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Vedere Find Enthusiasm & Inspiration Via Feng Shui Design

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// Posted on September 27, 2012 by Jacqueline Colette Prosper in Good Works

"A growing number of vendors on Vedere are giving back to their community in big ways that are helping to make our world a better place. As a social commerce website that regroups creative communities while showcasing new talent, Vedere has launched, Good Works on Vedere, a new weekly column, spotlighting our vendors’ contributions to worthy causes. Each Thursday,  follow #GoodWorks on Twitter to track how industry leaders on Vedere are making the world a better place, one charitable project at a time. Then join our discussion group on Twitter #GoodWorksDesignChat Thursdays at 12noon!"

Those looking to add peace and solace to a home should look no further than interior designer Marie Burgos, seen on Vedere, as their guide to interior salvation. Read the post below to discover her signature tips!

(Photography Credit: Scott Morris)

Burgos discovered Feng Shui in a period of her life when she was passionately hungry for a way to improve her current situation. The philosophy of creating interiors that incorporate balance, harmony and good flow or energy—the tenents of Feng Shui, has been a driving force in Burgos’s career.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

“Having a perfect layout which is open and does not create blockages is a great way to balance the space, says Burgos. “Using both clean, square lines balanced with curves or utilizing hard surfaces harmonized with soft, plush pieces are also a way to create that balance,” she continues.


(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

For Burgos, the purpose of Feng Shui is create supportive environments through the art of ‘placement’, which is not only calming, but can also elevate one’s mood.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

“Lighting is another great way to improve flow and balance because it always makes things brighter, more inviting and creates a mood,” she adds. “And last, color is another fabulous way to help the flow of energy and create an atmosphere as each color has a meaning and particular properties that affect people’s moods.”

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

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