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Our Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman at the Designers’ Muse event by 1st Dibs

Our Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman at the Designers’ Muse event by 1st Dibs

New york is a fabulous design platform to showcase and celebrate art and design! During the month of May, it is even more exciting for the design world.  While we were exhibiting our new collection of light fixtures and furniture pieces, at the ICFF Show,  1stdibs contacted us! 

1stdibs is THE Number 1 online purveyor of antiques and one-of-a-kind furniture, decorative accessories and collectible objets d’art! 

They had a fun project inside an airy West Chelsea photo studio called:

“The Designers’ Muse”

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

 What was it all about?


Three designers were asked to build and create the idea of a room using only a chair, a table, a light and wall paper from the 1stdibs platform. 

Designers Ernest de la TorreShawn Henderson and Drew McGukin were the 3 interiors designers up to the challenge! And they all created remarkable spaces using only four furniture pieces!


“The vignettes that grew from those ingredients were surprisingly complex in their variety of shapes, colors and moods. Who says interior design isn’t an art form?” 

The Study

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

Drew McGukin's Vignette 


Drew McGukin created a Neo Deco nook using our Cayenne Lounge chair and Ottoman with warm, metallic tones! 

The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Drew McGukin's vignette Credit Max Lakner 

The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Drew McGukin's vignette Credit Max Lakner 

 Drew McGukin

“The cornerstone of my vignette is about the intersection of shapes and materials,”


Drew McGukin

Marie Burgos’s rust-toned Cayenne lounger looks like the perfect spot to kick back and read (..) with a dirty Martini!"

The Study



Get the total look:

Written By Anais GIBAUD 












We gave back her glory days to this brownstone home by creating a grand entrance and a serene and airy living room. We kept some original elements such as the vintage front door which we fully restored. An original “bump” in the wall was desperately calling for a majestic Chesney Carrara fireplace mantel. The design theme of this first floor has a very coastal color palette. We added a colourful touch with a unique cement mosaic, also used as an accent for the fireplace surround.
Photo Credit : Francis Augustine -  CAPPUCCINO pillow in natural silk from  Marie Burgos Collection.

Photo Credit : Francis Augustine -

CAPPUCCINO pillow in natural silk from Marie Burgos Collection.

Photo Credit : Francis Augustine - Featuring the Yin and yang pillows in natural silk from Marie Burgos Collection.    “PINK CLOUD”    By Francis Augustine Photography    Metallic print mounted on acrylic

Photo Credit : Francis Augustine - Featuring the Yin and yang pillows in natural silk from Marie Burgos Collection.


By Francis Augustine Photography

Metallic print mounted on acrylic

2016-01-15 15.11.56.jpg
Photo Credit : Francis Augustine - Featuring the Cappuccino and Yin and Yang  pillows in natural silk from Marie Burgos Collection.

Photo Credit : Francis Augustine - Featuring the Cappuccino and Yin and Yang  pillows in natural silk from Marie Burgos Collection.

By Anaïs Gibaud







The narrowness of the space called for streamlined furniture pieces, and this was a problem that we solved  by designing a custom-made dining room banquette.

We added a very modern element: the blue leather, but also some warmer elements such as the walnut cabinetry, which hosts extra storage on one side and a fun bar on the other.  The leather was used on most of the seating furniture pieces (sofa, kitchen chairs, leather banquette) for durability as the clients have a lovely dog.

We added a lot of lighting so the space would not be dark as the dining room is located at the center of the apartment.


It is a very modern style kitchen with some classical lines with the Carrera Marble that wraps around with waterfalls on each side of the island. 




Luminescent Lucite

One of best ways to incorporate a chic and almost airy look in your home is by incorporating Lucite furniture into your home décor.  Lucite, also known as acrylic glass, usually comes in a clear color, but more furniture and product designers are manufacturing it in bright colors like fuchsia and orange, as well as softer hues like smoke gray, and even black.  Still, nothing says chic and sophisticated like a clear Lucite accent chair or cocktail table.

Elle Decor (via)

In addition to a gorgeous Lucite chandelier, the dining room in this Palm Beach Home is also furnished with Phillipe Starck's Louis XIV Ghost Chairs and a glass-topped table.  The result is equal parts modernism and Hollywood Regency glam.

