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Terrariums: the low-maintenance solution

Seems our daily world has leaned toward taking the easiest path from A to B even when it comes to home decor. Between removable wall decals and solar panel outdoor lighting, today’s home owner can spruce up the house without much effort. However, for most easy solutions, you may not get a lasting effect.  Instead, create a terrarium for a long-lasting, low-maintenance accessory.

Terrariums were accidentally discovered by Dr. Nathaniel Ward in 1827 when he detected the scientific principle behind the self-sustained environments. Over the years, terrariums have changed in shape and size but one thing remained the same, these living works of art are incredible examples of science.

At its core, a terrarium is comprised of a few simple components.  A clear glass or plastic container works best, as tinted or cloudy surfaces reduce light transmittance and interfere with plant growth. And depending on the appearance you wish to achieve, a combination of soil, sand, gravel or rock can be used.  Just a few simple steps creates a self-watering environment created by your own imagination.

Remember there are no rules in terrariums.  Enjoy letting the inner gardner run wild.

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Inspiration via collection

Stamp and coin collections seem to be a thing of the past, but after seeing these modern collections, inspiration is sure to flare.

Buttons, butterflies and globes, oh my.  A collection of any kind can become a work of art, whether its rare pieces from around the world or funky items from the junk drawer. The key is to modernize the display.

  • No need to display the entire collection.  Once the collection is assembled use an editing eye to remove any piece that seems out of place.
  • Try grouping by shape or color. Often the biggest impact is due to a creative arrangement.
  • Choose an unusual item to display.  Lightbulbs, old fashion hats or rug beaters will definitely impress any house guest.
  • Depending on the items, decide if a small grouping or a large display is the way to go.

Collections are a great way to expose your creative juices. Take a look at the images below to see which inspire you.

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French designer unleashed

Modern French design comes to life through these rooms created by HAND Lyon Interior Design firm. Each room is created through a mix of modern and traditional furniture, textures, lighting and interesting artwork. All the elements collide bringing a sense of warmth to the space.

The majority of the space is cream, yet, different textures are scattered throughout. There’s the marble column and the berber rug. And even more definition in the form of wood paneling and crown molding. Modern sofas with clean tailored lines offset the rounded backs of the dinning room chairs with circular cutouts. Color is lightly introduced by the dramatic artwork, which creates an interesting focal point.

The simple furniture with square lines and classic colors balances the floor-to-ceiling textures.  Exposed wood beams, cobblestone walls and cool grey Flagstone tiles work together to create the right amount of dimension. The chunk of untreated wood, used as an extension of the glass coffee tables, is the final touch. The result: the perfect balance of natural materials and manufactured elements.

The exceptional outdoor view is framed like artwork by a glass wall with functional double doors.  The overall style of the kitchen is clean, simple and modern allowing the spotlight to rest simply in the view.

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Touch of the blues

The easiest way to brighten up or add a little extra personality to a room is through the use of accent colors. Color can unite separate rooms such as an entryway and a living space or even create a consistent theme throughout an entire space. Accents also allow the homeowner the chance to experiment with a color that they might typically shy away from. Start by adding pillows, a throw blanket or artwork and let the color splash grow from there.

Certain colors evoke different memories, thoughts or moods. Always consider the mood of the room prior to choosing the right shade to complement.  Red often evokes a romantic or sultry ambiance, green is fresh or crisp and yellow brings on a happy, carefree vibe.

Royal blue is used throughout this space creating a classic, tranquil environment.

The bedroom’s soft seafoam green walls, framed by white crown molding, create a relaxing space. The accent color is used to highlight the glass french double doors in the form of drapes and through pillows and a sophisticated lining on the linens.

A stark white room can be soothing and inviting when you add a bright rug in royal blue.

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The Yellow stripes Look in Design

Bathroom design with Yellow stripes tiles

Love this small mosaic tiles! This Bathroom Design reminds me of a chic Moroccan style bathroom of a fabulous hotel resort.

With the arrival of spring, it is time to use  light, sunny, happy colors for your home for more enjoyment of the warm season. Yellow stripes help achieve a really happy design look. You can use them on walls, furniture pieces, accessories, even ceilings!

