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The narrowness of the space called for streamlined furniture pieces, and this was a problem that we solved  by designing a custom-made dining room banquette.

We added a very modern element: the blue leather, but also some warmer elements such as the walnut cabinetry, which hosts extra storage on one side and a fun bar on the other.  The leather was used on most of the seating furniture pieces (sofa, kitchen chairs, leather banquette) for durability as the clients have a lovely dog.

We added a lot of lighting so the space would not be dark as the dining room is located at the center of the apartment.


It is a very modern style kitchen with some classical lines with the Carrera Marble that wraps around with waterfalls on each side of the island. 




Dramatically Retro

Designer Katie Rivinus and Adam Blackman poured over ten years into updating their 1950s modern post-and-beam-style home in Los Angeles.  All of their dedication paid off in a big way.  With a mixture of modern angles and retro furnishings this home has personality.  Sunlight streams in through the large windows and the sky lights nestled in the exposed wood beam ceilings. Cinderblock flanks the walls while stainless steel accents the kitchen.  Tailored style is prevalent in the furnishings slightly hinting a masculine appeal. Together this pair created a phenomenal space that reflects life’s inspirations of dramatic scale, color, texture and patina that comes with age.

Additional height is generated by the slightly angled ceiling.  Chinese water carriers hang over the sink in a decorative fashion.

The tufted black chair draped in its original leather upholstery is stately yet gracefully detailed.

The orange swivel club chairs were designed by art deco furniture designer Paul Frankl. The “V”-like cutout is mesmerizingly unusual.

A view of the tranquil pond just beyond the glass sliding doors completes the atmosphere of this home.

This updated 1920s stacking chest found at a flea market is only one of the details that make this home special.

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Modern and Manly!

Kelly Reynolds Interiors knocked this bachelor pad out of the park.  A stunning mix of practical style and one-of-a-kind features this loft in Vancouver, Canada, is the perfect location for entertaining.  Beyond the immediate beauty of the exposed brick wall and the 9-foot windows is the extraordinary detail, such as the built-in beer trough and a bio fuel fireplace. Sleek materials provide a contemporary space while the natural fiber upholstery infuse a certain coziness. This space is certainly a conversation starter!

Entertainment inspired beer trough. Genius!

A rugged block of wood serves as the perfect macho coffee table.

Comfy seating area snuggles up to the bio fuel fireplace.

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Stylish Bamboo Looks

Bamboo style chairs - Designer Jonathan Adler

Bamboo-look furniture, accents, and chandeliers have been popular for more than two centuries of interior design. Whether used in a zen-like spare and modern home or a Hampton's style beach house, bamboo-look pieces can look great in a variety of homes. I've found some great real bamboo or bamboo-style pieces. See my finds below.

Bamboo is a great alternative to wood because of natural beauty, and the fact it is technically a grass, not a wood, it grows very quickly and is more sustainable than timber. Modern Bamboo has a great collection of bamboo furniture. The company was founded in 2004 by Anthony Marschak who started working with bamboo while looking for a new flexible material for skateboard decks. Isn't this amazing?

Elegant Bamboo Chandelier from Gump's. It is handpainted and suggests traditional Chinese lantern elements. So pretty!

Here the Bamboo chandelier from Gump matched with a majestic real Bamboo bed in a design by John Loecke. This is a real summer home! Comfortable and so filed with color!!! I love it!

A vintage bamboo sofa and chair set, discovered at a flea market, was revived with new cushions covered in Sunbrella fabric. - Country Living

Light Lime Japanese Bamboo Fabric by Woodson and Rummerfields house of Design! isn't it perfect for upholstering these favorite little ottomans for some exotic flavor!

Cocoa Bamboo shades with coordinated valances.

You can also choose to go with a more natural shade like in this very refreshing white and baby blue kitchen. The shade actually adds a raw texture which balances out the glossy white and shiny backsplash surfaces.

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A Greenhouse turns Glamourous!

What a wonderful surprise to discover this beautiful greenhouse featured by Country Living. It is so pretty and creative that I absolutely wanted to share it with you.

