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Very special Chandeliers for Royalty and Celebrities!

This amazing glass chandelier is made with brushed brass finish, 3 globes with gold foil, 3 globes with gold murrine, and 3 globes clear.

The talented Lindsey Adelman's chandelier is featured in the movie Sex & the City 2.

I can't wait to see the new movie and the new Carrie Bradshow's bedroom!!!

Look at this tall, dramatic chandelier made from found objects, trinkets, and castoffs!

President Obama bought the recycled chandelier for Sasha and Malia's bedroom in the White House  from a magical art collective shop in South Africa called Magpie . This amazing studio which sells knickknacks and décor made entirely from recycled objects. Be it a lid to a dog food can, a wine cork, or a Barbie, the eco-conscious craftsman turned the disposable into the extraordinary.

Anthropologie currently offers the similar Magpie Chandelier.

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Celebrities' closets and dressing rooms: how fabulous!

My dream dressing room!

Take a look at these celebrities' dressing rooms and closets!

We lust after the enormous and elegant dressing room complex Mario Buatta designed for Mariah Carey.  What you see here is just a tiny part of it. Lucky her!

Thanks to Belle Maison for introducing me to the work of Ron Norsworthy. She shared Tyra Banks' gorgeous office and dressing room on her post at Bloomacious.... Isn't it really chic!!

Christina Agulera´s closet

Lots of pink and a dramatic style! Doesn't this little boy look lost?

Eva Longoria's closet

Check out Eva Longoria' classy closet.  It follows a classic design: beautiful mahogany cabinetry and elegant moldings.

Nicki Hilton´s closet.

Classy "old world" look for the dressing room of this young lady.

Paula Abdul's dressing room

I am amazed by the number of sunglasses! Do you think Paula has a favorite one?

Fergie's dressing room is all about comfort with all this luxurious fur...

Kimmora Lee's dressing room

The beautiful fashion designer Kimmora Lee is in the shoe section of her huge dressing room. Love that leopard rug!!

 Miley Cyrus' closet

With the success of Disney’s Hannah Montana, 15 year old teen star Miley Cyrus and her family moved to Los Angeles in August of 2007. This is just her closet....


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