Discover some great ways to apply yellow & white stripes all around your home.

Headboard with Yellow Stripes - Design Laura Casey

Elegant headboard design stripe look designed by Laura Casey.

Kelly Wearstler's take on yellow and black stripes. This decor definitely has that California, Hollywood Regency feel to it.

Yellow and white stripes sofa

Doesn't it look extremely inviting? The stripes pattern gives a chic beach look to this classic style sofa.

Very Pretty vanity design with a distinctive yellow and white stripe wallpaper. The yellow pouf is really adds a very comfortable feminine touch.


This beautiful nursery design showcases a yellow and white stripes ceiling. A fun ceiling pattern for a baby to stare at...

Bedroom design with yellow and white stripes wallpaper. Very relaxing setting for this bohemian look bedroom design.

Yellow White Stripes Cotton Pillow

Yellow White Stripes Cotton Pillow from Etsy

Bathroom Design with yellow stripes

Bathroom Design with yellow stripes. Very elegant! The details of the straw shade and huge sea shell create a theme that makes me think of vacations...

Beautiful yellow stripes curtains

These yellow and white curtains give a very sunny look to this elegant drawing room.

Hope you have seen some great ways to create sunny rooms for the upcoming summer season... it is all about using yellow stripes!

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Seashells, capiz shells and mother of pearl used in interior design

Blue capiz side table Capiz shells and mother of pearl shells are one of the most popular sea shell component and specimen and natural material that is used for home decor because they are beautiful and elegant.

Capiz shells are carefully processed to make beautiful Capiz mother of pearl tiles and wall panels and all kinds of natural wall covering.

Capiz seashells are also used to make beautiful home decor, kitchen decor and kitchen utensils.

Capiz home decor can make your home and kitchen elegant and luxurious.

Dining room design with Seashell chandelier by ashley-whittaker-design

Starfish  mirror- Photographed by Eric Roth

I wonder, how many starfish did it take to create this mirror? Photographed by Eric Roth.

Living room design with seashell accent -Jill Shevlin from Intrinsic Design

Mother of pearl wall design by Maya Romanoff

This wall is a work of art. It has a wonderful texture, looks absolutely stunning, create a warm feel with its tan color and reflects light in a magical way!

Interior with capiz chandelier by Brooke Giannetti

A very comfortable beach look for this relaxing master bedroom.

Seashell artwork gallery- Design by Tobi Fairley

The round capiz shells called capiz Shell strings and capiz shell strands are used to make Capiz chandeliers, lamps, windchimes and capiz curtains.


Capiz seashells can also be use as home and kitchen decor and utensils such as capiz napkin rings, plates, bowls and glass.

Mother of pearl lamp and utensils, Capiz bath vanity, plate and box- Horchow

Hope you have enjoyed these beautiful images.

Which look or application of the beautiful sea element is your favorite?

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Beautiful look of Coral in design...

Coral design accessories What is a coral?

A coral is a rocklike deposit consisting of the calcareous skeletons secreted by various anthozoans. Coral deposits often accumulate to form reefs or islands in warm seas.

They can come in red-orange, pinkish, or white colors with a variety of  shades and are used a lot to make jewelry and ornaments.

Adopting the coral look at home is bringing a beautiful natural element from the sea into your interior.

Many designers have used corals in their designs wether natural or man made. They all bring a special architectural or peaceful touch depending of heir size, color  and shapes to the room.

Coral chandelier from Moth Design- Interior Design GHISLAINE VIÑAS

Sculptural lamp in coral shape- Design Amanda Nisbet

Coral Ginger jar- WSHome

Natural shells and corals display

Coral bedding set- WSHome

Coral art work- Design Amanda Nisbet

White Coral chandelier- interior design Hernan Arriaga

Coral accents- Interior design Tobi Fairley

Loving the Coral look? Let me know if you have corals at home or planning to  integrate some in your decor?

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The Hexagonal shape helps you live longer!


