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Peggy Bates

Peggy Bates Art & Colors

I truly enjoyed meeting Peggy Bates. She is such a wonderful human being and a fabulous artist.

Her sensibility, kindness and humanity comes out in her art with gracious curves and vivid colors.

I have visited her studio where colorful giant paintings graze all the walls, in a totally white background. Her walls and floors are in a snowy white which allows you to take in all the colors and the majestic shapes.

Peggy Bates is based in NY. Her art is displayed in many galleries. You can visit her website is:

Her clients display her art in residential homes as well as commercial spaces. She also commissions paintings especially for you!

The fabulous photographer Francis Augustine is relating the story of a morning in Peggy's Art Studio...

Hope you have enjoyed looking at Peggy's colorful art!

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Feng Shui Design event at Imperio Showroom

I had the best time at Imperio Showroom. I gave a Feng shui design presentation to a keen crowd of design enthusiasts!

And Jessica Packer, owner of Imperio did a fantastic job at showcasing her beautiful exotic home and fashion goods from countries such as Argentina, Thailand and Burma.

From silk pillows to colorful shawls and cowhide rugs like the one under my feet on the above photo, it was a colorful and rich sight to look at.

I thought I would share some of the images of this fun evening of design with  you!

Photography by my dear friend and very talented photographer Francis Augustine

Jessica Packer and Marie Burgos

Silk Shawls from Imperio

Maria Longo (writer), Peggy Bates (Nota Design), Diane Brady (Author), Marie Burgos

Jessica Packer dressing up one of the guests with silk

Silk Pillows from Burma by Imperio

Guests at the Imperio event

Metal bowls from Imperio

Think color, think exotic, think fun... for designs with Marie Burgos Design!!