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10 favorite accent wall designs!

Beautiful wallpaper accent wall

Beautiful wallpaper accent wall via House to Home

Creating an accent wall--that is, using color to treat one wall differently from the others in a room--is like adding an exclamation point at the end of a sentence. It adds excitement and importance to a space. In many rooms you don't have a sense of architecture or style. Creating an accent wall is a simple way to provide vibrancy and a sense of place.

Accent Wall Basics

  • The accent wall is usually the first wall that you see when entering a room.
  • It can help to anchor or define a separate area within a larger space. For example, within a large, open-plan house, an accent wall can define a smaller area as being a reading area.
  • The accent wall highlights a large focal point on or near that wall: TV, entertainment center, bed, fireplace, bookcase. Accent walls are rarely found floating around on their own.
  • In most cases, an accent wall is a bold color against neutral walls ). However...
  • Another version of the accent wall is a vibrant shade against other walls of the same shade. For example, a rich orange against other, very pale orange walls.
  • Don't forget that wallpaper and tile can also make an accent wall, not just paint.

Picking a wall

Use the key principle in applying makeup: Accentuate the best feature. In other words, pick a wall with a focal point. These are naturals: a fireplace wall, an unusually shaped wall, walls holding dramatic artwork, or the wall behind a bed's headboard. This is where your eye goes first. An accent color only makes a focal point more dramatic.

Picking a color

as a general rule, cool colors like green and blue are good for places where you want to relax. Warm colors like red and yellow are better for areas where lively activities take place. When selecting a color, it helps to look at what you already have in the room. A color that, exists in artwork or upholstery fabric can make a great choice for an accent wall. But don't pick the dominant color. If you choose red and you have a red sofa and a red rug, you aren't accenting a wall, you are carrying on the same color scheme. It's better to choose another color that complements your surroundings.

Here are some fabulous accents walls design examples.

Do you want to revamp your dining room? Here a great example to create texture and warmth in a space.

picture-85Transitional style HERMOSA DINING ROOM by  Hornebeck Design Partners

Do you love wallpaper or stripes? If you love it but don’t want to commit to an entire room, the focal point wall (below) is a great place for it!


Do you have a stairwell that needs some life? Here’s a way to do it, just make sure you paint the other walls a color that coordinates with the rest of your decor.


Do you love texture and comfort? Here a great application for a oversize headboard taking the whole wall. It is made of foam padded panels covered in a beautiful vibrant natural silk fabric .


Bedroom Design by Civility Design Interior & Architecture

How would you coordinate 2 rooms? This accent wall makes a wonderful transition between the dining room and living room below. The purple shade is carried out in the next room art work.


Vinyl or wallpaper? A great way to instill nature and discovery in this pretty nursery!


Wondering how to revamp your office conference room? Here a great accent wall application at the NY Corcoran head office.


Who would think that wood panelling would make a great accent? Storage and entertainment center creates are hidden behind this long elegant wood panels wall.

picture-205Design by S. Russell Groves

Do you have bookshelves or a niche to paint? Accent colors can look fabulous inside them!


How can an accent wall be functional too? In this small home office, the accent wall is covered in a black board providing space for work and fun!


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Which accent wall is your favorite? Do you think that you are likely to use any of these ideas for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Feng Shui Bed Guidelines - Do You Have a Good Feng Shui Bed and Bedroom?- Part 3




 Feng Shui Solutions for Your Bed & Bedroom Challenges

The truth you need to know is that very few bedrooms have perfect feng shui. Unless you had the luck of designing and building your house with feng shui in mind, you will, most probably, have to face some challenges while creating a good feng shui bedroom. 

Without any further introductions, let's go straight to the challenges you might encounter in a modern bedroom and find the best feng shui solutions for a good feng shui bedroom you absolutely deserve! 

Let's start with the biggest, or most common feng shui challenges in a modern bedroom.



Mirror facing the bed You probably know that a mirror facing the bed is a big feng shui red flag, or a feng shui "NO!" for a good bedroom. Either a mirror from a closet door, a mirror from a piece of furniture or a free standing mirror - you do not want a mirror to reflect your bed across or above it when you are sleeping. It is a disturbance to your resting time.

