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A Greenhouse turns Glamourous!

What a wonderful surprise to discover this beautiful greenhouse featured by Country Living. It is so pretty and creative that I absolutely wanted to share it with you.

As a wedding gift, Heather Cameron's husband, Kevin, took apart a neglected potting shed on their property and rebuilt it into a greenhouse with a tempered-glass roof.

In this tiny retreat behind Heather Cameron's house, the flowers are mostly on fabrics and the sun sparkles off crystal chandeliers but it is a perfect venue to curl up with a book or invite friends for tea time!

Heather furnished her newly fashioned getaway with vintage-floral pillows, white-painted furniture, and collections of mint green jadeite and milk glass vases. How fresh and feminine!

A tin bucket turns into a sink when hung from a spigot. I think I haven't such a sink anywhere else but at  my great grandmother's home! We could really have fun with one of those and chase up our cousins in the garden with each our mini water bucket...

I always loved vintage luggage and here they are stacked up to create the prefect end table.

Instead of planting in her greenhouse, Heather brings the garden inside with tubs of hydrangeas, fresh-picked peaches, and window boxes filled with begonias and dahlias. An old ladder becomes an inspired display for cups and vases filled with blooms from her garden.

And the fabulous crystal chandeliers are just for show — no wiring — but what a dazzling effect! The perfect touch of Glam!

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Chairs Designs inspired by Flowers...

Don't some chairs totally reminds you of flowers? Very talented designers all over the world have designed chairs  which are not only functional but also beautiful and comfortable.

As Spring is in the air,...I thought I would share with you some beautiful images of what nature has inspired...

This very elegant traditional Pink Bergere which really looks like a pretty pink tulip  would be a great addition to a feminine boudoir for all of you elegant Ladies...

Orange Coco Chair

The famous Coco chair designed by Alphaville Design! This retro modern lounge chair is made in the style of the George Nelson Coconut Chair design introduced in 1955. Doesn't she looks like a beautiful orange tulip?

MOORE, an armchair with a swivel seat, is a sculpture with a living and enveloping form that immediately makes it an icon. An ample goblet-shaped seat is pivoted and turns on a base plate thanks to a sophisticated hidden mechanism, both in lacquered nylon in various colour variants ranging from bronze, to lead to white. Due to the special properties of this lacquer, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Doesn't it reminds you of a gorgeous Calla Lily? It would certainly look amazing on your terrace next to a bed of calla lily flowers...

The Clover’s white design chair is so inviting, you feel lucky just seating into it! The organic curves give it loads of sensual character. The small white arm chair is designed by Ron Arad is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use.  I simply love the name.

At age 82, Pierre Paulin may have been one of the oldest designer still creating beautiful things. More than 50 years after producing his first work, he made the Flower Chair, above, from injection-molded translucent polycarbonate for Magis. Just the name talk for itself... Truly gracious!

The Bloom Lounge Chair is made of microfiber stitched over a resin top with a steel base. Inspired by the graceful blossom of a flower, this lounge chair is sculpted by hundreds of fine running stitches radiating from the center of the seat creating a subtle textural feel. Invisible supports form shapes reminiscent of soft and graceful musical tones. It really reminds me of an Hibiscus flower from the beautiful island of Martinique, my family's island...

Ito describes his design style as "simplexity," meaning a mix of simple shapes that are nevertheless very complex to design. His 2002 Petal chair for Italian furniture-design agency Cappellini looks like it could have been cooked up in a second, but it took months of careful honing to perfect its sensuous fiberglass shell, which encases a foam-padded seat upholstered in leather. Petals come in several colors, so they can be grouped together to form a flower. So spring like!

Hope you have enjoyed my selection of beautiful flower chairs. Which one is your favorite?

Let me know by commenting here on the Blog.

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Purple interior design spaces!

picture-44 Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.

Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered precious. Because purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool color it has both warm and cool properties. A purple room can boost a child’s imagination or an artist’s creativity. Too much purple, like blue, could result in moodiness.

Deep or bright purples suggest riches while lighter purples are more romantic and delicate. Use redder purples for a warmer color scheme or the bluer purples to cool down.

Purple, Lavender, Lilac, Iris, Mauve, Violet and Heather are all softer versions of the color Purple and are delicate and romantic, while deep or bright purples like Aubergine, Grape, Plum, Eggplant, and Iris are bolder and more dramatic.

