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The color of your interior wall plays a vital role to keep your peace and happy. The choice of color for your home should not be random as it has a huge impact on human psychology. Choosing a trendy color may give your home fancy look but it is very important to think about the right color that impacts your psychology. 

Orange and yellow color promotes optimism and Purple color develops creativity and problem-solving skill. Likewise, blue color stimulates productivity and provides the sense of security. There are various colors that have their different impact on human psychology. To know more about it, check out our below infographic from the Farthing

Thank you for The Farthing for their great article! Find Enthusiasm & Inspiration Via Feng Shui Design

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// Posted on September 27, 2012 by Jacqueline Colette Prosper in Good Works

"A growing number of vendors on Vedere are giving back to their community in big ways that are helping to make our world a better place. As a social commerce website that regroups creative communities while showcasing new talent, Vedere has launched, Good Works on Vedere, a new weekly column, spotlighting our vendors’ contributions to worthy causes. Each Thursday,  follow #GoodWorks on Twitter to track how industry leaders on Vedere are making the world a better place, one charitable project at a time. Then join our discussion group on Twitter #GoodWorksDesignChat Thursdays at 12noon!"

Those looking to add peace and solace to a home should look no further than interior designer Marie Burgos, seen on Vedere, as their guide to interior salvation. Read the post below to discover her signature tips!

(Photography Credit: Scott Morris)

Burgos discovered Feng Shui in a period of her life when she was passionately hungry for a way to improve her current situation. The philosophy of creating interiors that incorporate balance, harmony and good flow or energy—the tenents of Feng Shui, has been a driving force in Burgos’s career.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

“Having a perfect layout which is open and does not create blockages is a great way to balance the space, says Burgos. “Using both clean, square lines balanced with curves or utilizing hard surfaces harmonized with soft, plush pieces are also a way to create that balance,” she continues.


(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

For Burgos, the purpose of Feng Shui is create supportive environments through the art of ‘placement’, which is not only calming, but can also elevate one’s mood.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

“Lighting is another great way to improve flow and balance because it always makes things brighter, more inviting and creates a mood,” she adds. “And last, color is another fabulous way to help the flow of energy and create an atmosphere as each color has a meaning and particular properties that affect people’s moods.”

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

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Feng Shui Wedding: "The perfect venue".

The perfect Venue is the one you dreamt about since you were little...

Feng Shui only adds a few elements to guide you in the direction to choose the perfect venue,  enhance it with the perfect accessories, display the perfect accents... and make all your efforts all worthwhile for your dream wedding.




Your ceremony:

It's fabulous Feng Shui to invite Mother Nature to your wedding by holding your ceremony at a beach, garden or park. Everyone relaxes, there's harmony in the air and you save enough for a good house deposit or dream honeymoon. 

The venue:  

There should not be any dark spots or corners or this would become an obstacle for  chi energy to flow freely. Therefore, if this happens you should place a plant by it or a light towards it.

The reception:

The set up of your reception is very important as well. There should be no rectangle or square tables in your reception area, as the hard, sharp angles create a feeling of conflict. Round or oval tables are perfect choices. Make sure the entire room is lit up. Dark areas hinder the Chi energy from flowing freely around the room. 

The Flowers:

The flowers bouquet each holds a different meaning.  A lily can increase sensuality, A rose for romance, A sweat pea for creativity, Ivy is good for vitality, Ranunculus can help with prosperity, Snapdragons enhance spirituality, Tulips are good for the ambitious, Cosmos for those who value family and friends and quince for partners looking for new opportunities. Choose the one that is most appealing to you. We are always drawn naturally to a particular color, shape or scent. 

The Accessories:

Everyone knows clear quartz crystals are Feng Shui cures. Not so many know that crystal dinnerware and chandeliers are also celestial cures, because they reflect light. For luck, take wedding photos under crystal chandeliers, add crystal candlesticks to your bridal table or include sparkling crystal tableware on your gift registry. You could wear crystals on your dress, veil or shoes. Crystal beading also looks exotic rimming tea lights on tables! 

The color scheme:

The color you choose for your wedding will set the mood, and reflect you as a couple. Here is a list of popular wedding day colors and the feng shui meanings.

Red: Not only is it a traditional Chinese wedding color -- accenting your wedding day with red also creates a strong atmosphere of love and romance. 

Pink: Perfect for a younger couple, pink evokes a sense of fun playfulness and lightheartedness.



Purple and violet: Good for a smaller, more intimate wedding celebration with close family and friends, purples give off a very sexy, passionate vibe.

Black and white: A favorite combination for creating positive feng shui, black and white together represent a strong, balanced relationship -- as in the yin and the yang.

Blues and greens: A good color combo for a couple who has known each other for many years, or even a second wedding, because blues and greens promote a calm feeling. 




Yellow: This bright, sunny color is the hue of cheerfulness and the perfect color to add to a less-than-well-lit ceremony or reception space. 

Orange: The ideal color for the couple with a large guest list, orange gives off a sense of warmth -- promoting conversation and a comfortable atmosphere. 




You are now set to have a perfect Feng Shui wedding under the eyes of Mother Nature...

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Feng Shui Wedding: “ The Tradition”

Looking to have a Feng Shui wedding and still following "The Tradition". Feng Shui is this fabulous Asian philosophy that adapts itself to our western traditions and really let us have the best of both worlds.So for your wedding, you can have: 

Something new: Your Bridal Bouquet can affect energy surrounding you in different ways. The colour, the scent and even the shape of the flowers all can have different meanings.



Something old:Be careful with vintage gowns! Feng Shui enthusiasts are aware that previously owned items carry the previous owners energy - that may be fine if you know them but if not ensure your starting with a clean slate by clearing old chi away. Hang the gown up overnight by a bowl of sea salt, walk around the gown several times and ring bells around it, or burn sage close by! 






Something borrowed:"If you borrow something, borrow something blue from someone with a happy marriage and a happy family." The idea is that the energy of that person's happy life will give good energy to you on your wedding day. And by combining the age-old traditions of "something borrowed" with "something blue" (blue is the feng shui color of peace and serenity), you'll promote wedding day feng shui. 






Something blue: Do you always think of Red when you think of Feng Shui? Actually Blue is a fabulous colour for your wedding. Blue offers peace and serenity, so that Blue Garter is probably a really good idea! Every bride could use that extra boost! 



Your family will be happy, even with a  Feng Shui wedding, the traditions that your mothers and grand mothers and generations before have been using for good luck and happiness are still up to date today and we can make them work with Feng Shui.


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A Feng Shui Wedding: Picking the Date!

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and it is essential that your environment should nurture you and make you feel uplifted. The atmosphere should be one of harmony, love, and warmth. Using Feng Shui in your wedding will reduce the stress on the bride and groom and their families on the special day. Choosing the proper color décor and location will create the glorious setting that you desire for your wedding day. There are some Feng Shui guidelines that will help you with the harmony and balance of the ceremony as well as with the reception.
The first thing most couples do is pick a date. 
 Ideally you should choose a date of the month with either an 8 or 9 in it, or numbers that add up to one of these. 
In Chinese tradition 8 means love and 9 means eternity. 
The 18th is the most perfect date as it has an 8 in it AND it adds up to 9. 
Other favorable dates are the 8th, 9th, 17th, 19th, 28th and 29th.  
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