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Above and beyond

Its common to paint the walls, haul in furniture and decorate with knickknacks, but how often do we look up? The ceiling has been referred to as the fifth wall, and it’s just screaming for attention.

Designers are encouraging their clients to expand their horizons by including the ceiling in the design plans.  Adding a coat of a solid color will draw the eye upward and provide an additional point of focus in the room.  If you are feeling courageous, pick a bold color such as magenta or yellow, but remember to let the ceiling do the talking, and keep the remainder of the room subtle.

Painting the ceiling might just create a whole new world.

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Orange color in your Home Design!

picture-322 Orange is probably one of the happiest colors you could use. It's a blues lifter. A health promoter. And it just makes you feel better. You don't grab for a glass of grape juice when your sick. It's the orange stuff we drink! Orange has a sense of warmth and liveliness to it. It makes you think of energy and movement.

Orange color is a symbol of enthusiasm, creativity, warmth, play, endurance and vitality, it also known as a power color. As a dynamic color which has a red and yellow elements, blend together creating an aggression and also cheerful at the same time. You can decorate your house with orange furniture, wallpaper, bed cover, lamp shade or any other ornaments. Orange could be easily showcased with a neutral background. Once you apply some orange, your room will just pop. This color is really  known as an element which effects in people daily life, choosing the right orange color tone  for your house will be a great mood booster.

Here some beautiful designed room for your inspirations!


Wonderful pair of orange velvet wing chair - Kelly Hoppen


Classic interior with a burnt orange background.


Orange is a confidence booster! It has been wonderfully used in this hip lounge/ bar. Invite this lady to dance!!


Orange is beautifully complementing the white/ chocolate decor.- Metropolitan Home


Another great color combination! Orange is adding life to the light and dark grey wall and furniture pieces.


Look up! This ceiling had a beautiful glossy orange treatment.


My favorite! Luxurious design bedroom with just a touch of orange in a shiny velvet fabric for accent pillows and bed cover.-Kelly Hoppen

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10 decorating ideas for Ceilings!

picture-225Frank Roop

Ceilings are sometimes called the fifth wall. Ceilings often go ignored and unadorned, even though they are the first thing you see when you wake up. You may have even bought your house because of the high ceilings. Painting a ceiling is an added opportunity to use color in a room. Decorate your ceiling to highlight your room.

Here are some options to bring the well deserved attention to your ceiling.



A well decorated ceiling usually has a wonderful light fixture such as a chandelier or beautiful ceiling fan. Think of the lighting fixture as the jewelry for the room. Choose an elaborate chandelier or interesting paper shade. Top it off with a ceiling medallion for added flair. You can also get a LED light display on your ceiling. The displays usually depicts outer space with moving lights.


Painted ceilings

Since most everyone has a white ceiling, consider painting your ceiling a color other than white. You can select a color slightly lighter than your wall color, slightly darker than your wall color, one one completely different than your wall color. Consider using a metallic paint on the ceiling in one special room - perhaps the dining room, entry way, powder bath, or master bedroom.



You can paint a mural on your ceiling. Murals are very popular in round entryways, dining room, and children's rooms. The possibilities are endless.


Tin ceilings

Pressed tin ceilings have been popular for many years. They are beautiful and reflect light into the room. They can be painted, or left as a shiny metal color of your choice.



You can wallpaper your ceiling. Wallpapers come in many different patterns and colors so there is bound to be one that fits your style.


Wood ceiling

Wood ceilings add a lot of character to a room. They come in all different species and shades of wood.



You can add moldings to your ceiling. Crown molding is very popular, but you can also add decorative moldings for a more custom look. Ceiling medallions are also popular, especially those that mount underneath chandeliers. Trim can also be placed on the perimeter of the ceiling to create an elegant room or faux tray ceiling. If your room lacks architectural interest, molding can be an inexpensive fix.

picture-214Giorgio Chiao

Wood beams

For a room with tall ceilings, you can add faux wood beams. The beams will add warmth and character and draw attention to the volume of the room. Wood beams or faux beams can be installed on a ceiling for color and interest. Beams can be found in traditional and rustic house. For a garden theme consider putting a trellis on your ceiling. Beams can be painted the same color as the ceiling or a darker brown or black to make the architectural element pop.


Wall Decal

Wall decals are becoming very popular. There are many options available and many online companies will even do a custom decal to your specifications.



Tenting a ceiling adds a dramatic, romantic element to the room. If you're not up for such an extensive project, consider using fabric on a smaller scale. Make use of a canopy bed and drape linen fabric over the top for a modern look. But doesn't this nursery fabric ceiling look amazing!

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Are you thinking of decorating your ceiling? Do you think that you are likely to paint, add molding  or a mural on your home ceiling in the near future? If so please let me know about your choices or any advice your need by leaving a comment!

Ceiling Design Ideas 

picture-5 Although often overlooked, the ceiling is one more area to add detail and character to a room. For many designers, a room isn't complete if the ceiling has been forgotten. It works with the walls, floor and furnishings to set the tone for a room. Sometimes, more than any other element, the ceiling provides the foundation for a room's character.

1. Adding beams is a popular trend today because they can be used on ceilings of any height. Paint them white or soft colors for a more subtle effect.

2. A patterned tin or copper ceiling is an easy way to give a room with a flat ceiling more texture and personality

3. Another way to bring attention to the ceiling is with a medallion or ceiling dome - an architectural element that creates a beautiful foundation for a chandelier or pendant fixture. Brush umber acrylic glaze over a polyurethane one, and then wipe the excess off with a rag for an instantly aged effect.

4. One of the biggest myths about ceilings is that they can't be decorated if they're not high. Crown molding on a large scale, painted sky designs and gathered fabric can make a big difference.

5. Dark ceilings can add atmosphere to a room that's more difficult to achieve with lighter ones. They tend to lower the ceiling and make a room with extreme height more intimate.

6. Hide an unattractive ceiling by covering it with long black vinyl panels that appear steel gray when stretched. Vinyl's sheen reflects the colors of the furnishings below for a very unique look with Mirrored ceilings

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