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Before and After photos are among our favorites to reveal to give our readers an inside glimpse into the work that we do each day. Below is a look at a Manhattan Master Bedroom that received a full redesign from our Marie Burgos Design Team!  




Anaïs Gibaud

Before and After Pictures of the Spicy Warehouse Project Designed by Feng Shui Master Marie Burgos

Before and After Pictures of the Spicy Warehouse Project Designed by Feng Shui Master Marie Burgos

Spice Warehouse -Tribeca New York City 

Spice Warehouse -Tribeca New York City 

The style of this design was guided by its history. Established in 1895 as a warehouse for the spice trade, this building had a character that no other building had and it was important to keep this feel.
It was very important to keep the authenticity of the building and keep its history alive with the right design ellements for the client. Tribeca is a very trendy neighborhood where designers tend to go very modern or plain industrial which I previously did in other designs. But the clients wanted their property to be different from all the other properties around in the sense that this space had been a Spice House and it had to be reflected in the design.
Before - Living Room 

Before - Living Room 

Living Room
The iron columns were revived to their former glory and the layers of paint were removed from the beam to explore the beauty of the original oak.
This living room design reflects a tailored “old world” look, respecting the original features of the Spice Warehouse.
I wanted the original brick wall to be revealed so this space could be a testament of ancient time and old world elegant.
— Marie Burgos
Before- Living Room  Previous Columns - brick wall - Beam 

Before- Living Room

Previous Columns - brick wall - Beam 

The layout is open and flowing to keep the feel of grandeur of the space so each piece and design finish can be admired individually.

Feng Shui was used to create balance and harmony in a very monochromatic space. The fact that I used light colors as the Benjamin Moore Decorators white walls, white cabinets, natural oak floors throughout the whole space and even whiten the original brick wall in the living room, promotes caliming energy into the room.

I also focused on creating a free of clutter, open floor plan to ensure proper circulation o Chi energy. The Chi needs to move freely into your home to nourish every area of your home to benefit you. If the current of energy meets blockages such as clutter, too much furniture of a bad layout,the chi flow will be impeded, creating a detrimental effect for people living in this home.




The Chinese believes that we are surrounded by 5 natural elements. Those are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

All those elements have to be present in your environment to create balance and harmony. They can be represented by a color, a shape or the element itself.
It was important to introduce the Five natural elements. Feng Shui is based on nature. The original buddhist monks who created the amazing philosophy of Feng Shui did a study of environment, spaces and nature and their impact on people.
A fundamental part of Feng Shui is also the balancing of the opposing forces of Yin & Yang. Yin is female, dark and passive, while Yang is male, bright and active. Similarly, each quality has an opposite such as hard and soft, angular and wavy, dark and light, wet and dry, cool and warm… For example, in the living room, I made sure to balance hard yang items such as hardwood coffee tables, mirrors, and glass, brick wall, with soft yin pillows, flowy curtains, plush pillows, and rugs. If you have too many yin or yang accessories, there will be an energy imbalance. Here the space is nicely balanced with all the difeferent textures used.

When applying Feng Shui to your home, you are actually bringing in the forces of nature and integrating that nature in your space as a support for your life.
— Marie Burgos
Here are some examples of elements I used to balance the Feng Shui of the living room space:
-Wood (wooden floor, wooden tables, woodend chairs...),
-Water (mirror, glass table top, acrylic artwork of wavy shapes...),
-Metal ( white walls, white leather lounge chaise, iron clock, metal horse head, iron columns...),
-Fire (cowhide shapes, candelabra/ candles, red jars...)
-Earth (brick wall, caesarstone countertop,...)

 Project parameters/challenges/inspirations:

It was very fulfilling for me to research and find unique furniture and accents pieces with an “old world” feel. They had to be unique like the Indonesian coffee table, antique like the giant iron clock and/ or unexpected like the metal horse head. Also, I made a point of finding pieces that were in exceptional material such as an oversized mirror handcrafted from vintage wood planks salvaged from boats, a double crank dining table featuring an industrial aesthetic with a unique blend of iron and distressed mango wood, comfortable host and hostess dining chairs in a tan linen, solid oak chair with Cain seat which combine the rustic charm of an old French Farmhouse with an industrial look.
I have also balanced modern pieces such as the Eames lounge chaise or the Shell chairs or even the Ibiza white leather chairs for comfort with more rustic pieces. This defines an elegant look and also brings in warmth and makes this space a unique haven in the middle of Manhattan.
It was incrdibly satisfying to see the space completed and the client happy that their vision had been fulfiled.