Manolo Home (via)

In this contemporary dining room, fuschia pink Lucite accent chairs accent a bright pink chandelier.  The pink actually provides a nice, feminine, contrast to the almost masculine lines of this room.

Fresh Quince (via)

The Lucite table here is an airy accent in this fresh dining room.  Lucite tables are great for those prone to spillage.

Blog Fossil (via)

In this nook, Starck's Louis XIV Ghost Chairs with accent pillows for comfort, and a Saarinen-inspired Tulip table create a look of coziness and warmth.  Love the arrangement of fresh flowers in little vases!

Decorating With Sheets (via)

Here's a great example of incorporating luminescent Lucite into a quirky living room.  The low-set coffee table gives the eye a chance to rest, what with the motley of prints, color,  pattern and cool wall décor.

Chloe Blossom (via)

This handsome living room is accented both by a drop-dead gorgeous sofa in royal blue and a simply-designed Lucite coffee table.  Both pieces add a bit of drama to a room that was, otherwise, simply decorated.

As you can see, the beauty and chicness of Lucite knows no bounds.  It may look like a simple material, but it's capable of adding a look of airiness, glamor and sophistication to any room.

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A Black & White Design Affaire

Black and white is a very celebrated contemporary design trend. Black and White is classic and classy!

A Black and White design can also be called a Yin and Yang Design. Yin & Yang are these two opposite natural  forces such as day and night, hot and cold,  sun and a moon which both need to exist... In the Tai Chi Yin & Yang symbol, both sides come together as one to create balance. I believe that Black and White are these two colors which by their very essence create a positive and a negative, a mat and a shiny  and a hard and soft look and come together elegantly to create harmony in a space.

Many designers have created amazing, sophisticated and timeless designs just using these two colors. Let's discover some fabulous examples together...

Above, a very chic contemporary black white style home design photographed by Moris Moreno. Lots of great contrasts, with soft and hard surfaces as well as mat and glossy objects. Also, the introduction of natural elements such as wood sticks, flower, the horses paint really ties everything together harmoniously.

This black-and-white duo is both flirty and sophisticated! Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers. Above the bed, three floating shelves allow for space to display photographs or other favorite accessories.

Here you can see a glimpse of Nicky Hilton’s 1950/ Rockn'roll LA home decor which she has arranged herself with the help of her designer grand mother. One of my favorites... She has also found this vintage Chanel serving tray. What an amazing find! So Stylish! - Instyle Magazine

The home of Anna Sui, fashion designer is also full of sophistication! Her elegant powder room features a black lacquered vanity with matching framed mirror, white subway tiles and  cashmere  style wallpaper.

Ice Wharf- Black and White Interior photo by fabulous photographer Ken Hayden. Love those black painted beams against the crisp white ceiling! They really make the room.

Fashion designer Naeem Khan created a simple black-and-white dining space illuminated by an elegant crystal chandelier. The visual impact came from intricate embroidery on the white linen chair covers and a highly decorative black linen table covering.
At the Diffa dining for a design benefit. So beautiful!
A beautiful Black and white combination in this vintage style bathroom via apartment Therapy. Love the cast iron tub... but kind of grey... isn't it?!
Very dramatic white/black contrast in this lounge space! It is all about the impact.
Wine barrel chandelier, black round pedestal table, ivory linen sofas, limestone fireplace, black & white pillows, flat screen TV, built-ins cabinets and shelves,white & gray drapes, nesting accent tables, and brass floor lamps. Classy interior! Michael Graydon Photography
Love this shiny, bright kitchen with crisp white kitchen cabinets, sleek black granite countertops  and black & white glass tile backsplash! Love the natural roman shade stained black, crystal chandelier and white leather modern counter bar stools! It is such a Candice Olson design signature!
Love this bedroom!  It is so well balanced!  It adorns chic Black headboards, hotel bedding with black ribbon border trim, fluffy black pillows, black & white bedding and bolster pillows. Even the Piero Fornasetti decorative wall plates vertical art gallery is black and white! Finally, this little  glossy black lacquer nightstand is a great find!  With the mirrored lamp with black shade and white black green rug this room really looks well put together. via coco + kelly
So now, let's just seat and relax together in this comfortable black and white living space, with a touch of turquoise, to contemplate all these elegant interiors one more time and discuss which one do you like most...
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Living in Color!

