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Kid's bedroom Feng Shui Dos & Donts

picture-20 A child’s bedroom is often a multipurpose room. It needs to feel safe and secure. It also needs to be a total haven for the child.

This space needs to be suitable for fun playing, developing creative activities, entertaining wit friends, reading, learning, listening to music. All very active tasks but also, It has to be a place where the child can rest and renew his body and sleep. This is particularly important for children as they are still developing mentally, physically and  spiritually.

It is important to create areas of activities using furniture or screens to separate the Yin Chi of the sleeping area from the Yang Chi necessary for study and play. Otherwise the sleep of the child could be restless and disturbed if not protected. Encourage the child to tidy up before going to bed to keep the Chi moving. Stagnant Chi creates lethargy and lack of motivation.

Help your child  feel safe and secure by creating his special place with design and decoration.


1- Paint the walls in white or pastel colors to bring calming energy into the room.

2- Place the bed diagonally opposite the door as this enable the child to see who is coming in the room, giving him a feeling of safety and security.

3-Place the bed(s) against a solid wall as it gives much more support than the window. Position the bed head ensuring  that nothing such as a shelf, a cupboard, a beam or a sloping ceiling lies over the head of the child. These all create downward energy pressure causing very restless sleep.

4- Separate the room in two main areas, one sleeping space and a play/work area, using a screen or tall book cases to separate yin and yang energies.

5-Keep the space under the bed clutter free so that your child sleeps blissfully.

6- Add colorful bed linen, wall hangings and pictures to make the room bright and inviting. This is perfect for a lively child.

7- Adapt the bedroom as the child grows up from nursery and play area to teenager’s den with work space and activities/ hobbies spaces.

8- Choose storage that the child can reach to get him in the good habit to put its clothes and toys away. So they have a peaceful area in which to sleep.


1- Place an aquarium in the child bedroom as the water and movement of the fish are too overpowering for this space.

2- Use bunk beds for children in the same bedroom as compressions is an issue for the child on the bottom bed. Opt for twin beds with solid headboards and rounded corners instead.

3- Use bright colored walls such as red or yellow or have busy patterns  curtains. Those can overstimulate an active child and prevent him to rest properly.

4- Overcrowd the space as it affects how children function. Allow plenty of storage space.

5- Keep too many books in the bedroom or have them displayed in close cabinets  as they are too yang

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How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Attract Love into Your Life

picture-1 Step 1

BED POSITION Positioning your bed properly is the first important step to feng shui your bedroom. Ideally the bed should hold the "command" position. When you walk into the room, the bed is positioned on the opposite wall. You want the widest scope of the room to be available to you as you lie in bed. You want to see the bedroom door but you do not want the foot of the bed to be in alignment with the door. (Word has it that the Chinese carried their dead out the door feet first, hence the aversion to feet facing door). Avoid placing the bed under a window. If this is necessary, a headboard will help to anchor the energy.

. Step 2

EASY ACCESS In order to send the message energetically that you are wanting to share your bedroom with another, make sure the bed is accessible on both sides. The bed should NOT be placed in a corner. You want to send the message that 2 people are sleeping here (or not sleeping as the case may be).

. Step 3

A PLACE FOR HIM OR HER Place 2 uniform bedside tables with lamps that are of equal height on either side of the bed. Even if you are currently single, it is important to provide a space for your future lover to read, a place for them to set their eyeglasses down, a place for their glass of water. You get the idea. Act as if...

. Step 4

CREATE SERENITY Remove all clutter from the bedroom. No storage under the bed (this creates unwanted stimulation in your sleeping environment even if you can't see it!). Remove your stacks of books and magazines. Too many words = information overload. A book or 2 on the nightstand is fine, just don't overdo it. Of course televisions are not ideal in the bedroom. If you have one, cover it with a beautiful cloth when not in use or store it in the armoire.

. Step 5

WHO'S WATCHING YOU? Remove all religious imagery and pictures of people who can "see" you when sleeping (or not sleeping as the case may be). Who wants to be watched while they sleep or make love? There are some things Grandma or Buddha just should not witness.

. Step 6

SIMPLICITY Keep it simple! Paint the room a soothing color. Warm natural tones are best. Cooling colors can have a cooling effect on your love life! Avoid too many crazy making patterns on your bedding and walls. A Zen-like quality really is best for the bedroom.

. Step 7

COUPLING UP Remove any images that remind you of your single status. It's amazing how many people have things around them that support their single status : pictures of solitary women, lonely winter scenes, empty boats, etc. Replace with pairs of things. You want to be paired up? Place that intention in your space with things that will remind of that! Pairs of candlesticks, pairs of statues, pictures that have pairs of people or animals in them. Think dynamic duo!

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8 Feng Shui Tips for your better behaved kids

girl-2-bedroom Is your son or daughter not as respectful and courteous as you would like? Maybe you’d like to instill more discipline in your child. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could influence better behavior from your child just by making simple decorative changes? You can with feng shui.

Often referred to as the Chinese art of placement, feng shui is probably more correctly called the Chinese art of alignment. That’s because if a space is aligned properly, the residents in that space function better. Metaphorically speaking, feng shui is to a house what acupuncture is to a body. When correctly applied, feng shui is a tool that can correct problem areas, such as ill health, strained relationships, or difficulties with children.