I love the authenticity of the building, the history which can be seen in the iron columns, the brick wall and the 13 feet ceiling height...

I love that I used very few pieces of furniture and accents but that they are all unique, carry history or an old world/ industrial character so this design really respect the character of the building.
— M.B


Photographer’s name: FRANCIS AUGUSTINE




Luminescent Lucite

One of best ways to incorporate a chic and almost airy look in your home is by incorporating Lucite furniture into your home décor.  Lucite, also known as acrylic glass, usually comes in a clear color, but more furniture and product designers are manufacturing it in bright colors like fuchsia and orange, as well as softer hues like smoke gray, and even black.  Still, nothing says chic and sophisticated like a clear Lucite accent chair or cocktail table.

Elle Decor (via)

In addition to a gorgeous Lucite chandelier, the dining room in this Palm Beach Home is also furnished with Phillipe Starck's Louis XIV Ghost Chairs and a glass-topped table.  The result is equal parts modernism and Hollywood Regency glam.

Manolo Home (via)

In this contemporary dining room, fuschia pink Lucite accent chairs accent a bright pink chandelier.  The pink actually provides a nice, feminine, contrast to the almost masculine lines of this room.

Fresh Quince (via)

The Lucite table here is an airy accent in this fresh dining room.  Lucite tables are great for those prone to spillage.

Blog Fossil (via)

In this nook, Starck's Louis XIV Ghost Chairs with accent pillows for comfort, and a Saarinen-inspired Tulip table create a look of coziness and warmth.  Love the arrangement of fresh flowers in little vases!

Decorating With Sheets (via)

Here's a great example of incorporating luminescent Lucite into a quirky living room.  The low-set coffee table gives the eye a chance to rest, what with the motley of prints, color,  pattern and cool wall décor.

Chloe Blossom (via)

This handsome living room is accented both by a drop-dead gorgeous sofa in royal blue and a simply-designed Lucite coffee table.  Both pieces add a bit of drama to a room that was, otherwise, simply decorated.

As you can see, the beauty and chicness of Lucite knows no bounds.  It may look like a simple material, but it's capable of adding a look of airiness, glamor and sophistication to any room.

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A Black & White Design Affaire

Black and white is a very celebrated contemporary design trend. Black and White is classic and classy!

A Black and White design can also be called a Yin and Yang Design. Yin & Yang are these two opposite natural  forces such as day and night, hot and cold,  sun and a moon which both need to exist... In the Tai Chi Yin & Yang symbol, both sides come together as one to create balance. I believe that Black and White are these two colors which by their very essence create a positive and a negative, a mat and a shiny  and a hard and soft look and come together elegantly to create harmony in a space.

Many designers have created amazing, sophisticated and timeless designs just using these two colors. Let's discover some fabulous examples together...

Above, a very chic contemporary black white style home design photographed by Moris Moreno. Lots of great contrasts, with soft and hard surfaces as well as mat and glossy objects. Also, the introduction of natural elements such as wood sticks, flower, the horses paint really ties everything together harmoniously.

This black-and-white duo is both flirty and sophisticated! Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers. Above the bed, three floating shelves allow for space to display photographs or other favorite accessories.

Here you can see a glimpse of Nicky Hilton’s 1950/ Rockn'roll LA home decor which she has arranged herself with the help of her designer grand mother. One of my favorites... She has also found this vintage Chanel serving tray. What an amazing find! So Stylish! - Instyle Magazine

The home of Anna Sui, fashion designer is also full of sophistication! Her elegant powder room features a black lacquered vanity with matching framed mirror, white subway tiles and  cashmere  style wallpaper.

Ice Wharf- Black and White Interior photo by fabulous photographer Ken Hayden. Love those black painted beams against the crisp white ceiling! They really make the room.

