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Mood boards to the rescue

Mood boards help inspire architects, graphic and interior designers, along with other numerous creative professions. These boards often contain material samples, inspirational photography, color swatches or even magazine clips of decor.  All of these items arranged together communicate a design concept to the client or co-workers.

Lucky for us, mood boards are also a great way for a home owner to discover design preference and style.  It’s as easy as identifying a few of your favorite items throughout your home. Dig through the closet, china cabinet, photographs and even literature to find anything that makes your heart skip a beat.  Cluster all the items together on a table or the floor allowing the interaction of textures, colors and patterns to appear. Most likely, a similar color scheme or emotion will be conveyed by the collection of items.

Finally, identify how the collection of items can be translated into a design.  Take, for example, the mood board below.  The paint color might be derived from the several shades of off-white and brown present in each image. The lace dress equals flowing lace window treatments or dainty crochet throw pillows.  The floating lanterns might translate into a pair of gorgeous wicker cabana chairs. Overall, the images elude a crisp, romantic feel.

With all of this in mind, take a moment to collect a few of your favorite things, and see what you find out about your design style.

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