If you’d like your child to exhibit more respectfulness, obedience, and self-control, it might be worth it to try some feng shui in the child’s bedroom. In addition to these qualities, feng shui will also help you establish your role in the household hierarchy. That’s because it’s important for children to know who’s in charge. But don’t mistake being the household authority with being authoritarian. Children like friends, but they need parents.

Try these easy-to-do tips in your child’s room. Although these aren’t all the feng shui tips for children’s rooms, they are the most important for creating better behaved children. Just the simple act of applying time and energy in your child’s room will affirm to your child how important he or she is to you, and that may be all it takes to make a happier, more respectful child.

Make the child responsible for the room. Children’s respect for others begins with having respect for themselves and their rooms. Insist they keep their rooms tidy and their beds made.

•Clear away excess. Clutter-filled rooms detract from a child’s focus, which can undermine obedience. Throw out all unnecessary or seldom-used items. Also, make sure there is nothing stored under the bed.

•Arrange the bed correctly. Make sure the child can see the door of the bedroom easily. Avoid placing the bed against a shared wall of a bathroom, under a window, or where there is a view of stairs or a bathroom.

•Create a study area. It’s important that the child is focused on education, a critical factor in creating respect for authority and learning self-discipline. Add a lamp here and a small globe. Both symbolically impart the importance of education.

•Make a “Wall of Fame.” Every child needs to feel proud. Designate a wall (preferably the South wall) where certificates, drawings, awards, trophies, and photographs of the child are placed.

•Ground the child. Is the child is too overly active to pay attention? Many children such as this are in white rooms. White is a “yang,” or energizing, color. Paint the child’s room an “earth” color, such as beige, brown, or green.

•Establish the parental presence. A wonderful feng shui secret for establishing parental influence is to have a picture of the parent(s) in the child’s room. This is the subtle – and best -- way to assert your authority.

•Censor wall hangings. Images of death, violence, or ferocious animals have no place in a child’s room and should be removed immediately. A child cannot focus is he is scared – even subconsciously. Also, be sure that the child’s bed is not reflected in any mirrors. It is best not to have mirrors in a bedroom.

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How to Create a Room Your Kids Will Love


 We all need a space of our own, no matter our age. Children can thrive when there is a place in their home that nurtures their imaginations and their sense of belonging.


But the children's furniture and home décor industry is a multi-billion dollar business with such a staggering variety of choices that parents may feel overwhelmed. You may be tempted to let your child live with white walls and beige carpet until he is old enough to tackle the redecorating on his own. But a few of the same principals and techniques designers use can help you create a room your child will love.

Consider how the room will be used - Children's bedrooms have become multipurpose, like most spaces in our homes. It's likely your child not only sleeps in her room, but plays and does homework there as well. While a bed is the essential focus of any bedroom, keep in mind that you may need to incorporate play space, a study area and maybe even a seating area into the room as well.

* Get your child involved - By the time they've mastered speech, most kids are able to tell you what they like and don't like. How involved your child can be in the decorating process will depend on his age and level of development. A toddler may be able to tell you he likes blue but purple is "yucky." An elementary school child may be able to express a preference for a theme or style of bed. A high school student can be fully involved in the planning and execution of her room remodel.

* When it comes to a theme, keep compromise in mind - Maybe your child wants an underwater theme like the one he saw on a home improvement show, complete with the prow of a pirate's ship mounted on one wall. You, however, want something that will grow with him and not break the bank - or your back - to accomplish. Compromise is needed and can be as easy as placing a wallpaper mural of a sailing ship on one wall of your child's room.

* Adapt current design trends - Wallpaper murals are a hot design trend, with many home improvement shows using them to create focal points or accents in nearly every room of the house. They're a great option for a children's room because they're easy to install and offer thousands of images that will fit virtually any design theme you choose. Lowes home improvement stores across the nation sell kid-friendly wallpaper murals by Environmental Graphics for under $100. Designs range from the sports themed like the stands of a baseball stadium as seen from the field, to jungle animals and underwater seascapes. To learn more and view kid-friendly mural options, visit a Lowe's store near you.

Designing a child's room can be fun for the whole family, and a great way to spend some quality time with your child. Following these basic principles can help ensure the experience will be rewarding, and the room something your child will love for years to come.

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Feng Shui Bed Guidelines - Do You Have a Good Feng Shui Bed and Bedroom?- Part 3




 Feng Shui Solutions for Your Bed & Bedroom Challenges

The truth you need to know is that very few bedrooms have perfect feng shui. Unless you had the luck of designing and building your house with feng shui in mind, you will, most probably, have to face some challenges while creating a good feng shui bedroom. 

Without any further introductions, let's go straight to the challenges you might encounter in a modern bedroom and find the best feng shui solutions for a good feng shui bedroom you absolutely deserve! 

Let's start with the biggest, or most common feng shui challenges in a modern bedroom.



