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Outstanding outdoor spaces

Spring is the perfect time to be outdoors.  The air is fragrant with blossoming plants, the sun smiles down as nature sprouts and the chirps of birds building their nest is in full swing. The beauty is abundant and conveniently just outside your door. The best way to take advantage of this incredible time of year, of course, is to create an outdoor living space.

Chances are your outdoor style is not fully established, but never fear. Instead, view the outdoors as an extension of your in-home living space. You can easily mimic any interior design style from a french country comfy space to a sleek modern mediation sanctuary.

Nothing is more relaxing than lounging in a natural environment in the privacy of your own home. See which of these outdoor living areas captures your eye.

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Little bit of outdoors Paradise!

There are many ways to design your outdoor patio or terrace so it is an elongation of your beautiful interior. Designing your outdoor space adds a lot of beauty to your home. In Feng Shui, the outdoor is as important as your indoor property because it represents the foundations of your home. With a design for your outdoor space, you can find yourself  transported away in magical settings. Discover here some beautiful outdoor spaces.

Above Tim Clarke transports us into a very exotic space with a Bali feel to it. The straw ceiling, wooden furniture pieces and fun fabric patterns really create a luxurious lay back atmosphere. I particularly love the lantern and front poofs seats.

Here, This is a very Hamptons feel with simple relaxing pieces. The pastel colors suggests pieces and relaxation.

Outdoor Design by Woodson& Rummerfield

Love this dramatic black and white outdoor space set on a wide field of green...! Perfect for golfing! It even has a roman style feel with the magnificent columns and drapes. The fabrics are fabulous with bigger and smaller patterns and make the design very interesting. The different lighting sources are multiple to create drama and glamour. Ceiling lights give the necessary light for evening stays but the candles and table lanterns really still the show!

Outdoor Design by Tim Clarke

This is a perfect corner for a quiet retreat by the beach

This fabulous design, great for entertainment, inspires comfort and travels. I can really imagine myself with a group of friends for a whole Sunday afternoon barbecue there until pretty late at night! The combination of pastel fabrics with interesting patterns and textures on the multitude of pillows and the use of beautiful furniture and accessories found throughout the world, create a very special outdoor retreat.  I love the suspended day bed with his peacocks on both sides. It is like stepping out in a magical world!

Fabulous English style outdoor terrace decor. The emphasize is made on very natural elements such as wood flooring and panels, rattan style chairs, and greenery. It is a very stylish clean lines design with a very soft palette of colors by the "Queen of taupe", Kelly Hoppen. I love the relaxing, collected style. Great for entertainment and and for a peaceful afternoon under the sun...

By Marie Burgos

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Chairs Designs inspired by Flowers...

Don't some chairs totally reminds you of flowers? Very talented designers all over the world have designed chairs  which are not only functional but also beautiful and comfortable.

As Spring is in the air,...I thought I would share with you some beautiful images of what nature has inspired...

This very elegant traditional Pink Bergere which really looks like a pretty pink tulip  would be a great addition to a feminine boudoir for all of you elegant Ladies...

Orange Coco Chair

The famous Coco chair designed by Alphaville Design! This retro modern lounge chair is made in the style of the George Nelson Coconut Chair design introduced in 1955. Doesn't she looks like a beautiful orange tulip?

MOORE, an armchair with a swivel seat, is a sculpture with a living and enveloping form that immediately makes it an icon. An ample goblet-shaped seat is pivoted and turns on a base plate thanks to a sophisticated hidden mechanism, both in lacquered nylon in various colour variants ranging from bronze, to lead to white. Due to the special properties of this lacquer, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Doesn't it reminds you of a gorgeous Calla Lily? It would certainly look amazing on your terrace next to a bed of calla lily flowers...

The Clover’s white design chair is so inviting, you feel lucky just seating into it! The organic curves give it loads of sensual character. The small white arm chair is designed by Ron Arad is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use.  I simply love the name.

At age 82, Pierre Paulin may have been one of the oldest designer still creating beautiful things. More than 50 years after producing his first work, he made the Flower Chair, above, from injection-molded translucent polycarbonate for Magis. Just the name talk for itself... Truly gracious!

The Bloom Lounge Chair is made of microfiber stitched over a resin top with a steel base. Inspired by the graceful blossom of a flower, this lounge chair is sculpted by hundreds of fine running stitches radiating from the center of the seat creating a subtle textural feel. Invisible supports form shapes reminiscent of soft and graceful musical tones. It really reminds me of an Hibiscus flower from the beautiful island of Martinique, my family's island...

Ito describes his design style as "simplexity," meaning a mix of simple shapes that are nevertheless very complex to design. His 2002 Petal chair for Italian furniture-design agency Cappellini looks like it could have been cooked up in a second, but it took months of careful honing to perfect its sensuous fiberglass shell, which encases a foam-padded seat upholstered in leather. Petals come in several colors, so they can be grouped together to form a flower. So spring like!

Hope you have enjoyed my selection of beautiful flower chairs. Which one is your favorite?

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