Fashion designer Naeem Khan created a simple black-and-white dining space illuminated by an elegant crystal chandelier. The visual impact came from intricate embroidery on the white linen chair covers and a highly decorative black linen table covering.
At the Diffa dining for a design benefit. So beautiful!
A beautiful Black and white combination in this vintage style bathroom via apartment Therapy. Love the cast iron tub... but kind of grey... isn't it?!
Very dramatic white/black contrast in this lounge space! It is all about the impact.
Wine barrel chandelier, black round pedestal table, ivory linen sofas, limestone fireplace, black & white pillows, flat screen TV, built-ins cabinets and shelves,white & gray drapes, nesting accent tables, and brass floor lamps. Classy interior! Michael Graydon Photography
Love this shiny, bright kitchen with crisp white kitchen cabinets, sleek black granite countertops  and black & white glass tile backsplash! Love the natural roman shade stained black, crystal chandelier and white leather modern counter bar stools! It is such a Candice Olson design signature!
Love this bedroom!  It is so well balanced!  It adorns chic Black headboards, hotel bedding with black ribbon border trim, fluffy black pillows, black & white bedding and bolster pillows. Even the Piero Fornasetti decorative wall plates vertical art gallery is black and white! Finally, this little  glossy black lacquer nightstand is a great find!  With the mirrored lamp with black shade and white black green rug this room really looks well put together. via coco + kelly
So now, let's just seat and relax together in this comfortable black and white living space, with a touch of turquoise, to contemplate all these elegant interiors one more time and discuss which one do you like most...
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Living in Color!

If you like color, you will LOVE Toronto decorator Holly Dymant.

She has a fabulous eye for design and is widely acclaimed for her fearless use of color.

From yellow walls in the living room, purple velvet headboard, orange painted staircases to electric wall paper color of sky in the powder-room . Her designs really liven up your life!

Hope you will enjoy her design panache and love of color as much as I do!

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Hand symbols in Design

Leonardo da Vinci had best expressed the beauty of the human anatomy when he created the “Vitruvian Man” and stated Vitruvius as the harmonizing relation between parts of the body, looking for perfection that would manifest itself in beauty.

Today I would like to share some beautiful images with you. Hold your imagination right there! We are just going to see some hands! I have noticed that many designs adorn the human body by simply using representation of hands and beautiful sculptures.

I hope this refreshing images will inspire men and women through the beauty of humanity and give you some accessorizing ideas for your interiors.

Fabulous pair of hands sculptures on a beautiful marqueterie table. They are opening up in a giving gesture. Perfect for letting your guests and friends know they are welcome in your home!

This delicate ceramic hand is showing the direction to take to the next room from the foyer area... very Feng Shui! Source: Notes from an empath

This carved Buddha's hand adds a serene touch to any home decor . It is inspired by temples and pagodas of the East.

I am not sure it is very comfortable but this chair in the shape of a hand definitely  catches the attention!

Very chic design by Kelly Wearstler also displays a gold hand matching this amazing cocktail table with golden feet adorned by elongated golden body sculptures. Just divine!

In this image, even a whole arm sculpture is displayed! Detail from photo by Pieter Estersohn for Southern Accents; interior design byMichelle Nussbaumer. - via Style Court

And let's not forget outdoor spaces... This giant hand sculpture is really drawing attention! It looks like it wants to really catch all that the sky and heaven has to offer!

The power of Crystals in design

Rock crystal nugget chandelier - StudioWorkshops ByTherien

Crystals are used in feng shui in a variety of ways, all with one single goal - to create good feng shui energy in your Home.

The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning frozen light. Crystals have been used over the centuries for a myriad of purposes - from healing to protection to decoration.

In Feng Shui, crystals are widely used for the specific energy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or office. For example, the rose quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart. The rose quartz crystal emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing.

Rose quartz cluster

The clear quartz crystal which is one of the most common minerals is also one of the most powerful, multi purpose healing stone. Perfect for raising self esteem, healing wounds and increasing your emotional positive energy. It amplifies, focuses, restores, transforms, empowers and energies you.

Here are some great ways to integrate these natural crystals in your interiors:

An impressive Living room design with crystal chandelier and lots of clear quartz displayed on the dining table. Crystals come in various shapes... clusters, domes and spheres. This is really a lot of vibrant energy! It brings a sparkling lift to this very neutral colored space.

Lots of sparkles in this modern colorful bathroom design by Canadian interior decorator Holly Dyment. I say colorful because despite white walls and white cabinetry, this bathroom looks vibrant with its raspberry shower wall, turquoise and green floor mosaics and flowery shade. Just love it!