Mirror facing the bed You probably know that a mirror facing the bed is a big feng shui red flag, or a feng shui "NO!" for a good bedroom. Either a mirror from a closet door, a mirror from a piece of furniture or a free standing mirror - you do not want a mirror to reflect your bed across or above it when you are sleeping. It is a disturbance to your resting time.

Bed in line with the door Be it the bedroom door, the door to the balcony/patio, the ensuite bathroom door or your closet doors, you do not want your bed in line with any of the doors in your bedroom.

Beams, ceiling fan or a chandelier above your bed The only thing you want above your bed when you sleep is a soft canopy. This is about it. Nothing heavy, nothing hanging, please do not hang chimes and bells above your head, this is bad feng shui.


Sharp angles (sha chi, or poison arrows) pointing at you when you sleep Be it from the nearby nightstands, from a further away piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, or from a sharp wall corner - be sure to neutralize all the sharp energy aiming at your bed. 

Bed under the window In addition to a good headboard, you always want to have a solid wall behind your bed. When you sleep under the window, your personal energy tends to get weaker in time, as it has neither proper support, not protection.  Windows on the side of your bed are good.


Bed under a sloped ceiling When you spend time under a sloped ceiling, your energy is being heavily constricted and is under constant pressure. As nighttime is the only time when your body can do the deep work of regenerating itself, sleeping under a sloped ceiling restricts this work, thus one's health may suffer. Sleeping in a bed under a sloped ceiling can also contribute to emotional instability and low energy. 

Bed with access from only one side A bed with access from only ones side limits the flow of energy to your bed. While it looks like all is quite and you are sleeping, your body is busy doing a lot of work and is looking to use all the energy it can to improve your health. When the flow of energy to your bed is restricted, your body does not receive the optimum help it needs. In addition, if you are in an intimate love relationship, having a bed with access from only one side can limit the open flow of communication between partners. 


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Enhance your Relationship with Feng Shui

  red hearts

Whether you are looking for Mr or Mrs Right or you already have him or her in your life, Feng Shui – ancient Chinese art – will enhance your special partnership and make your love life sparkle. How does it work? You need to ensure that the energy called Chi, flows freely in your home by placing your furniture and personal objects around you in a specific way. The objective is to create for yourself an environment that reflects the love life you want.

Here are the 9 top tips for Feng Shui in the bedroom:


1) Clean up your bedroom — When your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the energy in there will be low and slow. Clutter is a sure sign that chi is stuck, so roll up your sleeves and clean the place up if you want to jump-start your love life. Ring a bell, shake a rattle, or clap your hands loudly around the room to clear out old, stale energy.
2) Position your bed harmoniously — The rule of thumb for proper bed position is to place it on a solid wall, diagonal from the door, allowing full view of the room and its entry while lying in bed. Avoid placing the bed in line with a doorway, since this can cause feelings of vulnerability and defensiveness. Also avoid alignment with the bathroom door, as this can contribute to feeling drained, tired or having restless sleep pattern.
3) Add a Solid Headboard to Your Bed — A headboard represents support, and energetically brings both sides of the bed together, creating harmonious union for partners. If possible, avoid metal headboards since they can be conductive (particularly sensitive people have difficulty resting peacefully on metal-framed beds or near a metal headboard).
4) Display Romantic Artwork — No matter where the master bedroom is located in your home, surround yourselves with art that calls forth a feeling of love and romance with each other. Be careful of art that has a single man or single woman pictured in it, or one that has three or more people in it. Relationships are challenging enough between two people; bringing a third party into your bedroom, even in art, is just not supportive to a couple.
5) Think pink, peach, Red and white — Pink and white are the colors of relationship. You can use them for your bed sheets, your undergarments, pillows, accents. Peach is the color of new love. If you want to attract a new partner, use peach in your bedroom.  Red represents hot passion. His power is unlimited.
6) Remove old relationship energy Go through your home--especially your bedroom--and remove anything that reminds you of past failed relationships; this could be an ex-boyfriend's old sweater you find in the closet, photographs of you with a previous partner, a gift that reminds you (unfavorably) of a giver with whom you are no longer in love--anything that reminds you of a love that went bad. No matter how incurable a romantic you may be, do NOT keep old love letters anywhere in your bedroom unless they are from someone with whom you are still blissfully paired up.
7) Get things in pairs — Set up a nightstand on both sides of your bed, to accommodate the needs of your partner. Include lamps (so that he or she can read romantic poetry to you at night!). And get things in pairs: pillows, candles…
8) Open the door to love Make sure both the front door of your home and the door to your bedroom open easily and completely. Doors that stick, squeak, or that only opens partway because of all the stuff stored behind them are blocking the flow of romantic energy and opportunity into your home. A loose doorknob on your bedroom door could mean you're having a hard time "getting a handle on" romance; get out your screwdriver and tighten it up.
9) Clarify your intention Make a collage of images that symbolize your perfect relationship, and place it where you will see it every day. Compose a list of the qualities of your ideal soul mate on a red page and place it in the love area of your bedroom (right hand far corner from the door).  If you are already in a relationship, invite your partner to make collage with you, to represent your intention to build a joyful and loving future together.
Now that you have all the tools, let’s Feng Shui your bedroom and enjoy the Love!
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