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Cork: the super material

Most often cork is identified with the stopper for a wine bottle but this incredible material has so much more to offer.  Cork is comprised of a waxy substance called suberin which is a bit like a super material.

A few benefits include:

  • Comfort & Softness: Air becomes trapped in the cork providing a natural shock absorption. In the instance of flooring, cork can relieve stress on the feet and joints.
  • Noise Reduction: The same science that provides the softness and comfort also reduces noise and vibration. Utilizing cork as a wall covering will absorb unnecessary noise.
  • Healthy & Safe: Cork has natural properties that are anti-allergenic and resistant to insects. Suberin repels insects, mites and mold and protects cork from rotting when it is exposed to water for a long time.

Needless the say the benefits are impressive but the best part is the style.  Take a look at a few examples of how cork can be used through the home.

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Environmentaly friendly and Fun – A Tire Chair you won’t get tired of!

As global warming and environmental issues  are becoming more important in our everyday life, we are all looking for that little something we can do to contribute to saving our environment.

As a designer I get to shop a lot...  and sometimes I fall on that special piece of furniture that makes a design uncommon!  

This week, I found a chair like no other.  It was hidden in a corner of the showroom, and it surely didn’t look like any of the other furniture around. The particularity of this chair is that it is made of recycled tire.

Usually this recycled material would take more carbon footprint to be re-processed to the original material to be reused. If not, it usually looks amateur. 

This tire chair has in fact, been through the minimum process. An artistic touch to the finish on the surface has transformed this unattractive and sometimes smelly material in a low maintenance and comfortable chair.

This unusually looking chair can be used  outdoor, because it is water proof. It only needs a wipe from time to time. 

You can even request a different pattern, or if you have your own artist to work with, you can order it raw (in black). The rubber also gives you a very welcoming back and seat surface in comparison with a lot of outdoor plastic chairs.

The Tire Chair: Functional, Comfortable, Low Maintenance and most of all Environmental Friendly and Fun!!

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