A beautiful area rug with hexagonal patterns

The hexagonal shape is used more and more in the world of Interior Design. In Feng Shui, it represents longevity, expansiveness and celestial power. With its 6 facets, the hexagon supports your home and introduces the notion that things will last. The number 6 is one of the luckiest numbers for the Chinese community.

Here are a few ideas to help you bring more of the number 6 luck into your life throw design.


Fun yellow hexagonal side tables from West Elm


Dramatic hexagonal mirror


Cute hexagonal ottoman from Nate Berkus


Hexagonal wall tiles arranged in a very geometric pattern for a very chic look.


Hexagonal shapes create a honeycomb look on this classic wallpaper.


Elegant Marquetry trays from Williams- Sonoma.

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Have you used hexagonal shaped accents or furniture in your home? Do you think that you are likely to use hexagonal shapes in your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment on my blog!


The Ikat Fabric look in Interior Design

Ikat Fabrics Ikats have been around for several centuries. It is rare when something that was developed so long ago becomes so popular in modern times. The word “ikat” means “to tie” or “to bind”. This describes the process and also the fabric itself.

Even though, many of today’s Ikats may not be “true” in the sense of how the fabric is constructed, the pattern lives on and is easily recognized when used as a pattern in interior design.

In this day and age where everything seems to be focused on the next “big thing” or the new trend, the ikat will always be regarded as a classic and timeless element of design.

Here some beautiful furniture pieces and pillows by Madeline Weinrib  with her signature Ikat design fabrics:

There are no limits to ways of using Ikat beautiful fabrics as they come is various patterns and colors. Ikat fabric always adds an elegant cheerful touch to a design or suggests far away travels and create a beautiful focal point in any room.

Collection in Ikat fabrics - Madeleine Weinrib

Below, designers have created these Interiors with Ikat fabrics... pillows, sofas, chairs, window treatment, wall art pieces...

Indigo blue traditional Ikat textiles

Multicolor Ikat walls

Violet ikat fabric- Madeline Weinrib

Madeline Weinrib  amazing line of ikat pillows in her own home

Wall Framed Ikat fabric- Design Anne Becker

Ikat fabric roman shades and accent pillows- source House Beautiful

Grand Entrance with Ikat fabric- Christopher Maya

Pretty sofette in Ikat blue

Chair in Purple Ikat

Loving Ikat fabrics? Let me know about it...

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The "paisley" look in design

Beautiful paisley bedding Paisley or Paisley pattern is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Indian and Persian origin, similar to half of the Yin & Yang symbol. The pattern is sometimes called "Persian pickles" by American traditionalists, especially quiltmakers, or "Welsh pears" in Welsh textiles as far back as 1888.

Today paisley design patterns are used from whole walls to small accent to create harmonious interiors.

Paisley patterns

Above some examples of how paisley patterns can be used in various colors for different pieces wether furniture of accessories.

Here (below) are some beautiful examples of todays paisley design applications...

Soft paisley design wallpaper- Brett Design

A wallpaper in a neutral color but bold size paisley patterns brings interest to this peaceful bedroom design

paisley headboards- Cottage Living

Soft paisley headboard fabric in cream and red dress up a simple country bedroom. Pillows, throws and lamp shades remind the soft color combination around the room.

Brown paisley walls and fabrics- Barclay Butera Design

A mix of patterns and colors give a lot for character to this chic country style bedroom. Various colors of fabric with paisley patterns cover the walls, dress up the bed giving a very luscious look to this bedroom design.

pretty wall paisley

Dramatic effect with this white and blue wallpaper paisley.

Blue paisley bedding and fabrics- Barclay Butera Design

A soft beach look is accomplished by mixing various shades of blues and fabric patterns. For the pleasure of admiring...

Pink bedding paisley

This pretty pink bedroom is layered is fabrics and softness. A very discreet paisley pattern covers the light bedding duvet for more softness in the room.

Green paisley bedroom coordinate

Fresh Green country look for this well coordinated bedroom. Paisley fabric is used throughout the room as a beautiful accent.

Do you love paisley?Are you using paisley patterns in your home?

If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment on the blog!


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