Here some fabulous examples of designed rooms using these shades...

picture-421Austin Harrelson

picture-312Elle Decor

picture-321Elle Decor

picture-332Elle Decor


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Living Room Feng Shui Design Dos & Donts

picture-7 The living room is considered the social hub of the home. It is an area to receive and entertain guests as well as a room to relax and unwind and get together as a family after a long day of work,.

It is important to make this area of your home comfortable, safe and balanced so the Chi is upbeat and supportive.

You might want to create a conversational area, a working area, a relaxing area or this play area… you always dreamt of.

There are a few things to consider when designing your living room.

First, the lay out of your furniture. Depending on how you place your furniture, you help or block the Chi energy circulate around the room. By having your furniture in the wrong place, you might block new opportunities to come into your life. Then, the color, the lighting and your accessories.

Here are some great Feng Shui tips to support your family life with great Chi energy.


1- Use a larger piece of furniture instead of several smaller pieces to create that vision of a larger space and help the Chi flow better.

2- Bring in plants and fresh flowers to lift up the chi energy, the spirits and good moods. They also support good health by reducing EMFs (Electrical Magnetic Field). Having a lot of electrical equipment can make you feel lethargic. Protect yourself from these radiations by displaying plants in front of stereo systems, TV and electronic equipment.

3- Bring matching pairs of lamps, accessories or chairs to create balance and harmony in your space

4- Pair clean square and rectangular lines with some curves to soften and balance a design look.  Circular shapes bring intimacy, softness and comfort to a space.

5-Use Functional storage that will keep your possessions of the floor and keep your home neat and clean.

6- Bring extra comfort to your living room with window treatments in beautiful fabrics, comfortable and deep sofas and chairs, fluffy thick rugs.

7- Lighten up the room with light color shades, soft task lighting, sconces and candles and choose your fireplace as the focal point of the living room. It brings people together and create warmth.


1- Place sofas directly opposite each other. This can be confrontational and you may find guests arguing without provocations.

2- Have too many pieces of furniture. They cramp the flow of Chi and create a feel of chaos and insecurity in the room.

3- Have clutter behind and under sofas and other pieces of furniture. They block the chi energy and create stagnant energies. This makes people feel tired and out of energy.

4- Have furniture with hard edges. Favor smooth rounded shapes for safety. Curved lines help prevent negative, cutting chi from being aimed at people sitting within the living room.

5- Avoid any depressing or violent imagery or wall art. This may upset the home harmony. Choose pleasing views and art pieces.

6- keep piles of magazines and papers. They create stagnant energy. Give them away or recycle them.

7- Don’t leave dead or dry flowers in your space. They create stagnant energy. They always need to be fresh and vibrant to energize the area.

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Tone-on-tone interior decorating



Tonal variation

Whether you lean towards the calming greens of jade, moss, mint, apple and emerald for your bedroom or would love your living room to be awash with blues that are as deep as the ocean or as light as the sky, decorating with these colours tone-on-tone will evoke a connection with nature like no other will. Relax and enjoy.


Working with harmonious natural wood tones is so fresh. Unless your intention is rustic wood cabin, keep your eye out for contemporary pieces of furniture or items with a modern twist. Panels of highly grained timber are beautiful backdrops for lighter cabinets or timber cut-outs, which are affordable pieces of art in themselves. Wood is so tactile that collecting special pieces can become quite an obsession.

Try using the natural hues of wood as an accent among the blues or greens. Grey also works well and adds a refined appeal. A throw rug in a steely grey tossed across the back of a chair, stainless-steel benchtops, polished-concrete floors or chunky rugs that run from grey into grey-blue would all be right at home.

Blue and green tones

There’s a growing global trend for harmonious colour combinations, particularly using tones of blue with other tones of blue as well as shades of green with green. Mixing it up with natural elements such as timber, which itself has lots of variations in both colour and texture, relaxes the look, making it a perfect palette.


The key to making this work is balance. Pattern is wonderful but aim for a ratio of 30 per cent pattern against 70 per cent plain if you want the space to feel calm. Texture, be it in the scuffed-up paint on a treasured kitchen chair or the mottled pigment of a chalky wall, adds warmth through the suggestion of age. Bring in a breath of fresh, seasonal air with flowers in shades of the same colour: think hydrangea, cornflower, iris and lavender for starters.


