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Beautiful Staircases Designs!

picture-319Sandrini Scale

It may not lead to heaven but if you design your staircase with some creative thought it can look the part!

A custom built staircase is only limited by the designer’s imagination, and can make use of a wide variety of materials to produce what are often strikingly original forms.

Most of us probably take our staircase for granted and think of it as a simple way to ascend or descend between floors. Stairs usually take center stage at the entrance to our home, so we walk you through the wide range of staircase styles and trends to optimize their performance.

Here are images of fabulous staircases...

Spacesaver Staircase Library

This staircase from London-based Levitate Architects comes even more fascinating than what we’ve seen earlier. So you want something that will help you get organized similar to the Storage In Stairs, but you find yourself too squashed by your massive book collection to move around your house. The Space saver Staircase Library merges the two issues, creating one solution.

DNA staircase designed by Ross Lovegrove

This beautiful staircase is the DNA staircase designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2003 and manufactured by Chistophe Moinat Design. The staircase is made out of bladder-moulded glass fiber and carbon fiber.


I stumbled upon this beauty of  a staircase and started wondering what the codes are for designing a floating staircase.  Most of the pressure is, obviously, in the engineering of the thing, but check out the IRC codes for staircases.


This is a staircase in a Berkeley home, designed by local architect Craig Steely.


A stunning installation of a bespoke staircase and clamped structural glass balustrade in this prestigious fitness centre close to the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre in central London.

Staircase Design - Kelly Hoppen

Light wood staircases Design by Kelly Hoppen


London-based designer thomas heatherwick created this amazing 55 ton steel staircase for the opening of the new longchamps store in new york last year and has since recieved praise from all angles. The construction of the staircase was apparently a logistical nightmare, each of the 17 seperate units having to be installed precisely, stretching up to the ceiling.


Salazar Design majestic staircase

Alexander Gorlin Architects

The public gesture of an open stair leading to the living area above the shop recalls the open loggias of italian houses on piazzas as well as the traditional brownstone stoop, a place for public interaction.


Beautiful sliding staircase in Alex Michaelis ' stylish home

Some staircase designs are so good you must see them twice to appreciate ;-). This design is that good, it cannot be any better. Found in luxury house by Jouin Manku architects.

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Interior Design for Minimalist Houses


Minimalist homes are getting more and more popular these days. The appeal of a clean and clutter free home is enormous but achieving this may be quite difficult especially if the house has a lot of residents and there is not much space for the residents' things. The right kind of interior design may be the key to this problem.

A Place For Everything

This concept is what many people would love for their home. Interior design for a minimalist home may need some crafty thinking since the word minimalist means less things when it comes to interior design. Possible interior design ideas for a minimalist home are to design the walls to contain things which may clutter the area if they were out in the open and to opt for secret compartments. The television set may be one of the things which can be put in a "secret" compartment which can be opened when the need arises. Another interior design suggestion with regards to the television set is to buy a flat screen TV and mount it on the wall for less clutter. Wall mounted television sets need to have features wherein the wires can be hidden in the walls since wires going to and from the entertainment system can be unsightly if they are left outside.

The wine bar can also be contained in cabinets which double as the walls or are painted with the same color as the walls to mimic them. Other items that can be hidden are book shelves, refrigerators and even the stove.

For a more minimalistic interior design, the sofa can be similarly colored as the entire interior of the house. White walls and white furniture creates a harmonized look that appears less cluttered and more minimalistic. Decorating the house with similar or even the same colors creates an appearance of things being one, which means that there seem to be less things around.

The interior design of the minimalist home should also have fewer divisions to create a wide open space or an illusion of wide open space. Fewer things on the walls can also give a cleaner and less cluttered appearance for the minimalist home. The interior design of the minimalist home should have simple wallpaper or wall ornaments to have a flowing appearance of minimalism.

Creating an interior design for a minimalist home should be suitable for the owner who does not have a lot of small objects which he wants to display. 


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Feng Shui Home Plans Build Balance from the Start


The science of Feng Shui started in ancient times and was originally the study of the life of people and of the universe and how this all related to each other. Today, Feng Shui home plans are the starting place to creating a Feng Shui home. Feng Shui principles are incorporated in the actual design of the home, the Feng Shui home plans are drawn up from that design to build a Feng Shui home.

Once the home is built, the principles of Feng Shui will be brought to bear to decorate the home. All of these aspects must be brought together to attract the positive Chi energy. When all comes together a home is created that is in total balance where harmony rules all.

How To Plan It All

Feng Shui is a vast system of beliefs and practices; that is why there are many professional Feng Shui consultants that will assist anyone in creating Feng Shui home plans. These experts will assist a home owner with advice and Feng Shui tips so that the Feng Shui home plans form a solid foundation.

This foundation is needed to enable the homeowner to use Feng Shui principles for the home décor. Drawing up and building from Feng Shui home plans have a double advantage. Combining the knowledge and advice of a Feng Shui expert with the talents of a normal architect is wise. In this way the Feng Shui home plans will address all the aspects of attracting positive Chi.

The architect will see to the drawing up the plans to best practices within the Feng Shui guidelines. When a home is built from Feng Shui home plans it becomes extremely easy to decorate the home to Feng Shui principles. The shell is optimized for Feng Shui already, so the Feng Shui home colors will be easy to choose.

From this will flow the placement of furniture and the enhancement of Feng Shui with every extra item brought in. With Feng Shui home plans each room in the home will be perfectly placed. The bedrooms will be placed for tranquility, the bathrooms will not be in positions to block Chi or minimize it. It is not impossible to create a Feng Shui home from an existing home, but it is more difficult. Starting with Feng Shui home plans simply allows each aspect of Feng Shui to fall into place with minimal effort.


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