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Designing with Brown

Designing with shades of brown and tan is very safe and has a classy look. It is probably easier to decorate with brown tones than with any other colors. If you don't like to take risks with your decorating, brown would be a good color to start with.Brown is a warm color that makes people feel safe and comfortable. Brown is neutral and won't clash with other colors, which makes is very easy to use. Brown is of course a very natural color, which humans have been surrounded by in nature for ages. Brown is classic and will always look good, no matter what other trends are happening.

In Feng Shui, Brown color represent the feng shui element of wood and it is best used in the following feng shui Bagua areas: Health & Family,  Wealth & Abundance, and Fame & Reputation

It has a nourishing feng shui energy, and it comes in an array of rich tones and is associated with yummy dark chocolate, gourmet coffee and beautiful mahogany wood. 

It is an excellent feng shui color choice for the main entry, the kitchen, or as a feature wall in the living room or bedroom. Avoid a predominant Brown color scheme in the children bedroom.

A space that has too much Brown color may lead to its inhabitants lacking the ambition and the drive to go forward in life, thus it is always a good feng shui idea to keep Brown well-balanced with other colors. 

Make sure you don't use too much dark brown unless the room you are designing is well lit. If there is not very good lighting in a room, try painting the walls a light tan, and use dark brown for your accent pieces.


If you want to use brown shades with other colors there are several combinations that look beautiful. Blue looks very nice with brown, it is a very classic color combination that it is hard to go wrong with. Yellow can look very natural and nice with brown. This combination looks very warm and inviting. Red looks great with brown too for a more exciting look.

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Marie Burgos

Feng Shui Interior Designer