As a wedding gift, Heather Cameron's husband, Kevin, took apart a neglected potting shed on their property and rebuilt it into a greenhouse with a tempered-glass roof.

In this tiny retreat behind Heather Cameron's house, the flowers are mostly on fabrics and the sun sparkles off crystal chandeliers but it is a perfect venue to curl up with a book or invite friends for tea time!

Heather furnished her newly fashioned getaway with vintage-floral pillows, white-painted furniture, and collections of mint green jadeite and milk glass vases. How fresh and feminine!

A tin bucket turns into a sink when hung from a spigot. I think I haven't such a sink anywhere else but at  my great grandmother's home! We could really have fun with one of those and chase up our cousins in the garden with each our mini water bucket...

I always loved vintage luggage and here they are stacked up to create the prefect end table.

Instead of planting in her greenhouse, Heather brings the garden inside with tubs of hydrangeas, fresh-picked peaches, and window boxes filled with begonias and dahlias. An old ladder becomes an inspired display for cups and vases filled with blooms from her garden.

And the fabulous crystal chandeliers are just for show — no wiring — but what a dazzling effect! The perfect touch of Glam!

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The look of Mohair in Design

Did you know Mohair was done from the long silky hair of the Angora goat?

The Angora goat is thought to originate from the mountains of Tibet, making their way to Turkey in the 16th century. Of course, Mohair is shorn from the goat without harming the animal.

Here is a good looking Angora goat! The Winner of the Diamond Award for Supreme Grand Champion for best coat!

Mohair, produced from the Angora goat coat, is a smooth, strong, durable, and resilient fiber. It enhances softness and luster in fabrics. Mohair absorbs dye evenly and brilliantly, retains color well, and permits unusual decorative effects. It is mainly used as an apparel fiber but may be used in upholstery, draperies, wigs, hairpieces, and rugs.

Look at these beautiful pieces of furniture all upholstered  with this luxurious mohair fabric!

Beautiful classic sofa in a royal blue mohair upholstery fabric. It is chic and look so comfortable and welcoming. image via Calico Corners.

Melanie Coddington small wing chair with interesting side scroll design, upholstered in blue mohair fabric by Kravet looks totally fabulous. It is a perfect chair for a living room or seating room.

This master bedroom of modern appeal designed by Moises Esquenazi is dark and cozy, with walls in Farrow & Ball Mahogany No. 36. The beautiful mohair velvet headboard is by the designer. I love the cosy, comfortable feel. It looks very intimate.

This cozy window seat alcove has silks, chenilles, and a luxurious baby blue mohair throw. Design by Kate Dickerson.

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Burlap is Chic!

Used to transport grain, coffee, potatoes and other dry goods, these humble bags have inspired high-style accessories. You can buy  them or DIY from recycled bags to bring a well-traveled rusticity to your decor.

Burlap is now being used in home furnishings.  Known more for it’s durability, burlap has traditionally been used in the home for area rugs or tablecloths.  But did you know that burlap is biodegradable and good for the environment?

This material can be so rustic, elegant and timeless all at once.  I love all the muted neutral tones it comes in, makes it a great backdrop for frames & bulletin boards, perfect for pillows and a simple black painted letter or number shines on this great textile.

Here a great application of Burlap in this home office bulletin board. It really looks chic and well finished with a white glossy frame and nail heads.

Upholstered furniture pieces can also look great and bring some extra flair to your interior.

Look at these fabulous bergere chairs in burlap fabric. Perfect for your a living room or patio!

This Balloon Chair in burlap fabric is taking a classic Hollywood regency style chair and re-inventing it in a fresh , more earthy palette. Rich dark wood frame and earthy burlap fabric upholstery , the perfect eclectic mix of materials to add a fresh new twist to this classic chair. -

French Laurel Wreath Burlap Pillow Cover by Les Petits Tresors boutique. They have a whole collection of handmade shabby chic, cottage and country style home accents. Visit them on Etsy. This is just a very easy way to integrate burlap to your decor.