If you like color, you will LOVE Toronto decorator Holly Dymant.

She has a fabulous eye for design and is widely acclaimed for her fearless use of color.

From yellow walls in the living room, purple velvet headboard, orange painted staircases to electric wall paper color of sky in the powder-room . Her designs really liven up your life!

Hope you will enjoy her design panache and love of color as much as I do!

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Hand symbols in Design

Leonardo da Vinci had best expressed the beauty of the human anatomy when he created the “Vitruvian Man” and stated Vitruvius as the harmonizing relation between parts of the body, looking for perfection that would manifest itself in beauty.

Today I would like to share some beautiful images with you. Hold your imagination right there! We are just going to see some hands! I have noticed that many designs adorn the human body by simply using representation of hands and beautiful sculptures.

I hope this refreshing images will inspire men and women through the beauty of humanity and give you some accessorizing ideas for your interiors.

Fabulous pair of hands sculptures on a beautiful marqueterie table. They are opening up in a giving gesture. Perfect for letting your guests and friends know they are welcome in your home!

This delicate ceramic hand is showing the direction to take to the next room from the foyer area... very Feng Shui! Source: Notes from an empath

This carved Buddha's hand adds a serene touch to any home decor . It is inspired by temples and pagodas of the East.

I am not sure it is very comfortable but this chair in the shape of a hand definitely  catches the attention!

Very chic design by Kelly Wearstler also displays a gold hand matching this amazing cocktail table with golden feet adorned by elongated golden body sculptures. Just divine!

In this image, even a whole arm sculpture is displayed! Detail from photo by Pieter Estersohn for Southern Accents; interior design byMichelle Nussbaumer. - via Style Court

And let's not forget outdoor spaces... This giant hand sculpture is really drawing attention! It looks like it wants to really catch all that the sky and heaven has to offer!

Burlap is Chic!

Used to transport grain, coffee, potatoes and other dry goods, these humble bags have inspired high-style accessories. You can buy  them or DIY from recycled bags to bring a well-traveled rusticity to your decor.

Burlap is now being used in home furnishings.  Known more for it’s durability, burlap has traditionally been used in the home for area rugs or tablecloths.  But did you know that burlap is biodegradable and good for the environment?

This material can be so rustic, elegant and timeless all at once.  I love all the muted neutral tones it comes in, makes it a great backdrop for frames & bulletin boards, perfect for pillows and a simple black painted letter or number shines on this great textile.

Here a great application of Burlap in this home office bulletin board. It really looks chic and well finished with a white glossy frame and nail heads.

Upholstered furniture pieces can also look great and bring some extra flair to your interior.

Look at these fabulous bergere chairs in burlap fabric. Perfect for your a living room or patio!

This Balloon Chair in burlap fabric is taking a classic Hollywood regency style chair and re-inventing it in a fresh , more earthy palette. Rich dark wood frame and earthy burlap fabric upholstery , the perfect eclectic mix of materials to add a fresh new twist to this classic chair. -

French Laurel Wreath Burlap Pillow Cover by Les Petits Tresors boutique. They have a whole collection of handmade shabby chic, cottage and country style home accents. Visit them on Etsy. This is just a very easy way to integrate burlap to your decor.

With Burlap, you can go very chic with this nail head trimmed headboard ... or more casual with this burlap headboard made of recycled coffee beans bags, below.

This Chair from Barrymore is beautifully upholstered  with both burlap and velvet fabrics. Photo by Michael Graydon. via Canadian House and Home

How special does this burlap daybed looks with its assorted pillows?! Perfect for shabby chic interiors for your countryside home or beach home.

And here some very cute Burlap bags by designs maya made. Very fun to organize some accessories anywhere in your home.

Even a 70-year-old oak frame for a fabulous dining chair gets another layer of history when upholstered in a 1906 feed sack.

Jayson Home & Garden manufactures beautiful ones!

Hope this post inspired you to go greener, to try vintage or just to re- upholster your grand mother older piece of furniture for a fabulous newly fresh burlap look!

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Choosing The Best Color for your Office Design!

