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Inspiration via collection

Stamp and coin collections seem to be a thing of the past, but after seeing these modern collections, inspiration is sure to flare.

Buttons, butterflies and globes, oh my.  A collection of any kind can become a work of art, whether its rare pieces from around the world or funky items from the junk drawer. The key is to modernize the display.

  • No need to display the entire collection.  Once the collection is assembled use an editing eye to remove any piece that seems out of place.
  • Try grouping by shape or color. Often the biggest impact is due to a creative arrangement.
  • Choose an unusual item to display.  Lightbulbs, old fashion hats or rug beaters will definitely impress any house guest.
  • Depending on the items, decide if a small grouping or a large display is the way to go.

Collections are a great way to expose your creative juices. Take a look at the images below to see which inspire you.

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