With Burlap, you can go very chic with this nail head trimmed headboard ... or more casual with this burlap headboard made of recycled coffee beans bags, below.

This Chair from Barrymore is beautifully upholstered  with both burlap and velvet fabrics. Photo by Michael Graydon. via Canadian House and Home

How special does this burlap daybed looks with its assorted pillows?! Perfect for shabby chic interiors for your countryside home or beach home.

And here some very cute Burlap bags by designs maya made. Very fun to organize some accessories anywhere in your home.

Even a 70-year-old oak frame for a fabulous dining chair gets another layer of history when upholstered in a 1906 feed sack.

Jayson Home & Garden manufactures beautiful ones!

Hope this post inspired you to go greener, to try vintage or just to re- upholster your grand mother older piece of furniture for a fabulous newly fresh burlap look!

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The little Red Sideboard in your interior

I love Red furniture pieces. Red is not only a fabulous color but it is also considered the luckiest color by the Asian community. So it is good Feng Shui to have red in your home!

I have selected beautiful sideboards to attract that extra luck and give a zest of vitality and happiness to your living space!

Check out this beautiful red antique sideboard above paired with art work to match it harmoniously.

Below, Designer Molly Luetkemeyer has used that fabulous reddish sideboard in a very Hollywood glamour setting. It works so magically with the long curved sofa.

Red Sideboard - Interior design John Loeke

Here a very classic look called Cherry Bombe chest. It is so elegant and really belongs in places like Le Palais de Versailles.  I love its harmonious curves...

Look at this fabulous kitchen island! This is 20 feet long of amazing red sideboard to do bake and cook! Who wouldn't like to cook in such an grand kitchen.I bet Martha Stewart would love it too!

This red sideboard looks like it is 100 years old and it is really cute with its many draws. Just perfect for your entryway!

Which Red Sideboard is your favorite?

Let me know by living me a comment on the blog! Thanks.

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10 best spots to lounge around...

During summer, hours are longer and we tend to lounge around a bit longer with a book, on the phone, talking with friends, napping or just relaxing...

Have you thought about the best spot to lounge around in your home? if you don't have a favorite place yet, here are some great design lounge spaces for all these relaxing moments.

A beautiful sunny yellow skim bathes this alcove space for the perfect lounging time with a book or just a nap.

Chic lounge by the fire in this all pink bedroom by Drake Design. I love it. The fabrics are so rich and luxurious.

A little bit of vintage look for this corner under the window lounge. Perfect spot in a country home to forget about the city and enjoy the countryside.

This very classic library design is brought alive by the vibrant red of the lounge chair and the fun small leopard pillow.

Lounge space by the window

Very regency glamour this interior with a Californian view!

This lounge space in a citrus and white palette is very refreshing yet relaxing. Beautiful work by Amanda Nisbet.

Velvet and fringes bring a lot of character to this elegant lounge ensemble. Seems comfortable enough for a long nap.

Lots of beautiful fabrics are used here. Love the Asian influence!

Now, this is for the extra long naps! This lounge space is comfortable and very inviting. It is even big enough for two!

Which one of these lounges spaces is your favorite?

Please let me know by leaving me a comment on the Blog. Thanks

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A multitude of little Green Chairs...

I  have noticed that more and more designers use green fabrics or green leather for their chairs designs.

Green is a fun color there are so many shades and it can be paired with white, blue, yellow, red...

Check out the many combinations below...

A little bit of old world with this apple green and white dining chairs.

So glamorous! This yellow-green velvet tufted armchair is the perfect element to Amanda Nisbet's impeccable designs.

Very contemporary and chic looking. It green accent color through out this design makes this little green chair pop!

These matching pair of comfortable tufted armchair create the perfect spot to spend an sunny afternoon by the window chatting...

I love the big tropical leaves design. It is really special!

Very unexpected  these little acrylic and apple green chairs! They look modern, comfortable and bring a lot of color to this white and glass space.

Very elegant forest green fabric!

This little green chair with a very organic shape adds a lot of character to this home office space

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know by leaving me a comment on the blog!

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