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Some well-placed accessories can completely change the look of the rooms within your home, whether you want to create a harmonious energy or are going for a more modern, vibrant feel. Adding accessories to your home is a great way to explore new trends or new color schemes without redecorating or investing too much on an idea. Take some inspiration from these accessory ideas and inject some personality into each of your rooms.

Water Creates Harmony

Aquarium and custom-made cabinetry by Marie Burgos Design

Aquarium and custom-made cabinetry by Marie Burgos Design

The focal point of your lounge does not have to be the television. A distinctive water feature such as a small fountain will really stand out and create a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere. If you are introducing Feng Shui into your home, a water feature should face the front door to keep positive energy, or Chi, in your home. An aquarium with some exotic fish is an alternative talking point and is a relaxing addition to any room.


Light it Up

The Art Collectors' Home designed by Marie Burgos Design

The Art Collectors' Home designed by Marie Burgos Design

Natural light is best to create harmony and open up your home, but the same effect can be achieved with lighting as an accessory. Ambient lighting in the form of lamps or uplighters are ideal for places you like to relax in such as the bedroom or living room. Lighting can also be practical when placed in areas such as the kitchen or your cabinets. Colored lighting can create a different atmosphere in every room. Try blue or green hues to create a natural feel. Red or orange creates a modern, energetic mood.

Reflect your Energy

Mirror at The Spicy Warehouse designed by Marie Burgos Design

Mirror at The Spicy Warehouse designed by Marie Burgos Design

Mirrors are ideal for creating the illusion of space in a room and also reflect natural light to add warmth to your home. Ensure that they are not facing your front door to keep the positive energy within your home. Colored glassware or surfaces add to the reflective look so these can be added where there may not be space to hang or place mirrors.

Add a Personal Touch

Bonbon Chouval Sculpture from Victor Anicet at the Chelsea Duplex project

Bonbon Chouval Sculpture from Victor Anicet at the Chelsea Duplex project

Accessories do not just have to be about energy or style. Add something to show your personality to visitors, whether it be your favorite color, art or even some accessories indicating your favorite books or movies.

Remember not to fall into the trap of over-accessorizing as this will create clutter in your home. Instead, go for a few minor additions to change the mood and energy of each room accordingly.

The power of your Front door



According to Feng Shui principles doors are known as the "mouth of chi." Energy enters a building through the front door and also through each door in your home and/or office. Personally, I don't believe that Feng Shui is that black or white. If things are going well for you then my belief is to leave things the way they are. However, if you are feeling stuck or opportunities are not coming your way as much as you'd like then take a look at the doors in your home or business and make adjustments.

1. Make sure that all doors open and close easily. If they are stuck or difficult to open, it could hinder opportunities from coming your way.

2. If two doors bang into each other when opened simultaneously, it could lead to arguing. This is known as "bickering doors." If possible, either change the direction of one of the doors, remove one door and replace it with a curtain, or get an accordian or pocket door.

3. Doors that squeak, stick, have broken latches or handles should be repaired.

4. Ideally, doors should open to the widest view of the room.

5. It's not a good idea to hang things in back of a door. This prevents the door from fully opening and suppresses the chi.

6. Please be sure that there's nothing obstructing the doors in your home or office. Piles of clutter should not be in front of any door.

Your front door is the most important door of your home or office. Make sure it's very visible from the street, and no trees or bushes are preventing people from clearly viewing your door.

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What color do I paint my front door?




Traditionally, in Feng Shui, the door is painted red. Since the house in feng shui is sometimes seen as the body, the door is considered the tongue and when it sticks out, it’s like the red carpet at the Oscars; hot and fiery and where a lot of positive energy can find you. However, it’s not always pleasing to the eye to use red since it might not compliment the exterior palette. The door is the point of entry and in my opinion, it should be bright and happy, something that lifts your heart to the sky. Since I’m not a traditionalist and always consider how the heart feels, I would advise you to consider how a black door might feel to you. And if it feels right, go for it.

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5 easy feng shui tips for under $10!




Windows are how we see the world, and it is amazing how quickly they get dirty. At least once a season, give them a wash and you will be amazed at how much better it feels! For a green twist, use white vinegar and newspaper to clean. The vinegar will have a strong smell while working, but when it dries, the smell is gone!

If you are feeling depressed, vacuum or sweep your house. Low level energy tends to collect on the floor, and if too much heaviness is in your home, one of the simplest ways to deal with this is to do something that lifts it up! Vacuums have an odd ability to change the space in a room instantly.

Clean out under you bed! When we sleep, things that are in direct vicinity to our bodies have an effect on us. If underneath you bed is full of clutter, dust or junk, there is a tendency for sleep to be less clear. It may be hard to get up in the morning. By opening things up, you will have a more fresh flow of energy around your body while you rest.

Put a vase of fresh flowers in a prominent area of your home. Flowers have such a beautiful and uplifting quality. They will undoubtedly help raise the energy of any room that you put them in.

For romance, put them in the bedroom. For wealth, put them on your desk. For health, try them in the kitchen or bathroom. Anywhere they go, they will add life to the space. Be sure to let them go the minute they start to droop - they can bring energy down just as fast as they can lift it.

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. This is a classic Feng Shui recommendation. Every time we see our door, it leaves an impression on us. Is that impression good? If your door has not been painted in a year, then give it a go. It will send out fresh and new energy to your whole life.

The front door is considered the threshold between the outside world and the inside world, so make it something that looks good, and that you like.There are so many possibilities with Feng Shui, but these easy tips will get the good vibes flowing in your home. 

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