Bed in line with the door Be it the bedroom door, the door to the balcony/patio, the ensuite bathroom door or your closet doors, you do not want your bed in line with any of the doors in your bedroom.

Beams, ceiling fan or a chandelier above your bed The only thing you want above your bed when you sleep is a soft canopy. This is about it. Nothing heavy, nothing hanging, please do not hang chimes and bells above your head, this is bad feng shui.


Sharp angles (sha chi, or poison arrows) pointing at you when you sleep Be it from the nearby nightstands, from a further away piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, or from a sharp wall corner - be sure to neutralize all the sharp energy aiming at your bed. 

Bed under the window In addition to a good headboard, you always want to have a solid wall behind your bed. When you sleep under the window, your personal energy tends to get weaker in time, as it has neither proper support, not protection.  Windows on the side of your bed are good.


Bed under a sloped ceiling When you spend time under a sloped ceiling, your energy is being heavily constricted and is under constant pressure. As nighttime is the only time when your body can do the deep work of regenerating itself, sleeping under a sloped ceiling restricts this work, thus one's health may suffer. Sleeping in a bed under a sloped ceiling can also contribute to emotional instability and low energy. 

Bed with access from only one side A bed with access from only ones side limits the flow of energy to your bed. While it looks like all is quite and you are sleeping, your body is busy doing a lot of work and is looking to use all the energy it can to improve your health. When the flow of energy to your bed is restricted, your body does not receive the optimum help it needs. In addition, if you are in an intimate love relationship, having a bed with access from only one side can limit the open flow of communication between partners. 


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Feng Shui Bed Guidelines - Do You Have a Good Feng Shui Bed and Bedroom?- Part 2




 Position Your Bed with Feng Shui 


Bedrooms are very important in Feng Shui for obvious reasons. Your bed and your bedroom have to have good feng shui to support your

personal energy. Your bed also has to maintain the feng shui energy of love and healing. That's a lot of feng shui responsibility for just one piece of furniture, isn't it? 

Feng Shui bed guidelines are quite easy to follow and implement. Feng shui bed placement, however, is where you may encounter many challenges, all depending on your existing bedroom options. 

The first step in creating good feng shui energy in your bedroom is to do your best in meeting the feng shui bed guidelines (Read- part 1). Let's assume you already have a good feng shui bed just waiting for the right placement in your bedroom! 

The second step is to examine your bedroom and see if you can place the bed in the ideal feng shui spot for your bed - the so-called feng shui command position

Feng shui command position is the area further from the door / diagonally from the door, but not in line with the door. In other words, you want to be able to see the door while in bed, but not be aligned with the door. 

The other feng shui criteria for a good bed placement are:

Good supporting wall behind your bed.

Grounding and balanced energy on both sides (e.g. nightstands.)

No sharp angles (from wall or furniture corners) pointing at you while you sleep.

It is always smart to position your bed away from the walls that have electric appliances on either side (the computer, the fridge, or the TV.) And, of course, it is best feng shui to limit (or completely eliminate!) the electrical appliances in your bedroom. 

For example, you could switch the electrical alarm clock for a battery operated one, you will considerably lower the harmful EMFs in your bedroom. And your body will thank you! 

Avoid a bed in line with the bedroom door, as well as any other doors - be they balcony doors, bathroom door, walk-in closet or patio doors.

If possible, place the bed according to your best, or lucky feng shui directions. This will be determined through a Feng Shui consultation. 

When finding the best placement for your bed, you should always listen to the room, so to speak, and experiment with the best bed placement. If you can have both best feng shui bed placement and your best directions requirements met, then great! 

Do not place your bed in a corner or angle the bed in a room just so that you can sleep facing your best feng shui directions. And do not sleep in the living room just so that you can face your best directions!

Approach feng shui logically and practically, and, most importantly, in an empowered way. If your bed cannot face your best feng shui directions, you can sure focus on facing your lucky directions when you work, watch TV, or eat dinner! Be creative and be smart, and know that there are solutions for almost everything in feng shui. 

If at this point you are thinking "There is no way I can find a good feng shui bed position in my poor bedroom!", then the next part of this article is for you. Let's deal with possible challenges in your bedroom and find the best feng shui solutions for them.

