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Feng Shui Basics: The Earth element




 The Earth element is a very grounding element, useful for helping with decisions taking and the thinking process.

Earth element is associated with yellow, beige, tan, all the family of earthy colors. Those are cheerful and joyous colors, great for lifting your spirit and  stimulating your intellect.

Yellow is an inspiring color and can help to bring harmony and balance into your life. 

According to the Bagua, the Earth element is linked to the knowledge area and also to the marriage and romantic happiness area of your life. 

Here are 10 tips to bring the Earth element into your space: 

1- Have square and rectangular shape furniture pieces.

2- Place grounding pebbles around your room 

3- Buy curtains or upholstery fabrics in square or rectangular designs as they relate to earth element.

4- Include a comfortable beige sofa.

5- Have tiles on your kitchen floors.

6- Feature a china cabinet in your home.

7- Display natural stones and crystals such as a Citrine to bring abundance and earth element in your space.

8- Accessorize with yellow flowers strengthen earth energies.

9- Display stone sculptures for grounding energy 

10- Introduce terra-cotta, porcelain, china, ceramic items in your space.

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