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Serve dinner in style!

Say goodbye to formal chairs and awkwardly placed table legs. Dining rooms have been granted a major remodeling.

Over the years, the choices of dining room set styles, combinations and finishes has expanded drastically allowing homeowners to build the perfect nook for their munching needs. Whether serving the families favorite meal or mingling with guests at a dinner party, the dining room is the hub of the house.

This pine trestle table is modernized by the surrounding furniture and the luminous yellow wall color. Benches give the room an open feel while providing expandable seating without the need of a lengthy transformation.

The cozy look of a round table can often be diminished by the limited seating of four to six chairs. Expand the seating of a round table by stashing a love seat on one side.

The wood shaker table is offset with modern metal low back chairs and a high wingback sofa. Together the different lines and heights combine to bring about a beautiful dining area.

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