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Beautiful Wall Photo galleries

Photo gallery - Designer Nathan Turner Photo galleries display are a great way to dress up a wall with interesting art but also a fantastic way  to showcase your family photos, a favorite collection or  special memorabilia.

For a perfect display , there are a few rules to respect... First, hang frames at eye level, or around 5 feet, or slightly more, from the floor. Hang them a little bit higher if you have high ceilings. Then, place your favorite pictures in frames of different sizes and shapes for a mosaic look or in all same sizes for a more organized look. Last, ideally use the same finish an color for your frames and mats to pull it together.

Here are some fabulous examples of galleries display...

This Photo gallery in these airy staircases shows a beautiful way to tell the family story of your home... You can this way see children growing in picture and meet all the members of the family at once!

Above is a very vintage way to showcase photos. This gallery uses frames which look as valuable as the photos in them. It is so chic!

A great way to dress up a corridor! Here black and white and color photos make a very interesting mix.

This photo gallery is very organized with its oversized black frames. It is really the work of a collector!

Here a very classic way of displaying photos which put forward a beautiful composition.

Tell me about your own photo gallery display... What do you showcase?

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