All shades of blue work well together. Deep inky blues offset turquoise shades and a dash of white brightens everything. Same goes for green. Forest, citrus and emerald greens sparkle when grouped in displays of collectable glass or dishes piled high on open shelves. Living with blues and greens isn’t about matching shades, as the effect may look contrived. It’s the subtle contrast between colours that makes this tone-on-tone approach so refreshing.Blue, in all its forms, be it cobalt, navy, royal, aqua or eggshell, is a meditative colour and green evokes harmony, making both perfect for a bedroom. It’s a great starting point for any decorating experiments as painting one room and adding some new bed linen is a relatively inexpensive exercise. Or consider sewing some pretty ribbon as a trim onto existing white sheets and pillowcases. Crafty crocheters can start picking up balls of wool in varying shades of blue or green whenever they pass a good shop so they have a colourful stash for a granny-square blanket when winter next rolls around.

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Create an instant garden

picture-11 Own a terrace or even a small balcony? Create an instant garden!

Spontaneous greenery is the key here and planters are the way forward because nothing creates the feel of an established garden quicker than lush foliage.

You don’t necessary need flowers to add color to your garden. You can swap decking and concrete for tiles and, inspired by Turkish pools, create colorful paving with a difference. You can alternatively use outdoor carpet tiles in bright colors, even a fake grass look will do.

Brighten up with bright new accessories and bold furniture to add fun to the space. Pillows, an umbrella or canopy, pottery, colorful candles are a great easy ways to create a bright garden.

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Quick Change Decor- Part1


Some people get bored with their home décor, and feel the need to change it often. Of course, many folks don't have the time or money to make big changes every time they feel their home needs a little freshening up. But there are fast and easy ways to update your look without having to spend a lot of money.


Nothing brightens a room like a fresh coat of paint. Experiment with a bold new color. Don't be afraid to try something different. If you really hate it, you can paint right over it! This quick change will work in any room in the house. Most rooms can easily be painted in less than a day, and your room will look extra fresh and clean.


Want a new look for your living room or bedroom? Buy some fabulous new throw pillows! You can add interesting punches of color and beautiful touches of fabric just by tossing some pillows onto the couch or bed. If you think you are tired of your furniture or bedding, adding new throw pillows may change your mind and add some extra mileage to that old sofa.

Candles and Flowers

Adding candles and flowers can brighten up most any room. Even if you already have both, change them often. If you use artificial flowers for you arrangements, it's easy to become so used to your floral touches that you don't even notice them anymore. Change your arrangements every month or so to keep the room looking fresh. Candles can also be changed to add a touch of a different color or a wonderful new scent. Hanging candle holders make an interesting and bold choice, and will add a touch of elegance to any wall.

Read part 2 for more tips on Quick change Decor!

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The power of plants and flowers in your home 


1. Plants are auspicious from the point of feng shui. It is always good to grow plants in the house, especially wooded plants. 

2. Plants in the office also bring about increased luck in your career. Place plants in the east, south or south-east corners (Family area, Wealth area and Fame area of the Bagua energy map)of your office for maximum luck. 

3. If you are a married couple and want children, avoid putting flowers in the bedroom. Instead, place a basket of fruits in your bedroom. Fruits, especially pomegranates, are a symbol of fertility. 

4. Don't place thorny plants inside your home. Thorny plants do form a protective shield, and could be placed outside the home. Don't place them too near the front door. They could be placed a little further away from the door, or in the balcony. 

5. Don't place bonsai plant inside or outside the home. They represent stunted growth. 

6. Trim your plants regularly. Overgrown plants promote bad energy. Similarly, trim trees in your garden regularly. Don't let them overwhelm your house. 

7. Fresh flowers bring luck and fortune in your home. Place fresh flowers in your living room on a regular basis. However, once they die, throw them out. Don't leave dying flowers in your home. 

8. Avoid placing dried flowers in your house. They are believed to bring misfortune. Artificial flowers are a far preferable option and are believed to bring luck. 

9. Do not place any flowers or any other auspicious feng shui symbol in the bathroom. The good luck will backfire and turn into bad luck. 

10. Ever noticed lemons hanging on the entrances of shops in Hindu artwork? They are believed to ward off the evil eye, according to Hindu superstitious beliefs. Similarly, oranges and lemons are believed to be powerful symbols of fortune, and bring prosperity to the home. They should be placed at the entrance. 


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5 easy feng shui tips for under $10!




