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How to make a Small space look Bigger? - Part 1

Lots of our New York apartments do not have as much space as we would want them to. Nevertheless, there are a few advantages to small spaces, for example, decorating a small space often helps you save money. Another advantage is: small spaces often look cozier... But sometimes, you simply want your space to just look larger. If this is your case, I can help you with a few useful tips. Obviously we cant push the walls at the risk of invading the neighbors but there are solutions to create this larger more spacious feel.  

1- A small room will always look bigger the less clutter you have displayed. Ensure you get organized. There are lots of ways of getting rid of clutter. Having furniture with double functions like a table with large drawers for storage. Organizing closets and cabinets with baskets and small boxes, only keeping the necessary are also helpful ways to get clutter free. Hanging curtains or sliding doors in front of armoires or open storage to put away the maximum clutter.    

2- Light and pastel cool colors will make a space feel bigger. The space will feel more open and free from dark corners. The light colors are blues, greens and whites. 

3- Creating a simple theme using monochromatic colors to help make the space feel bigger. Using the same color or shades for your walls and furniture will give a feel of continuity and wont make a break that will accentuate the proportions of the room. You can use one of the colors mentioned in the previous point. 


4- Using a few bold looking accents in shape and texture will give a feel of grandeur and character to your room. Using the whole height of the room is important to give a wider visual. Your window treatments should start at the ceiling, your closet should use all hight, your accessories help by being long tall ones rather than just wide. Also a larger piece of furniture instead of several smaller pieces create that vision of larger space. You can for instance use a large L shape sofa in a cool color matching your walls in place of small seats displayed at different places in the room. It will give this more organized and wider feel to the room. 

 Check back soon to read part 2 of How to make a small space look bigger.  


 Marie Burgos