Never too many crystals can be used!! First, crystals are great energy. They also add light in a room and  as you can see in the famous London restaurant  Rhodes W1 Restaurant Designed by World renowned British designer Kelly Hoppen, the more crystals the more majestic, luxurious and glamourous!

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The Art of Displaying in Design

Creating an appealing display is a real Art. Several parameters play a crucial role in making your display noticed  and admired. I have put together a small list of great displays and explained why they turned into real artful showcases.

To create your display,  look around the house for things that share a common element. Maybe you have a plethora of white pitchers or silver picture frames. Group them together on a tabletop for an instant collection. Remember that odd numbers of items often look better together. -

A great example above with a repetition of small antiques mirrors and ceramic vases picking up on the tones and colors of the table as well as the mirror frames really make a statement against this chocolate wall - source Real Simple Magazine

Objects work best together when they share a trait. This collection features vases in both glass and pottery, all in gourd shapes. Notice a blue vase in a gourd shape, even in the art piece!  Also only 3 colors are used throughout the whole display for an harmonious view: tan, light blue and white. - Source Southern Accents

The same goes for this display of veined stone -- the tabletop, lamp base, and figurine -- and wood pieces, grouped into like sets. The frame on the wall shares traits of both. - Source Southern Accents

Mantels and the wall space above them are classic spots for displaying cherished art and objects, but the mouth of the fireplace is often a missed opportunity. This one contains a porcelain piece that matches those on and above the mantel creating a beautiful collection - Source Southern Accents

Utilitarian though it may be, the pantry can be as attractive as any other element in your space. Careful organization and a few personal touches will make this storage bonanza one of your favorite features. See how colorful your pantry can be! The display is carefully organized by sizes and shapes of objects for a very appealing look. And the collection of white pitchers and saucers would make your Grand-mother proud!  - Source Country Living

Here is a collection of beautiful of Asian accents such as Tang Dinasty horses, carved foot holder, Asian porcelain jar form a very balanced and luxurious display. The gold color is a common trait throughout the whole display giving it a very rich feel. Items from Horchow

A group of turquoise vases with various shapes but similar color shades makes a great display. The collection follows a mainly glass look with a touch of ceramic! Designer Jeffers Design Group

Very interesting photo display where the cats find itself in the real life picture and on the wall photos too! It is all black & white, wood and glass accents throughout the space. Everything is square except the glass bowls which add a bit of curves in the decor for a great balancing effect. Designer Samantha Pynn

Beautiful decorative display by Kelly Hoppen where metal curvy shapes are repeated throughout with the chairs metallic rail,the metal clock, the small round bowls and the large wall mirrors. Even the pendant light across the room that you see in reflection the mirror is a metallic sphere. The black and white photo is framed in a metal frame with a white mat. White is also carried out all through the display with the clock, the floating shelve and the pretty marguerite flowers. How genius and elegant!

Tell me which display is your favorite! Looking forward to reading you on my blog...

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Stylish Bamboo Looks

Bamboo style chairs - Designer Jonathan Adler

Bamboo-look furniture, accents, and chandeliers have been popular for more than two centuries of interior design. Whether used in a zen-like spare and modern home or a Hampton's style beach house, bamboo-look pieces can look great in a variety of homes. I've found some great real bamboo or bamboo-style pieces. See my finds below.

Bamboo is a great alternative to wood because of natural beauty, and the fact it is technically a grass, not a wood, it grows very quickly and is more sustainable than timber. Modern Bamboo has a great collection of bamboo furniture. The company was founded in 2004 by Anthony Marschak who started working with bamboo while looking for a new flexible material for skateboard decks. Isn't this amazing?

Elegant Bamboo Chandelier from Gump's. It is handpainted and suggests traditional Chinese lantern elements. So pretty!

Here the Bamboo chandelier from Gump matched with a majestic real Bamboo bed in a design by John Loecke. This is a real summer home! Comfortable and so filed with color!!! I love it!

A vintage bamboo sofa and chair set, discovered at a flea market, was revived with new cushions covered in Sunbrella fabric. - Country Living

Light Lime Japanese Bamboo Fabric by Woodson and Rummerfields house of Design! isn't it perfect for upholstering these favorite little ottomans for some exotic flavor!

Cocoa Bamboo shades with coordinated valances.

You can also choose to go with a more natural shade like in this very refreshing white and baby blue kitchen. The shade actually adds a raw texture which balances out the glossy white and shiny backsplash surfaces.

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