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The Glamorous look of Black and White Room Designs!

Black and White living room

The use of Black and White in design can create a stunning and dramatic decor.

There's a rule in decorating that says that "every room can use a touch of black." You might think this is strange if you have a room of pastels or jewel tones.  But using the color black adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room.

Black in accessories, light fixtures, trims, paint, or in one bold piece of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. It will serve as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects. Black by itself is striking!

But to get real drama and spark, pair black with white.

The use of black and white in design gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room.

If you're afraid of using just black and white, add variety by adding areas of yellow, pink, camel, red, turquoise or purple for a striking look. Keeping black and white prominent, however, preserves the elegant effect.

Here are examples of stunning rooms designed with a Black and White theme.

Gwyneth Paltrow's bath- Kelly Wearstler.

Gwyneth Paltrow's bath with Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis wallpaper in black. The black and white combo is so chic!

Black and White luxury kitchen design

Black and White luxury kitchen design- The white floor with star detail sets the mood and dramatically contrasts the black glossy cabinets. Stunning kitchen!

Black and White Foyer design

Black and White foyer design- The look is modern, clean and just grandiose!

Black and White dining room design with a touch of pearl grey

Black and White dining room design with a touch of pearl grey. Isn't it elegant?

Black and White living room - Pottery&Barn

Black and White living room - with the classic look of Pottery&Barn

Black & White dining room with a touch of red

Black & White dining room with a touch of red for extra drama!

Black & White majestic dining room with a touch of turquoise

Black & White majestic dining room with a touch of turquoise. This is just an amazing definition for elegance.

Black and White Kitchen design

Another beautiful Black and White Kitchen design with clean lines, marble counter top and backsplash, stainless steel appliances... Perfect kitchen for a perfect cook!

Black and White living room design

Black and White living room design- very chic! A very well designed little space!

Black and White dining room with a touch of green by Erin Valencich

Black and White dining room with a touch of green by Erin Valencich. Here even with a black and white theme, the luscious outside has been brought in for a fresh look.

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Which one of these Black and White rooms is your favorite? Do you think that you are likely to use a Black and White theme design for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment on my Blog!


Feng Shui Basics: The Water element





The Water element is associated with  blue and black colors. Blue also brings a beautiful sky in mind, calmness, turquoise seas. It also represents coolness of a space, relaxation and having more a of leisurely time. 

The water element also connects to flowing water. The wonderful trickling sound of running water is very soothing mentally and emotionally.

The energies of the water element is supportive of the career area of your home or the life journey. Just imagine a flowing river, mingling, finding her path through nature, bringing things on her way.

In a business the water element brings opportunities for new business and growth. This is a very important element that determine the future of a business. Essential to introduce into your space.

Here are 10 examples of how to bring more Water energy in your space:

1- Display an aquarium or a fish bowl 

2- Put up a running water feature in your space, ideally in the entrance or wealth area. 

3- Buy soft furnishing and fabrics with wavy or cloudy patterns and designs to symbolize water.

4- Have blue accessories on display.

5- Display fresh flowers or flowering plants with blue  tints.

6- Buy a wavy black coffee table, console or shelving.

7- Display glass wear  or crystals wear.

8- Put up a crystal chandelier.

9- Have blue blue or black pieces of furniture.

10- Display some black carved statues or art work which represent water such the ocean or a river. 

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