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Modern Kitchen Interior Design Trends

kitchen Because kitchens tend to be functional, rather than beautiful, design magazines and blogs do not talk too much about modern kitchen interior design trends. Compared to, for example, modern interior design for living rooms or bedrooms, the kitchen is the red headed stepchild of rooms in design terms. This article makes a tentative stab at setting the record straight by looking at modern kitchen interior design trends from around the world.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design Trends

In Scandinavian kitchens, stainless steel and wood rule the roost. Colors tend to be muted, natural earth tones and whites, but with the occasional brightly colored items such as glassware to accent the room.

One item found in Scandinavian kitchens that has yet to spread to America is the tiskikaappi. This is a dish rack that is stored in a cabinet above the sink. Newly washed dishes are therefore stored out of sight, but water can still drip from the dishes into the sink. Even Ikea, which has done so much to bring Scandinavian design to Americans, does not sell this particular item. How long before some enterprising American designer adopts this simple but ingenious device?

Modern Italian Kitchen Interior Design Trends

In Italy, stone, rather than steel, is king. Marble and granite are plentiful there, and so tend to be used for countertops and other such surfaces.

Italian fitted kitchens often center on curved or semicircular islands and countertops. The Italian design aesthetic is focused on ensuring that the kitchen is beautiful when viewed from any angle. Even kitchen appliances are subtly curved in the front or rounded at the edges for a more aesthetically pleasing design.

Modern American Kitchen Interior Design Trends

Last, but by no means least, we turn our attention to modern kitchen interior design trends closer to home. Ironically, for a nation that prides itself on showing the rest of the world its future, talking about modern American kitchen interior design trends is somewhat oxymoronic, as the latest trend in kitchen design is to look back and replicate the rustic styles of the pioneers of the past.

Oak beams, stone fireplaces and antique (or reproduction antique) furniture are the order of the day here. Color choices are – what else? – red, white and blue, but not the gaudy shades of '50s style Americana. Rather, the subtle tones of the Colonial era are reproduced with rusty reddish browns, off whites (such as magnolia) and the bluish gray shade known as Williamsburg Blue. If you want to be at the cutting edge, look to a combination of the Old Dominion and the Old West.

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