Color research shows that people are stimulated in specific ways by different colors. Feng shui uses color as a cure to promote the appropriate energy for a space. That’s why it’s important to pick a color based on the tasks you will be performing in your office. I have put together a guide to help you choose the right color for your office in function of your needs:


This color  stimulates clarity of thought, creativity, and mental activity–making it an excellent color for a home office. Yellow also promotes discipline, friendliness which anyone working in a home office needs.


It represents the element of fire which symbolizes  life joy and energy. It’s a good choice for anyone making deals or selling, and for those who entertain clients in their office.


This color is a very traditional feng shui color for an office because it represents money, power, and success, especially when paired with metals such as silver. If you need to feel empowered in your office and want to create energy to stimulate income, black is the way to go.


The color purple is a good choice as well, and this is the color that signifies ideals, truth and love. This is the color of choice for the thinkers and the philosophers, and the chosen color too for dreamers and writers.


This color suits offices where trust and calm is important, such as where interviews or sessions are held. Blue is the color of relaxation and peace, making it a great color for offices that are used for writing.


Orange and other warm desert colors stimulate socialization and collaboration–good for a small office using a team approach to management. This color is especially harmonious in an office used for creative writing or team work.


In Feng Shui, white represents purity and confidence. Used with gold or silver, white creates a very calm atmosphere. This can be very beneficial to people that feel their office is a place to relax.

Your ceiling should be painted a light color–a dark color will make you feel as if there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head while you work.

With the right color office, you are now ready to make great deals and making your office a place of success that fulfill your work needs! Let me know if I can help!

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Beautiful Trunks and Chests!

trunk, also known as a travelling chest, is a large cuboid container for holding clothes and other personal belongings. In the past, they were most commonly used for extended periods away from home, such as for boarding school, or long trips abroad. Most trunks are now used as either furniture such as coffee-tables or decorative storage for everything from blankets and linens to memorabilia. Trunks are differentiated from chests by their more rugged construction due to their intended use as luggage, whereas chests are more intended for storage.

Here are some great examples of beautiful trunks, chest and vintage luggage transformed into fantastic pieces of furniture to infuse a home with a feel of well traveled style and unexpected extra storage!!

So glamourous and so classy these Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunks used as fabulous bed side tables. The well chosen accessories really gives this space the look of travel and casual chic.

Thanks to Scott Currie via Elle Decor & Xjavier! Lovely whimsical living space. Yellow cane chairs, seagrass rug, black & gold chest coffee table, beige comfy sofa, smoke gray glass lamp, black chest, black lantern chandelier, bamboo shade, built-in bookshelf bookshelves, rope mirror and soft blue paint color. yellow brown black gold living room colors.

In the living room, a jockey painted by local artist Patricia Powers surveys the scene. Cream slipcovers come off the chairs in the fall, revealing brown wool upholstery. In a house with few closets, a 19th-century Anglo-Indian chest provides much-needed storage. - Via Country Living

When you crack open this chest, you’ll find something better than a pirate’s treasure – something hotter! 'Malle a Feu' by Atria is a hot fireplace design that disguises the traditional fireplace within a contemporary white trunk. The horizontally opening lid lifts to reveal a pair of fire slots, with a mirrored background to maximize the look of the flames. When you’re all warm and cozy, simply shut the lid and use the top to display your collection of framed photos, candles, vases or other accessories. This portable fireplace is ideal for small spaces and condos. It’s ventless, so there’s no installation required, and when you redecorate, this mobile fireplace goes wherever you envision it. In the bedroom, the bathroom, living room or den, Malle a Feu has its place in every home. Check out more hot fireplace design ideas at Atria.

This living room by Chad Farquharson and Wayne McGill explores a potpourri of styles. A new sofa is perfectly at home with an Asian chest repurposed as a coffee table. The white chair is a reupholstered vintage store find, and the contemporary patterned chair is a gift from a friend. - Via Style at Home.

Mayfair Steemer Chests brushed steel is paired with a French style bed crafted of iron and steel makes a very chic country style bedroom - design by Restoration Hardware. Love what they do!

Bedroom design in a beautiful neutral color palette with Asian chests bedside tables on a rug called Modern Mix by Flor .

Which trunk style is your favorite? Let me know by leaving me a comment on the blog!

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