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Each year in January the most important European event for Interior Design is held:

Must-have collections, innovations and talents were all gathered last week in Paris! 

The show runs twice a year and each time, a Designer is awarded as the Best Designer of the Year. A more product design-oriented profile is designated in January and a more closely related to the world of interior architecture or decor designer for September. 

The Best Designer of the year this time was French Designer:

Pierre Chapin

Pierre Chapin

His poetic, minimalist style has made its mark. Post Design, Zanotta, Montina, Venini, Alessi… Design companies can’t get enough of his work. 

In 1998, he produced a series of glass objects at the CIRVA, (Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et Les Arts Plastiques) in Marseille.

Two years later in Vallauris he tried his hand at ceramics.

From 1998 to 2008, Pierre Charpin taught at the Ecole supérieure d’art et de design in Reims and he has been teaching at Ecal in Lausanne, Switzerland ever since, but he has never lost sight of his grail.

In 2011, he designed Intervalles, a collection of glasses and a carafe for Cristalleries Saint-Louis.

More of his designs at N.50 apartment at Modernist architect Le Corbusier's Cité Radieuse housing block in Marseille where he has undergone a colourful refit: 

Congratulations, Pierre, and we look forward to all of your future work! 



By Anaïs Gibaud






Feng Shui Home Plans Build Balance from the Start


The science of Feng Shui started in ancient times and was originally the study of the life of people and of the universe and how this all related to each other. Today, Feng Shui home plans are the starting place to creating a Feng Shui home. Feng Shui principles are incorporated in the actual design of the home, the Feng Shui home plans are drawn up from that design to build a Feng Shui home.

Once the home is built, the principles of Feng Shui will be brought to bear to decorate the home. All of these aspects must be brought together to attract the positive Chi energy. When all comes together a home is created that is in total balance where harmony rules all.

How To Plan It All

Feng Shui is a vast system of beliefs and practices; that is why there are many professional Feng Shui consultants that will assist anyone in creating Feng Shui home plans. These experts will assist a home owner with advice and Feng Shui tips so that the Feng Shui home plans form a solid foundation.

This foundation is needed to enable the homeowner to use Feng Shui principles for the home décor. Drawing up and building from Feng Shui home plans have a double advantage. Combining the knowledge and advice of a Feng Shui expert with the talents of a normal architect is wise. In this way the Feng Shui home plans will address all the aspects of attracting positive Chi.

The architect will see to the drawing up the plans to best practices within the Feng Shui guidelines. When a home is built from Feng Shui home plans it becomes extremely easy to decorate the home to Feng Shui principles. The shell is optimized for Feng Shui already, so the Feng Shui home colors will be easy to choose.

From this will flow the placement of furniture and the enhancement of Feng Shui with every extra item brought in. With Feng Shui home plans each room in the home will be perfectly placed. The bedrooms will be placed for tranquility, the bathrooms will not be in positions to block Chi or minimize it. It is not impossible to create a Feng Shui home from an existing home, but it is more difficult. Starting with Feng Shui home plans simply allows each aspect of Feng Shui to fall into place with minimal effort.


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Great Renovation tips for your Home


Creating Magic with Accent Lighting...

Accent lighting design can give your space a new life and ensure that your original design intension get carry out properly throughout your space.

When people start a renovation project, usually they are looking at all the exciting elements in the space such as the space function, the finishes, furniture, decorative items and general lighting, but often forget about how Accent Lighting can carry out a magical atmosphere. 

There are so many things you should be aware of when choosing your lighting fixtures. The first question you should ask yourself is:  Where you would like people to look at in a space?  Is it the painting on the wall? Is it the sculpture at the corner of the room? Or the texture of your wall? 

In this project, we have installed accent lighting all along the stairs to dress them up. Those are low voltage wall recessed lighting. They not only provide you enough light for safety but also create an interesting ambience in the stairs hall. 


Accent lighting is a great way to illuminate your stairs without using a traditional ceiling light source which usually will cast a shadow while you walk up and down the stair!!

But most of all, it creates Drama and  Magic for the space! 

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