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The Art of Displaying in Design

Creating an appealing display is a real Art. Several parameters play a crucial role in making your display noticed  and admired. I have put together a small list of great displays and explained why they turned into real artful showcases.

To create your display,  look around the house for things that share a common element. Maybe you have a plethora of white pitchers or silver picture frames. Group them together on a tabletop for an instant collection. Remember that odd numbers of items often look better together. -

A great example above with a repetition of small antiques mirrors and ceramic vases picking up on the tones and colors of the table as well as the mirror frames really make a statement against this chocolate wall - source Real Simple Magazine

Objects work best together when they share a trait. This collection features vases in both glass and pottery, all in gourd shapes. Notice a blue vase in a gourd shape, even in the art piece!  Also only 3 colors are used throughout the whole display for an harmonious view: tan, light blue and white. - Source Southern Accents

The same goes for this display of veined stone -- the tabletop, lamp base, and figurine -- and wood pieces, grouped into like sets. The frame on the wall shares traits of both. - Source Southern Accents

Mantels and the wall space above them are classic spots for displaying cherished art and objects, but the mouth of the fireplace is often a missed opportunity. This one contains a porcelain piece that matches those on and above the mantel creating a beautiful collection - Source Southern Accents

Utilitarian though it may be, the pantry can be as attractive as any other element in your space. Careful organization and a few personal touches will make this storage bonanza one of your favorite features. See how colorful your pantry can be! The display is carefully organized by sizes and shapes of objects for a very appealing look. And the collection of white pitchers and saucers would make your Grand-mother proud!  - Source Country Living

Here is a collection of beautiful of Asian accents such as Tang Dinasty horses, carved foot holder, Asian porcelain jar form a very balanced and luxurious display. The gold color is a common trait throughout the whole display giving it a very rich feel. Items from Horchow

A group of turquoise vases with various shapes but similar color shades makes a great display. The collection follows a mainly glass look with a touch of ceramic! Designer Jeffers Design Group

Very interesting photo display where the cats find itself in the real life picture and on the wall photos too! It is all black & white, wood and glass accents throughout the space. Everything is square except the glass bowls which add a bit of curves in the decor for a great balancing effect. Designer Samantha Pynn

Beautiful decorative display by Kelly Hoppen where metal curvy shapes are repeated throughout with the chairs metallic rail,the metal clock, the small round bowls and the large wall mirrors. Even the pendant light across the room that you see in reflection the mirror is a metallic sphere. The black and white photo is framed in a metal frame with a white mat. White is also carried out all through the display with the clock, the floating shelve and the pretty marguerite flowers. How genius and elegant!

Tell me which display is your favorite! Looking forward to reading you on my blog...

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