Windows are how we see the world, and it is amazing how quickly they get dirty. At least once a season, give them a wash and you will be amazed at how much better it feels! For a green twist, use white vinegar and newspaper to clean. The vinegar will have a strong smell while working, but when it dries, the smell is gone!

If you are feeling depressed, vacuum or sweep your house. Low level energy tends to collect on the floor, and if too much heaviness is in your home, one of the simplest ways to deal with this is to do something that lifts it up! Vacuums have an odd ability to change the space in a room instantly.

Clean out under you bed! When we sleep, things that are in direct vicinity to our bodies have an effect on us. If underneath you bed is full of clutter, dust or junk, there is a tendency for sleep to be less clear. It may be hard to get up in the morning. By opening things up, you will have a more fresh flow of energy around your body while you rest.

Put a vase of fresh flowers in a prominent area of your home. Flowers have such a beautiful and uplifting quality. They will undoubtedly help raise the energy of any room that you put them in.

For romance, put them in the bedroom. For wealth, put them on your desk. For health, try them in the kitchen or bathroom. Anywhere they go, they will add life to the space. Be sure to let them go the minute they start to droop - they can bring energy down just as fast as they can lift it.

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. This is a classic Feng Shui recommendation. Every time we see our door, it leaves an impression on us. Is that impression good? If your door has not been painted in a year, then give it a go. It will send out fresh and new energy to your whole life.

The front door is considered the threshold between the outside world and the inside world, so make it something that looks good, and that you like.There are so many possibilities with Feng Shui, but these easy tips will get the good vibes flowing in your home. 

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Feng Shui Wedding: "The perfect venue".

The perfect Venue is the one you dreamt about since you were little...

Feng Shui only adds a few elements to guide you in the direction to choose the perfect venue,  enhance it with the perfect accessories, display the perfect accents... and make all your efforts all worthwhile for your dream wedding.




Your ceremony:

It's fabulous Feng Shui to invite Mother Nature to your wedding by holding your ceremony at a beach, garden or park. Everyone relaxes, there's harmony in the air and you save enough for a good house deposit or dream honeymoon. 

The venue:  

There should not be any dark spots or corners or this would become an obstacle for  chi energy to flow freely. Therefore, if this happens you should place a plant by it or a light towards it.

The reception:

The set up of your reception is very important as well. There should be no rectangle or square tables in your reception area, as the hard, sharp angles create a feeling of conflict. Round or oval tables are perfect choices. Make sure the entire room is lit up. Dark areas hinder the Chi energy from flowing freely around the room. 

The Flowers:

The flowers bouquet each holds a different meaning.  A lily can increase sensuality, A rose for romance, A sweat pea for creativity, Ivy is good for vitality, Ranunculus can help with prosperity, Snapdragons enhance spirituality, Tulips are good for the ambitious, Cosmos for those who value family and friends and quince for partners looking for new opportunities. Choose the one that is most appealing to you. We are always drawn naturally to a particular color, shape or scent. 

The Accessories:

Everyone knows clear quartz crystals are Feng Shui cures. Not so many know that crystal dinnerware and chandeliers are also celestial cures, because they reflect light. For luck, take wedding photos under crystal chandeliers, add crystal candlesticks to your bridal table or include sparkling crystal tableware on your gift registry. You could wear crystals on your dress, veil or shoes. Crystal beading also looks exotic rimming tea lights on tables! 

The color scheme:

The color you choose for your wedding will set the mood, and reflect you as a couple. Here is a list of popular wedding day colors and the feng shui meanings.

Red: Not only is it a traditional Chinese wedding color -- accenting your wedding day with red also creates a strong atmosphere of love and romance. 

Pink: Perfect for a younger couple, pink evokes a sense of fun playfulness and lightheartedness.



Purple and violet: Good for a smaller, more intimate wedding celebration with close family and friends, purples give off a very sexy, passionate vibe.

Black and white: A favorite combination for creating positive feng shui, black and white together represent a strong, balanced relationship -- as in the yin and the yang.

Blues and greens: A good color combo for a couple who has known each other for many years, or even a second wedding, because blues and greens promote a calm feeling. 




Yellow: This bright, sunny color is the hue of cheerfulness and the perfect color to add to a less-than-well-lit ceremony or reception space. 

Orange: The ideal color for the couple with a large guest list, orange gives off a sense of warmth -- promoting conversation and a comfortable atmosphere. 




You are now set to have a perfect Feng Shui wedding under the eyes of Mother Nature...

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