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Magical light show

Lighting is a form of artwork through illumination. It is one of the most important items on any designer’s checklist.  A room can come alive to scream happy birthday or whisper rest and relaxation all with the right glow.

The options are a endless. Take your pick from spotlights that shine bright on a dramatic A-frame ceiling to intimate reading corners rich with a round floor lamp or a hanging pendant allowing a shimmery wallpaper to dance in a small bathroom.

Proper lighting defines a space, adds depth and influences the mood of a room.

  • Ambient Lighting: Light that comes from all directions can be supplied by recessed lights, chandeliers, floor lamps or other ceiling fixtures.
  • Accent Lighting: Provides interest or drama to a room through up lights or spotlights.
  • Task Lighting: Practical lighting for areas used for daily activities such as reading, cooking and sewing. Achieved through under cabinet lights for a kitchen or table lamps.
  • Aesthetic Lighting: Purely decorative.
  • Natural Light: A room can be arranged to optimize the position of the sun throughout the day.

Any room can be upgraded to spectacular by incorporating the right light.

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How to make a small space look Bigger? - Part 2

More tips for making your small space feel bigger:

1-Lighting is a major factor for creating a spacious look. Well lit rooms will always look bigger that darker ones. The best lighting is natural light. Choose sheer curtains for more natural light. Artificial light is also good. You can use a combination of ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and tasks lamps. Those are really great for creating an ambiance.

2- Use mirrors. The light bounces on them to create more space. They are esthetically appealing, they make rooms and especially corridors look wider and they support your life. According to Feng Shui, they bring great energy. In fact, a mirror represent the water element in Feng Shui. It supports your journey and your career. Imagine a beautiful river that brings in new opportunities such as a new job, new connections or relationship in your life... Also, if you pair it with a plant, it supports your wealth. 



3- Another way of creating this space is by using transparent furniture or accessories. For instance, You can choose a  coffee tables with a glass top.

Manoblue  Design also design for smaller spaces. A design based on Feng shui principles allows the space to flow better and use natural elements and colors that will support the vision of their client and the style they want in their space.  

Marie Burgos

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Creating Magic with Accent Lighting...

Accent lighting design can give your space a new life and ensure that your original design intension get carry out properly throughout your space.

When people start a renovation project, usually they are looking at all the exciting elements in the space such as the space function, the finishes, furniture, decorative items and general lighting, but often forget about how Accent Lighting can carry out a magical atmosphere. 

There are so many things you should be aware of when choosing your lighting fixtures. The first question you should ask yourself is:  Where you would like people to look at in a space?  Is it the painting on the wall? Is it the sculpture at the corner of the room? Or the texture of your wall? 

In this project, we have installed accent lighting all along the stairs to dress them up. Those are low voltage wall recessed lighting. They not only provide you enough light for safety but also create an interesting ambience in the stairs hall. 


Accent lighting is a great way to illuminate your stairs without using a traditional ceiling light source which usually will cast a shadow while you walk up and down the stair!!

But most of all, it creates Drama and  Magic for the space! 

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