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Ceiling Design Ideas 

picture-5 Although often overlooked, the ceiling is one more area to add detail and character to a room. For many designers, a room isn't complete if the ceiling has been forgotten. It works with the walls, floor and furnishings to set the tone for a room. Sometimes, more than any other element, the ceiling provides the foundation for a room's character.

1. Adding beams is a popular trend today because they can be used on ceilings of any height. Paint them white or soft colors for a more subtle effect.

2. A patterned tin or copper ceiling is an easy way to give a room with a flat ceiling more texture and personality

3. Another way to bring attention to the ceiling is with a medallion or ceiling dome - an architectural element that creates a beautiful foundation for a chandelier or pendant fixture. Brush umber acrylic glaze over a polyurethane one, and then wipe the excess off with a rag for an instantly aged effect.

4. One of the biggest myths about ceilings is that they can't be decorated if they're not high. Crown molding on a large scale, painted sky designs and gathered fabric can make a big difference.

5. Dark ceilings can add atmosphere to a room that's more difficult to achieve with lighter ones. They tend to lower the ceiling and make a room with extreme height more intimate.

6. Hide an unattractive ceiling by covering it with long black vinyl panels that appear steel gray when stretched. Vinyl's sheen reflects the colors of the furnishings below for a very unique look with Mirrored ceilings

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