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Feng Shui Bed Guidelines - Do You Have a Good Feng Shui Bed?- Part 1



Feng Shui Guidelines for Your Bed


Your bed is the most important Feng Shui piece of furniture in your entire life. Strong feng shui statement, isn’t it? Strong, but true. Your bed is the only piece of furniture that has the most intimate (and intricate!) connection to your personal energy. 

The role of the feng shui of your bed and your bedroom in relation to your health, your well-being, as well as the quality of your relationships cannot be overestimated. 

Needless to say, feng shui-wise, a good bed is one of the most important feng shui purchases you will make for your own wellbeing.

What makes a great feng shui bed? Three things:

Good headboard. While you are drifting off to sleep, your body is going into an extra busy energy repair work on many levels. Subconsciously, your head needs good backing, protection and support, just like your back needs it when you are seating in a chair for extended periods of time. Best feng shui headboards are the ones that are solid and made from wood, or the upholstered ones, as they have a very good combination of solid, but also gentle and supporting feng shui energy for you and your bedroom.

Good mattress. There is a variety of mattresses on the market, choose wisely and invest in the one that will promote best sleep and

relaxation. The better you sleep at night, the better your health during the day, this is really simple. Be mindful of good feng shui and do not

buy used mattresses - you never know what energy they have accumulated from previous owners.

Good height. To allow for a balanced feng shui energy flow under the bed you need to have your bed at a reasonable height above the floor

level. Generally, the beds that have built-in storage drawers underneath to help you with storage solutions are considered bad feng shui beds.

Why? Because the energy needs to circulate around your body when you sleep, which is not possible if the space underneath the bed is


Hopefully your bed meets the feng shui criteria for a good (or great!) feng shui bed. What do you do next? Well, you see if it has the best feng shui positioning in your bedroom. Read my next article...


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Can A Headboard Increase Your Home's Feng Shui?




 Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese technique used to improve a person's life by using the positive energy created by the heaven and the earth. It's believed that the type of furnishing you have in your home and their location can have a positive or a negative effect on the quality of your

life. Which brings us to the question can a headboard increase your home's Feng Shui?

According to the beliefs surrounding Feng Shui the answer is yes. It is believed that headboard designs can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep.Everything that is associated with Feng Shui is connected to the five elements listed below:

1. Earth

2. Fire

3. Water

4. Wood

5. Metal

The headboard designs that are recommended for Feng Shui are those that match up with the five elements and the shape of the headboard is very significant.

Headboard Shapes

The shape of the headboard should be matched to a person's personality and/or profession in order to receive the most positive energy. Below are the five shapes recommended for use with Feng Shui along with a few of the designs that should be avoided.

- Square - The square shape promotes stability and is a great choice for all professionals and people connected to the wood or earth elements.

- Rectangle - This shape also promotes stability and is a great choice for people connected to the wood or earth elements. Any type of professional can benefit from this shape.

- Round - The round shaped headboard is recommended for office workers or anyone that deals with paperwork of any kind. The round shape is most often associated with the metal element.

- Oval - Associated with the element water the oval shape is recommended for musicians, artists and other professions that involve creativity.

- Wave - The wave is also associated with the element water and is perfect for anyone whose profession involves creativity.

The shapes listed above are all recommended to increase the positive energy flow and promote a good night sleep. However, there are a few headboard designs that should be avoided. The angular shape is one of these because it's associated with the element fire and it's not recommended for anyone when it comes to headboards. Open designs arenon-supportive and not used in Feng Shui decorating.

Other headboard designs that are not recommended include any design that has sharp objects or "arrows" pointing in your direction. These are said to promote negativity and violence. Styles that resemble tombstones promote restlessness and thoughts of death. Mirrored headboards tend to interfere with the positive energy fields and reduce the effectiveness created by Feng Shui.

Other Things to Consider

When considering headboard designs for use with Feng Shui, the material used can be a factor even though the shape is more of an issue than the material used to make it. The majority of headboards are made from wood and metal. Wood is considered to be stable while metal seems to benefitthose whose profession deals with office work.

After carefully considering which headboard design is best for you, take some time to find the best position for your bed. The positioning is very important when trying to get the most benefits from the Feng Shui decorating. A couple of the basic rules to follow include placing the headboard against a solid wall in the room and positioning the bed where you can see the door but where you're not aligned with it.

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