistening ocean and the movement and shape of the waves hitting the shore.

Pulling It Together

Lesson #1: Many Elements Within One Object

Now that you understand the basic characteristics of each element, keep in mind one more thing: The objects in your home very often have several elements reflected within each of them. For example, a red flowerpot full of white tulips would represent four of the five elements. The red pot represents fire, the clay pot itself is earth, the flowers represent wood and the white of the tulips are metal.

Lesson #2: Arranging Elements

A fun way to begin playing with the arrangement of elements is to start small on an entry table or a dresser in your bedroom. Add your red flowerpot of tulips, plus a few other items, like a mirror for water and an arrangement of polished stones for metal. There are limitless combinations that you can use, but notice how wonderful these arrangements feel when all the elements are present in the design.

If you want to tackle an entire room, start by noticing and labeling all the objects within a space. If you find yourself using a specific room less than others or avoiding it altogether, the elemental balance may need some adjusting. Especially be on the lookout for rooms that are made up of only one or two elements, but are missing the rest. By adding in objects that represent those missing elements, you’ll be well on your way to creating a balanced and inviting room.

Play and adjust until you've created an arrangement that feels amazing. This delicate dance is a fascinating tool you can use or the rest of your life to help create beautiful and inviting spaces wherever you go!

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Feng Shui Money Tips: The colors of prosperity!



Accent your money areas with the colors green, red or purple. 

Green symbolizes vitality and growth

Red brings energy and power 

Purple is the best color for wealth. 

Gold signifies luxury. Donald Trump uses a lot of gold for his properties. 

You can place a big chunk of purple amethyst in your wealth area and have décor accents in those colors. 

You can use these colors on your window treatments, your soft furnishing, your accessories.  You don't have to use all those colors. You can just choose one. It is important to make the space pleasing to you and respect your design style.

You can also place a bowl of green and purple grapes (real or artificial) in the wealth area of your kitchen, to symbolize abundance filling your home. If you use real grapes, it's okay to eat them, just add more from time to time so the grapes remain fresh and the bowl is always more than half full.


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Feng Shui Money Tips: Enhance your wealth area!





Enhance your area with symbols of prosperity:


You can place a bowl of coins (add your loose change to it every day), a "lucky bamboo" plant, or anything that symbolizes success and prosperity to you. 

There are lots of Chinese luck symbols available, but you don't have to use them unless you want to. 

A picture of your dream house, or a model of that luxury car you long for, is an effective money symbol because it has personal meaning for you.

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Feng Shui Money Tips: Check your Front door for wealth!



Your Front Door can Enhance Your Wealth

Is your front door hidden? Does your home or office face away from the street?

If your entrance cannot easily be seen from the street, opportunities and income have a harder time getting to you.

Invite chi to your front door by placing lights or moving objects or colors along the way. Your front door is the gateway to opportunities, so make sure the condition and appearance of the door are inviting and that doorknobs and hinges works smoothly. 


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Feng Shui Money Tips: De-clutter your wealth area!




To enhance Your Wealth Area you need to:

Clear out any clutter from these important areas.

 Clutter is a sign of stagnant energy, and clutter in your wealth areas can clog up your cash flow. Getting rid of clutter is one of the most powerful ways to shift the energy up.


Fix things that are broken

Anything that doesn't work as it should is a sign of something wrong in the area of your life that corresponds to that part of your space. It's time to do something about that loose doorknob, non-working light switch, stuck file drawer, or clock that doesn't keep correct time, to name just a few possible examples. Remove items like these from your wealth area or fix them so they work properly. 


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Feng Shui Money Tips: Find your wealth area!





Feng shui associates prosperity with the back left corner of any space. Stand at your front door facing into the house; your wealth area is at the back of the house on the left-hand side. There's also a wealth area within each room: facing in from the doorway, it's the corner area in the back of the room on the left-hand side. 


Now that you've identified your wealth areas, there are some quick and easy ways to apply Feng shui to these spaces so you can generate good luck and attract more money. 

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Feng Shui Money Tips: Make affirmations!



Make a list of things that you desire or want to achieve. Doing this helps you clarify your intentions. So be bold! Take a notepad or open a new document on your computer and make a list of 108  things you want to do or have in your life (It sounds like a lot but it is a multiple of 9: the Feng Shui Lucky number). Each time you achieve one you should cross it off and send your thanks to God or the Universe.    

Make affirmations of what you want or where you want to be like  though you are already there. Good examples are “My financial resources are increasing steadily every day”, “I always have what is necessary for my family”, “Money comes to me regularly and easily”, etc… 

It is important to clarify your intentions to reach your objectives. Feng Shui will help you to do so.  


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